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  1. How the fuck can they fit that into a 175w thermal envelope, the clockspeed is barely lower than the fury x?
  2. I have an FX-8320@19x250 or 4.75ghz, get the i5. Better yet, save up some more money, get a decent z97 mobo and a k series i5 and blow FX series processors completely out of the water. Or wait for Skylake to hit.
  3. I only have experience in the low tiers so far, BB's seem to be completely at teh mercy of the RNG where shot spread is concerned, you may take perfect lead and windage, but still won't hit a fucking thing. Well driven DD's and torp armed cruisers tend to dominate more often than not. The game seems to have potential, but right now it feels a bit too random.
  4. no klanu for me apparently, shit, better work on my asshole sensitivity skills
  5. I am a massive shitlord and bored with this gaem so looking for a clam to do shit with. Right now I'm in a national clan and bored shitless, have always preferred international company. I can rage a bit, but usually not when plutoning as there is a reason to keep my cool since plutonmates need me to perform, not sperg in chat. When it comes to regular play things are a bit iffy, I work on a changing schedule with both day and night shifts, but I'm available more often than not. For bribery a photo with clothespins
  6. Slowly, very slowly getting to the needed level to apply while trying to do LT15 with my sanity slowly slipping. gud tiem
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Constie


      well the T57 almost carried

    3. furrystrawberry


      1.7k dmg isn't a good game, but that t57 almost carried

    4. antikondor


      WZ-131, 1.7k isnt good, in a fucking tier 10 game with teammates who do nothing, except the 57? Are you on drugs?

  7. Light tanks suck on current maps unless in organized play.
  8. This is probably all my good judgement gone for the day http://wotreplays.eu/site/1945883#malinovka-antikondor-wz-131

  9. The lorraine is still a piece of shit, but in some very rare circumstances it can shine. Most of the time it is just a frustrating experience.
  10. Why did I drink untill 8 am, i feel like death

    1. #NightWolf5628


      if you feel like death,you must feel pretty powerful or tired af...

    1. blackzaru


      That's a shitty game for the Wz-131, you should be as ashamed as your teammates.

    2. antikondor


      I ran out of time, but a shitty game it was.

    3. #NightWolf5628


      well, your E75 did pret- OH WAIT.

      (rip u)

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