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  1. The Tirpitz is in the NA store again today. Just bought it. Now what upgrades to I put on it?
  2. Anyone else getting disconnected after every battle? I haven't had this problem before today. I haven't added any new mods or anything.
  3. Which signal flags do you run with Warspite?
  4. Depends on what you consider "safe" to fire within smoke. Your shell arc can still be seen from above the smoke. Players will try to figure out your exact location even though your ship can't be "seen". If that makes sense?
  5. I could use friends. I'm still bad / new but looking to learn. Even though I'm new, have Warspite & Tirpitz if anyone needs to earn credits.
  6. What is ZJ Marker reload and why the hell am I getting a message saying the trial has expired?
  7. I am bad at tanks. I understand that. Thanks for your comments.
  8. This pubbie needs to be praised. Baldurgate17. He's a 607 wn8 player. We were down 4 to 9 and then 2 to 7. He helped carry the day. I literally couldn't have done it without him. We had to take down one 1928 wn8 EU re-roll in the process. Considering how bad Baldurgate17 and I are, the re-roll had a higher wn8 than the two of us combined. Needless to say I was pretty stoked and think this pubbie should be praised. Replay link if anyone cares. http://wotreplays.com/site/1758492#prokhorovka-the_coward-e_25
  9. Me either. It is confusing. I know some of it is vbaddict uses real time data meaning it updates in real time. A 24 hour period is a literal most recent 24 hour period. Where Wotlabs appears to be updated once a day so the 24 hour period is a period 24 hours from the last time wotlabs was updated. This could be as much as 24 hours + 23 if you checked your stats just prior to wotlabs updating for the day. Just not sure why my 7 day is 200+ points different. Could potentially as much as a 23 hour window (probably less) affect my totals that much? My 24 hour is 500+ off because I played bet
  10. I'm so confused. The differences for me at times are as much as +/- 500 WN8. I thought the dude running vbaddict was one of the main guys behind wn8? I thought his stats were almost always the most accurate. Ahh just checked. Wotlabs is on v17 Vbaddict is on v18 Thankfully that means the correct +500 value of yesterday's matches on vbaddict is correct. Looking at Wotlabs made me feel like I was going backwards in stats.
  11. I apologize because I've had a bad day and sometimes I see things that don't make sense and have a hard time grasping it. I've seen other boards do it... that's why I was confused. (Not with Patreon though, I never heard of it until now.) I appreciate what you do for us. I should donate anyway (as I have for vbaddict 2x). Regardless of the perks.
  12. Typical. Shouldn't have to require manual intervention but then again I'm a programmer and do this stuff for a living. No reason why I should have to manually email you my info. Again I'll just be happy with donating.It is so easy to automate it is silly that it isn't.
  13. Apparently donating gets you nothing even though they say you get stuff. I guess I should just donate for fun, but please don't say you will give stuff and not give it. You lose all respect. Just like the logitech mouse prize that never happened last October.
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