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  1. tried it today , had 2 turrets spawn , was playing with AI and they got fucking mangled I've been running Cook off DW with a MasterForcer build / Muscle and mini gun it's pretty amazing , any cops that get inside just panic. Mastermind is for shouting Git da fuck up at the dodge builds running around outside the house picking up ingredients I did attempt the train heist with that build tho , DW again and i was downed in about 11 seconds , revived and insta downed again , 3 dodge builds next to me wondering why it was so quiet
  2. Add me on steam , I'm sick to death of playing with randoms , been teaching a bunch of Chinese 0-70s how to ecm rush Shadow raid, took forever Hardy_Buck Also for DLC , I'd say the Shot gun one is the most important for the explosive ammo , followed by the Courier pack then gage weapon pack that has the grenade launcher The rest are just icing on the cake much like my Mega Wolf mask
  3. I actually had the AI flank me , I camped a bridge with some spear units , lol , GG Somehow they managed to sneak 5 units around the map to a ford which were hidden the entire time by some buildings blocking my troops line of sight, still won but took heavy losses Campaign is actually fucking hard , struggled big time as the WRE , I used my barbarian invasion tactics and just abandoned France/Germany and held onto Spain, Italy UK and turtled up , but i got fucked over big time Ai is crazy aggressive , playing as the Vikings or Visigoths is a lot easier however
  4. Hox out isnt OP , what's OP is doing shadow raid DW in 4 minutes for 700k exp
  5. 100 damage 19 accuracy 25 stability Plus stupidly good ammo pick up The AK is now a beast , using it over the CAR for most heists
  6. Bet 9 million on my 1st off shore and got Chains begins , bet 9 million on my second offshore bet and got the gold colour I then quit while i was ahead
  7. Personally use CAR plus a HE loco for when I'm playing seriously , CAR is OP and HE loco means double tapped shields and 4/5 shells to the skulldozers face , then swap to the car and unload into him , downs him in about 4/5 seconds. And you literally never run out of ammo But at the moment I'm doing achievements so I'm running Gruber handgun and the RattleSnake , it's fucking painful, then I'm gonna have to do the inceptor plus the AK-5 which will also suck balls , hopefully the butcher mod pack will buff it decently Also , Who do you think the Traitor is ? Fucking Hyped for the Jacket character pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxbnr_4OW44
  8. Have it , playing it , loving it only thing I've an issue is with cavalry not disengaging properly , had a few issues where I've had 2/3 cav units swarm a unit from all sides , enemy routes , I try to pull my cav out and they get suck for bout 20/30 seconds while most of the unit moves away Sieges however are epic
  9. Yup always looking for ppl to heist with, rarely do dw mostly overkill. Add me on Steam We doing our weapon porn ? My going loud CAR My Sneaky CAR with 29 concealment My Big ass rifle for playing overkill solo and double tapping dozers with body shots My going loud loco , used with slugs if I've brought the CAR Both my sneaky smgs , both at concealment rating of 30
  10. http://steamcommunity.com/games/218620/announcements/detail/213129572199434422 Infamy 2 is being released on the 5th of march 150 Hours into the game and i'm still at lvl 100 , I never went infamous , guess I probably should
  11. Boredom , moving countries , setting particular goals , the lol factor when some body gets upset about you being a reroll. shiny purple numbers. Mostly boredom I would imagine for most people
  12. Saw them live twice , fucking epic is an understatement
  13. T54E1 is op as shit , fucking loving this tank , dat WN8 expected damage though o.0

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      its so easymode!

    2. Constie


      T57 is even better, but the 50b is superb against the T57 in my opinion

    3. Medjed


      Oh look, another person that finds autoloaders completely OP and broken. Yup, they are just a bit less cancerous than arty and T10 TDs

  14. Does the T54E1 burn a lot because in 3 games I've been flamed twice from the side , gonna have to switch auto fire instead of cola if it does :(

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    2. Siimcy
    3. Joyrider216


      I have never burned in my 100~ games

    4. A_Hardy_Buck


      RIP me and my shitty luck :(

  15. The RNG is just cruel on this tank , launch a shell at a lorraine side armor expecting 800+ and get 250 , launch a shell at an E4 turret expecting 300ish and hopefully a crit get 1100
  16. Me in my T49 getting abused to fuck by a toon of 3 T10 TDs , do your job ect ect , scout for us in our shitty position , I win the game with more damage dealt than the 3 of them combined #SEA #Painful #7moreMonths

  17. Great game , closest Ive played to it recently would be the Air land battles but they're not quite the same
  18. It's a scam , best case scenario they just take your money and you get no gold Worst case they commit credit card fraud , you get the gold in the account , the real owner of the card cancels the payment , your account gets suspended until you pay WG for the gold you received , which means you're paying up twice
  19. Lol that's the same as me, I am playing shit on SEA compared to EU But that's mostly due chronic packet loss
  20. Gotta grind this out before the next patch goes live , new acc nerf will make those 400m lol snipe moments impossible
  21. So apparently WG SEA doesnt have issues with Nazi clans and nicks , might report them to SerB and look for a bitta premium

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      >implying that SerB gives a fuck

  22. So SS is still being a silly cunt ? In other news , water has been confirmed to be wet
  23. Where do I find these mission things , can't see it in the hanger ? :/ Or is it not on SEA ?

    1. Va1heru


      Not on SEA yet I think

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