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  1. E is now my key for firing because I noticed that I jerk the mouse when trying to use LMB for fireing. LMB for auto aim. Space will be for fire extinguisher now that I got a clue.
  2. Almost to the panther II. I think I am doing better in this tank than most, if not all, my other tanks. But can't be sure. Wish it could hide but knowing it can not I have taken to sidescrapping with it, at distance if possible, and really ticking people off.
  3. I feel like I am getting worse. for some reason I think I played best in my T25/2 and am just horribad in my T28 proto.
  4. Keep in mind the T28p's transverse speed sucks. If someone gets behind you, you are dead unless you have help.
  5. Zwinmar


    I hope to learn quite a bit and have picked up a lot since I started reading here. As for stats well: they are crap at the moment because of my noobish insistence of playing tanks I'm not good at, namely, anything that isn't a TD or Scout. I had someone analyze my stats today to come to that conclusion. As for that battle though; I didn't think I would pull it off, in the end it was me vs. a Black Prince, an AT2 and a T29. Edit: and another: http://wotreplays.com/site/455164#lakeville-zwinmar-t25_2
  6. Zwinmar


    Only because I didn't see this posted anywhere (most likely missed it). But, had a pretty good match with it and while it is underpowered compared to most, if not all, other TD's it can be effective. http://wotreplays.com/site/454969#sand_river-zwinmar-t25_2 Edit: I know I most likely made many mistakes: criticisms welcome as that is a way to learn.
  7. Think I do pretty good in it, about 14k to go to elite status and had a really good game with it: http://wotreplays.com/site/446027#lakeville-zwinmar-vk_3001_h
  8. I seem to be doing better with the T25/2 than I am with either of its predicessors. http://wotreplays.com/site/444424#tundra-zwinmar-t25_2
  9. Put a link to profile in sig. I am verified but not showing up as yet, must have to log into the actual game? Not sure at the moment. Edit: It's not showing up, don't know why.
  10. Hey guys, I played a bit a couple years ago and now want to give it a shot. I know I am really bad at the game so I asked in another forum and was recommended here. Zwin
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