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  1. Poasting for mad goaldz and stuff Poasting for mad goaldz and stuff
  2. you need more positive rep. STAT!
  3. Read the EULA. WG has the right to change any tank that you have bought,. Even with Real World Money. Did Lowe players get sacks of gold for the repeated nerfs? No. Comon Pupeh.
  4. he is going to suicide for the gold so he can continue to play wot. (hes prolly broke)
  5. playing T-50 while intoxicated in TCs was pretty fun.
  6. The M60 Pubbie Tears Event will cause the oceans to rise three feet.
  7. as playing some snipers ive found if you keep pumping out damage and keeping a flank "underfire" might ensure the other to move up or eliminate their current targets. basically support.
  8. Abject_McDeath


    5000 TrollPattons. what could go wrong?
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