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  1. Good day!  I saw your post on the Looking for Clan forum. Below is my canned statement, but I wanted to add a personal touch for you due to your long history with B.  

    I have been in Relic for going on three years so I can totally get where you are at right now.  At the moment 2nd's leadership slots are full, but we are now a pretty close knit community of Bimbo and 2nd with nightly Stronks and CW.  If you need a place to hang out, give us a look.

    Good luck in your search!


    DC and Admin Puke


    Consider Relic!

    Relic is a multi-tiered skill level clan.  Relic Main is a top 5 clan focused on tier 10 Clan Wars.  Relic 2nd is a top 30 clan focused on Clan Wars and Strongholds.  Relic Auxiliary is a training clan for folks that need to grinds more tier 10’s and learn the Clan War basics.  As your skill goes up, you can move up the ladder and enter the clan that fits your abilities. 

    I invite you to apply at http://relicgaming.com/index.php?board=5.0

    Feel free to use me as a reference!  Hope to see you soon in TS. 


    DC – Relic 2nd

    Admin Puke


  2. PM Sent. Good luck in your search for a new home!
  3. Meh I just typed the wrong thing. Don't be a sad Walrus! =P
  4. Wow, I just played this tank all day. I put Rammer, Optics, and GLD. Have a good crew in it, BIA, Camo, Repair, and 85% into a 4th skill. 35 Solo Battles Win Rate 65.7% WIN 8 - 3403 Average Damage 2660 That is nutz. I am just speechless over the performance. Even with those results, that .40 accuracy was felt over and over today. Shot just go wide ALOT. Still a kick ass tank though. Was fun as shit curb stomping T54s.
  5. Ok so what skill priority and equipment are you guys running on this thing? Rammer, Vert Stab... Optics? Seems to have a really high natural view range... I played it back when I was really new, it was on the way to the Patton that I wanted back then. Still in my garage so I figured I would play it a bit.
  6. Umm ok. I don't think you have the "Derp Life" in you.
  7. Did 30 games in it yesterday. Win8 of 3000... Win Rate 53%. Oie! I only play solo pubs so it is very frustrating!
  8. So question... Optics, Rammer, Vert Stab? Or don't even bother with the Vert Stab because of huge aim time to start?
  9. I played this a bit, but just could not pull the winrate up in it. I was just always falling short of actually being able to carry a team in it. I ended up selling it. Thanks for the replays, awesome to watch you work! Perhaps I will buy it back. Something is wrong with the first two links. They both take me to Snipe Derp. I found the Camo derp file from murovanka, but I not from clicking the link. =/
  10. Any thoughts on how the new accuracy changes are going to impact the T49?
  11. You are so right. As soon as I stop worrying about winning, and just say "What can I do to play better?" stop worrying about my team mates... It is fun again. I was that person that got mad when a team lemming rushed a side and would try to tell them. Now, I am just laughing and deciding do I want to go with them, or should I go to the other side and see how good my delay tactics are... Mucho Fun.
  12. Wow. Thank you. I uninstalled XVM today and just played. Had a lot of fun.
  13. My goal in 2015... Uninstall XVM and just play the game. I accomplished that this morning. I made this goal after watching JunkersHiryu's rant video at I had a lot of fun today. My next goal is to stop playing WoT in favor of Armored Warfare. I am really hoping it turn out well. Tired of the power creep in WoT. That and I play solo 99% of the time. The missions pissed me off.
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