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  1. HD280 Pro = Not very good sounding. They block a lot of outside sound, but their sound leaves something to be desired. It is very heavy on the midrange with no treble extension nor extended bass. They also have a headband cracking issue. I had a pair for 10 years or so and ended up only really using them when I needed the noise isolation, which was quite infrequently. I recently threw them in the trash when cleaning, where they belong.
  2. I'm going to somewhat disagree with Echelon. Against good players you can get away with less than you can against bad players playing the same positions. But you can't use XVM to determine this consistently, you need to watch how they're playing the position. If they're in an IS-7 at a corner, for example, but are trying to bait you in to a shot with the bad side of the pike nose, then you know they probably know what they're doing - to some extent at least! - and trying to take a shot on that is going to give them an opportunity to get you. But if they're going back and forth and exposing t
  3. Yes, we will be participating in the campaign. We earned 63 reward tanks in the second campaign (Most of the top clans not named Otter made 6x), and during the previous minicampaign we were #3 in tanks earned. I will note that our attendance tends to skyrocket during campaigns and if you're solely interested in getting a tank and leaving the clan, I would recommend you go elsewhere. While we expect to do well in this mini campaign, we are looking for long term players and community members first, which essentially means that if the new guy on the block is too squeaky, he will be kicked. I
  4. Foxey may be a good spot for you - your recents seem to be around our clan average, and we're very active in CW and strongholds (closing in on 8k strongholds battles). Typical nights see ~40 people on at peak CW times, and more isn't uncommon. There are tourney teams, strongholds, fun stuff like hide and seek, and a generally nice community of players to hang around, all on the best TS server in the game if you like to be accessible. Interested? Contact me, LVLAsian, or Sorphius and jump on our TS - pbkac.ts.nfoservers.com and run with some of our guys to see how you might fit in.
  5. I've helped a couple people do that and it never seems to work. Why? Because the pure chai sniping nets you no spotting damage, and the best games of the best usually involve a decent amount of spotted damage too.
  6. Sounds neat, even if only to figure out how they do things!
  7. IMO if you want to maximize your chance for a high XP game, you need a tank that is most capable of damaging tier 8 heavy tanks and putting out a lot of damage over the course of the match. High pen and DPM will give you the best opportunity to do it. A long time ago I managed 4.4k damage and several kills in a VK 36.01 when it was still a medium, spamming gold with the Konisch, on old Malinovka when the hill was a shooting gallery. Raw XP was just under 2k IIRC. And the same day I had another ~4k 7 kill damage game in it in a tier 7 match D: The VK is a heavy now with less alpha, so
  8. The average REAL player of this game is actually a 52%er. Why is that? Because the majority of accounts never see tier 10. This means at low tiers, even around tier 5, there are a tremendous amount of players that never really play the game for long. So you have those players in matches and they have essentially 0 skill. Then you have the long time players that aren't significantly better than the noted group, so they compile stats like the ones that are shocking you. Then you have the long time players that don't run premium, grind everything, but don't really try to get a
  9. Foxey constantly runs strongholds - with premium tanks and 50% credit bonuses, 1M+/hour in income is easy.
  10. A couple tanks run almost all gold (E100, mostly HEAT and some HE, no AP at all). T69 is all HEAT. Tanks with French 105 run all gold. Better pen, velocity, and more damage? Sign me up. Tanks with bad pen or premium tanks may get 50/50 or 40/60ish. Or 30/70. JP4 gets a lot of gold. Tanks with great pen get about 20% gold. IIRC I keep 6 gold on my T110E4. And I may have fired 10 gold rounds in it. I don't think I've fired a single APCR round from my Lorraine. Tanks with weird guns - it depends. I keep 10 HESH on FV4202... and regret using it 7/10 times I attempt to. T-54? 50/50, and I e
  11. Badgr was the remnants of PURPL, restarted as SPICY, which joined petco as BADGR. Foxey was the CW offshoot of former petco social clan BURDY, we've organically grown in to a ~top 20 clan from relatively humble beginnings. PBKAC was the most formidable petco clan until Otter came along. PBKAC was Ziddy but is now Gyrados. Celts was a BULLS subclan, borne from NUGGS, which was GSKUL originanally. NUGGS sort of died, the officers made CELTS from the better/active NUGGS players and merged with... MVP I think? MVP was a recent flash in the pan clan. CELTS just left BULLS TS due to be
  12. The US 90mm is one of the best guns of the game from tier 6-8. With the M6, you get a higher(!) DPM than the Hellcat, a turret that will actually turn, and pretty good gun handling. As top tier, the M6 is generally a second line heavy. Support a KV-85 in a push. Use your DPM to protect a KV-2 on reload. Mid-game, roll over low HP heavies that you can trade 2 for 1 with for a kill. You can very easily bully lower tier tanks. Also be on the lookout for people that reflexively focus on your lower plate - the LFP on the M6 is quite decent and will bounce a fair bit. As middle tier, ta
  13. A guy that can bench 225lbs walks in to a strongman competition. "Wow, I'm a runt!" he says. I probably couldn't lift ten pounds! Of course there's hope for you.
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