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  1. I use right click to get into sniper mode. Mouse wheel to control zoom.
  2. So the above is great, it contains the detailed breakdown of WN8. There are still 2 things missing, from what I can tell: WN8 Summary WN8 FAQs Prior to reading y'all's responses to this thread, I went ahead and posted WN8 Summary on my blog here: https://taugrim.com/2019/07/04/summary-for-the-wn8-rating-system-for-world-of-tanks/ I think we should see to preserve the FAQs somewhere, beyond what is in the Wayback Machine, as WM isn't indexed by Google.
  3. That Wiki is offline. It was a great / the best resource on framing what WN8, what it isn't, and how the formula was derived. I hope this information is still available somewhere.
  4. On what basis have you formed your opinions? You have 0 experience on live playing wheeled vehicles. You have limited experience from tiers 7-10 in light tanks, and the wheeled vehicles were introduced for tiers 6-10.
  5. Disagree 100% with everything you wrote above. The tier 6 lights are pretty solid as a group. The AMD 178B is a good tank for its tier. The silver AP pen and alpha are a bit underwhelming but the HE performance makes up for it along with the excellent gun handling.
  6. I noticed the button is disabled. Can you share your formula for platoon stats and 2-way and 3-way ratios? IMO that is the most valuable thing on that page, in the current context. It reflects how much platoon padding a player has done. Thanks.
  7. I found the Bat Chat 12t to be good if you can manage an autoloader well. LTTB is more forgiving with the armor/turret. Haven't played the HWK yet, nor the post-nerf M41, nor the Chinese light line.
  8. What makes you say that? Does the API provide fewer data elements now?
  9. @RichardNixon, Do you have to pay for hosting, and if yes, are you accepting donations for your site? I've found it insanely valuable. Thanks!
  10. FWIW, it's time-consuming to write the code so that the tables, charts, graphs all work correctly. Also, @Nevermay need to write code that handles updating the historical per-player, per-tank data so that the historical trend graphs will render correctly. In addition, he has to update the code for the forum signature generator. It's a fair amount of work. Give him time to make sure the work is done right. On a broader note, the reason I wanted to post on this thread is to say a big THANK YOU to the folks who have contributed to the WN9 model. I've been reading up on the excellent writeups on WN9 on jaj22's web site, and WN9 seems to address some of the limitations or issues with prior implementations of WN*: http://jaj22.org.uk/wn9description.html http://jaj22.org.uk/wn9faq.html The folks here have done an impressive job of working through issues with the data I love the concept of "Account WN9":
  11. Dude, $10/hr isn't even minimum wage. It's a very reasonable ask. Tutoring in almost any profession is a minimum of $20/hr. There are plenty of whales who want to get better and would be willing to pay for someone to teach them.
  12. @FrankyMcShankypointed me to this post and it is so spot on (no pun intended).
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