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  1. I use right click to get into sniper mode. Mouse wheel to control zoom.
  2. So the above is great, it contains the detailed breakdown of WN8. There are still 2 things missing, from what I can tell: WN8 Summary WN8 FAQs Prior to reading y'all's responses to this thread, I went ahead and posted WN8 Summary on my blog here: https://taugrim.com/2019/07/04/summary-for-the-wn8-rating-system-for-world-of-tanks/ I think we should see to preserve the FAQs somewhere, beyond what is in the Wayback Machine, as WM isn't indexed by Google.
  3. That Wiki is offline. It was a great / the best resource on framing what WN8, what it isn't, and how the formula was derived. I hope this information is still available somewhere.
  4. On what basis have you formed your opinions? You have 0 experience on live playing wheeled vehicles. You have limited experience from tiers 7-10 in light tanks, and the wheeled vehicles were introduced for tiers 6-10.
  5. Disagree 100% with everything you wrote above. The tier 6 lights are pretty solid as a group. The AMD 178B is a good tank for its tier. The silver AP pen and alpha are a bit underwhelming but the HE performance makes up for it along with the excellent gun handling.
  6. I noticed the button is disabled. Can you share your formula for platoon stats and 2-way and 3-way ratios? IMO that is the most valuable thing on that page, in the current context. It reflects how much platoon padding a player has done. Thanks.
  7. I found the Bat Chat 12t to be good if you can manage an autoloader well. LTTB is more forgiving with the armor/turret. Haven't played the HWK yet, nor the post-nerf M41, nor the Chinese light line.
  8. What makes you say that? Does the API provide fewer data elements now?
  9. @RichardNixon, Do you have to pay for hosting, and if yes, are you accepting donations for your site? I've found it insanely valuable. Thanks!
  10. FWIW, it's time-consuming to write the code so that the tables, charts, graphs all work correctly. Also, @Nevermay need to write code that handles updating the historical per-player, per-tank data so that the historical trend graphs will render correctly. In addition, he has to update the code for the forum signature generator. It's a fair amount of work. Give him time to make sure the work is done right. On a broader note, the reason I wanted to post on this thread is to say a big THANK YOU to the folks who have contributed to the WN9 model. I've been reading up on the excellen
  11. Dude, $10/hr isn't even minimum wage. It's a very reasonable ask. Tutoring in almost any profession is a minimum of $20/hr. There are plenty of whales who want to get better and would be willing to pay for someone to teach them.
  12. @FrankyMcShankypointed me to this post and it is so spot on (no pun intended).
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