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  1. Hi jingles, 1) Are you looking forward to the Nelson-class BB's once the RN tree is introduced, and how do you think they'll be like? Do you think they'll get their two fixed-forward torpedo tubes? 1.5) How do you think the Royal Navy will play? 2) What do you think of the French Navy over history and in the present day? How do they compare to the RN? 3) What is your favourite tank in WoT? 4) Are you looking forward to the British vehicles in WarThunder (I know you don't really play WTGF because of the ULQ issue, but still)? Other than that, I'd just like to say thank you for the aweso
  2. I haven't encountered more of it myself, but heard about it. Yesterday I had a terrible E 100 player on the enemy team who was firing HE, but by the level of understanding he has of the game, I think he always fires that...
  3. 1200+ games in the ARL44. Because it was my first T6 tank, and I learned pretty much everything with it, including sniping with okay accuracy (DCA 45), brawling with good UFP but lower pen (105mil), etc. Also a pretty good credit grinder if you can get yourself to perform consistently. To be honest, I *think* tier 6 is one of, if not the most popular tiers. Makes money, has decnet matchmaking all things considered and by then most people who are not sucked in by the game leave (yeah, I know, sometimes shit gets sucked in, but eh).
  4. I try to fasttrack through the first 3 tiers as fast as possible. That involves free xp, NGAF games and 50% (freetrain) crews. Then when I get to tier 4, up goes the attentionspan: Crews are trained to 75%, and the tank is fitted out and camo'd. I grind out the next tank in line while trying to actually care about what I'm doing, then once accelerated crew training is available I'll get about training the crew up to about 20-40% first skill and achieving a high enough mastery badge (last T4 I had was the Grant, I wasn't going to try too hard for mastery, but I *think* I managed 1st class - alt
  5. Actually, if WG wanted to launder money, this would be the perfect cover... Multiple accounts like this I mean.
  6. Everyone always calls me crazy and everyone always tells me I have anger management issues, but... reading through this topic... Are we really so surprised that some people just go on a murderous rampage?
  7. Just met Antikondor on Steppes. I said hi, he seemed not sure about what was going on Anyway, my team won, didn't manage to put a shell into him.
  8. Just ran through the thread, and I'm gonna drop a little odd thing: My dad was a copper from '93 to '02 here in Hungary, and his service weapon was a FÉG PA-63 (not the good quality export model, but the acceptable series-production), which was supposed to be chambered in 9x18 Makarov. Now for the oddity: They were firing 9x19 Parabellum out of those little guns, some people still do. At first I didn't want to believe it, thought "Nah, dad, you are mixing it up", but then we ran into a police armourer who told me that there was a time when they were being issued with 9x19 only (in the late '90
  9. I dreamt I won a Type 59...
  10. I wouldn't say QB plays ultra-agressively. He plays agressively, but ultra? No.
  11. Well, that's your personal fucking problem, mate, but not by any distance the point of this debate. What you do or don't like is none of my concern, and it shouldn't be brought up in an argument based on reasoning. We were talking about personal preferences, that is not a personal preference that has to do with gameplay. Maybe your thinking differs from his (probably), but that is no reason to call the man a tard. Your comment would award you the same reputation, but I don't call you a tard because I don't know you, you may be an actual nice guy who's just pissed and says stupid things in
  12. What you say about the 20 pdr is true, but then again, lack of factual data may be on the account of aformentioned personal preference. He likes it better, he doesn't pay close attention. As for the sarcasm: I may be dumb, but I'm not that stupid! (I hope you can tell this is sarcasm )
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