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  1. I have no idea how any of this came to be about Quickybaby. I thought this was about Jingles. I think Jingles is great. He's friendly, genuine, entertaining, informative and totally unpretentious.
  2. I finally unlocked the IS-3. But now I'm too cheap to buy it unless it's on sale and also when I can move my IS crew into it for half price.
  3. And now you're probably stuck with Arty Protector for the rest of your Wotlabs life
  4. I bought it in the Steam sale. My trucker looks like some Balkan war criminal awaiting trial at the Hague. Trundling slowly between Plymouth and Cardiff or Felixtowe and Sheffield got boring. So I went to the continent. I drove through the Low Countries like the Wehrmacht in 1939. Fuck the speed limits and the speeding tickets and the random cars I crushed and the cargo I damaged and the engine and trailer I trashed. I broke Holland and Belgium and other flat places and finally offloaded my cargo of mountaineering equipment. Crap, I need to reroll to fix my stats... I just drive
  5. Long overdue, thank you Solono. Dlur put the case for WoTLabs perfectly in that PM. It's a community devoted to getting better at WoT and hopefully being a little better at life in general. Hate achieves nothing, except maybe indigestion.
  6. Hiya Fredd, welcome to WoTLabs. Now stop pestering the sheep.
  7. Early Access! Massively Multiplayer, count me in. I'm not playing until after it's been patched. Is it moddable?
  8. I should annoy people in the EU Wotlabs channel instead of reading Wotlabs forums. At the moment I tend to play my one obigatory crap game in my IS, look at the 400 million xp needed to the IS3 and log off.
  9. If you absolutely, positively have to snack: Get a bowl of fat free yoghurt, add some chilli or curry powder or whatever flavours it to your taste. Make sticks of crunchy veg like carrots, celery or sweet peppers and away you go. You can probably even play arty while dunking veg sticks in your spicy dip
  10. You really did mean the Churchill didn't you, I mean the Conq would hardly be a challenge for you....
  11. Now that was a great post. One hundred percent positive, informative and encouraging.
  12. I can't put them in order of preference. Centurion 7/1 Comet Crusader Locust Loltraktor Luchs Panther Tetrarch
  13. How about only having Sixth Sense for tanks? Meaning only for Light, Medium and Heavy tanks. TDs in general are not front line combat vehicles and rely on being directed in much the same way as artillery. Yes, I know WG arbitrarily assigns vehicles to these classes but it would make the life of the concealed sniper a little more risky. Obviously artillery shouldn't get Sixth Sense at all, they should only be alerted to the presence of the enemy by the crack of the Commissar's pistol as he shoots the nearby fleeing infantrymen.
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