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  1. I'm there at the moment. I had a couple games that I reviewed recently, and I was like, "WTF were you thinking?" One in particular that sticks out was where we had a game wrapped-up, full health KV-1..and all I had to do to win was DERP a KV-1S with 56 health left. Had three shots sail right over the top of his comander's hatch, and I ended-up dead instead of him....racked-it up to RNG. But it just drove me completely nuts. Upon reviewing the replay, it looked like I was "pulling" my shot at the last minute, because dispersion would increase before my shot reported. Went i
  2. changed....was just trying to match the forum.
  3. I've been taking a serious look at my gameplay for the last month, and I'm officially sold on my game-play affecting the overall battle outcome. I've poured over just about every piece of advice on this forum, watched every YouTube video available, and have made a concerted effort to "debrief" my own replays (and note where I made crucial mistakes during games). When I started, i was a 48%er only surviving about 20% of my games. The past few weeks, all of my tanks have been steadily improving (although a few are still a bit bothersome), and I'm currently on a positive upward swing
  4. No, no, I completely understand that....probably shouldn't have put that in the question at all. I was just trying (rather poorly) to frame situations where you get nuked in a tank that you really don't like to play (5 minutes in, or 5 minutes left, it doesn't really matter), and had no vested interest to sit around and watch the conclusion of the game....because the outcome was likely already decided.
  5. I've been looking at the stat signatures, and the Tier ranges run the gamut, but the average seems to consistently be around tiers 6, 7, and 8. I have been playing all of my tanks daily, until I can clear the x2 experience.....but I generally find myself jumping back into the ones I enjoy (M5, M4, Hetzer, VK36.01H), while I'm waiting for my "grinds" to clear-out of battles. Generally, I tend to lose more matches in the tanks I'm just playing to get to the next Tier, just because I'm not comfortable in them....but can clear-out the others, usually on the first try. Do you play a speci
  6. I would like to be solid Green across the board, by the time I reach 6000 battles....to that end: 53% Win Rate Overall 1100 Overall WN7 54% Win Rate 60-day 1500 60-day WN7 I'd like to improve my Light Tank play on my single country tank lines - Chinese M5A1 & French AMX-40 For whatever reason, I just seem to completely fail in those tanks....but do ok in my other Lights. Get all of my Tier 5 & 6 tank crews 100% trained with at least 2 skills/perks, before getting enough experience to jump to Tier 7.
  7. Trying to be better@tanks...looking for good material to learn from. I appear to have solidly joined the average ranks, working to become better than that. Returning to the shadows now.......
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