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  1. Well things could change. I would be surprised if WG release it like this since it seems kinda obvious that most won't really try to get it with the current stats.
  2. Is it just me that don't see much reason for using this over the Leopard 1 with the current test server stats? Only things I see AMX 30B doing better is having incredible turret traverse dispersion and a better mantlet which might see a bounce once in while but is nowhere near reliable in pretty much everything else the Leopard 1 is superior or equal and don't have giant cupola on top of the turret. Am I missing something or are we just hoping that WG buffs it in next test phase?
  3. There is a difference between being a counter and a hard counter, rock is a hard counter to scissors in rock-paper-scissors. Cromwell is a counter to T37 for one particular situation which is less then 100m brawl at everything else the T37 is better.
  4. So the Cromwell isn't much of a hard counter then? We tried to use the cromwell in the beginning of the campaign I even used it twice but it honestly feels much weaker then T37 a lot due to the horrible dispersion. That extra HP only comes into use if you plan to take damage which is something we try to avoid.
  5. Getting those kinds off engagements are kinda hard when your enemies have better map control and is as fast as you. Any decent FC is prepared for a 15 man rush and once Cromwells can't force a close quarter brawl they are inferior.
  6. Not really. T37 is accurate shooting on the move which the cromwell is terrible at and the T37 have 30m more view range with better camo while moving, meanwhile all the Cromwell really brings is 70 more HP. T37 is a superior choice.
  7. It isn't about playing a stealthy vision game but able to decently spot things. You running vents over optics gives the opposing team roughly 30m in distance before you spot them that means you'll have a much harder time spotting the TDs hiding in the bush after they shoot and mediums will have that much more space before they get spotted. What vents gives you is kinda small in comparison in my opinion since it only give you like 55+ in DPM on the E5 and resistance and dispersion values changes are so small that they would still be rounded to their previous value, the biggest thing vents give is probably the extra view range but optics do that better.
  8. Where's the "50% because MM is rigged" option?
  9. If you're interested in CW I believe R1SE is an option. They did well in the mini campaign.
  10. Kinda surprised how much your opinion on it improved since last time, do you think the same meta change benefit the T-44 as well?
  11. It's an allrounder. It can fill in for any role and be a poor man's version in that role.
  12. I really like the T-34-1. The small size, turret armor and good alpha with high penetration allows it to be effective in many situations . It was the tank that made up for the Type T-34 and Type 58 being poor copies of Russian tanks.
  13. I'm probably playing it wrong then because I get set on fire a lot in the 140, just today I burned to death because an IS-7 set me on fire on the first shot and then set me on fire again on the second.
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