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  1. Sorry guys, RL stuff just got too much in the way. I had good intentions when opening up the clan but with moving to Poland and then spending so much focus on prepping for ESL, then starting with ESL and my dad passing away in August - I just haven't had the motivation/time to get on and play World of Tanks in my free time. Since moving to Poland at the start of July and until 2 days ago, I was still playing with 1 monitor so I couldn't even stream it which probably would have peaked my interest. Can understand people wanting to leave, good luck with your future endeavours and c
  2. Home in Scotland atm, my father passed away suddenly on Thursday due to a brain hemorrhage. He would have been 61 later this month. Safe to say I've not taken it well. Planning to be back in Poland in about 2 weeks, I feel pretty broken/wrecked and it will take a while for me to be back to normal.
  3. I've actually put a lot of thought into which cat and dog breeds I'd like to own. Tbh if it came down to it I'd probably get one from a local shelter.
  4. I would like to own a Savannah one day. Failing that I'll take an Ocicat or Bengal.
  5. From what I can remember it shows the SSD yes. I don't have a diskdrive
  6. Assembled it, it won't go past bios Going to go to work tomorrow and bring it back home and see if I can work out what the issue is. Suspect borrowed sata cable from IT. It at least switches on and off no problem unlike the last build which would never switch back on for about 2-3 hours or something
  7. See this attitude, it totally doesn't make me reconsider my choice Weenis. You're not helping yourself.
  8. I has all components for my PC, so just need to pick up some Sata cables and we're jamming with the assembly
  9. I have the following incoming Corsair Carbide series 200R Compact ATX Corsair CX600M PSU Corsair Hydro H80i And a 24 inch BenQ monitor. My keyboard is going to be corsair too, seems I'm becoming a corsair fanboy haha
  10. See what happens when Daki plays arty - http://wotreplays.com/site/2815126#stalingrad-ectar-e_50_ausf_m Also Hello Marty_Vole
  11. Regarding the 780, I'll have it no longer that 6 months probably and will swap it for a 1080 or 1070. Will need to use my contacts to see if anyone is able to get a discount (or try to sweet talk Nvidia to send me one)
  12. No, I just was refusing to answer his questions in my AMA thread as they were always confrontational and posed in a way as if I was directly responsible for what the issue/question was. He also frequently dropped into that thread just to answer a sarky response to someone's question. After a while I just got fed up seeing someone coming to that thread like they had 2 cups of sand in their vagina and I had just pissed in their coffee. I don't have a PSU yet, the old one was thrown out in France as it was too big/heavy to take with me as I had limited space. Monitors are somethi
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