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  1. In addition to skill, needed more caffeine this morning before tanking...sheesh...2 days of improvement followed by disaster

  2. I know these things are self-evident but, like the work to perfect a golf swing, cannot be practiced too diligently. I have a one page 'reminders' of things to think about before I settle into battle. I just added these near the top of the list. Thanks, GloatingSwine. Ken
  3. Useful instructions here: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/304916-lerts-guide-to-being-the-invisitank-camouflage-and-spotting-basics/#topmost
  4. Why does this always happen to me? I ask an ignorant question (I still have a very high IQ -- "ignorance quotient" -- with respect to WoT) and get a bunch of educated, thoughtful and considerate responses. Good stuff. Thanks to all who took the time to respond. I can be a better player for it. Ken
  5. Hey Garbad! It's nice to make your acquaintance. As far as "...it might take more than two points pints...before admit you are completely wrong."….I'm not so sure about that. I am young (ish) and (I'm told), very impressionable. I could easily be a pushover for the logic of an older, wiser, tanker who is as skilled and informed, revered (and seemingly unjustly sometimes reviled) as you. Certainly no one earns a 3196 WN8 without lots of skill and a wide and deep knowledge of the game and its many nuances. I am genuinely interested to learn your ideas on arty in WoT above and beyond
  6. This I have discovered. My stats are poor but a close examination shows a relatively sharp jump upward in WN7 and jump downward in winrate....as I chose to move with the team and reposition much more frequently. I recently helped win a game by choosing to be spotter (bait) for a better-skilled and more agile teammate. All in good fun.
  7. At only 1,200 battles there is a lot I don't understand..."unconsciously incompetent" is the correct terminology...and it's why I'm here. Thanks for the input cupAsoup. Greatly appreciated.
  8. You lost me there? What's to forgive? Ken "arty-only since July 2013" Florian
  9. I think I should have asked for a recommendation for a strong topical cream of modern vintage.
  10. I can explain a bit more. As you know arty are slow to turn and target. There are times at the very start of a game where I've been whacked very quickly, usually by very fast and agile tanks. I understand and fully accept that this is my responsibility to avoid. I also understand that there are situations where, if I'd had a quicker turning, faster targeting teammate nearby to take a shot or two before heading off to glory, it might have helped me stay in the battle longer. Something with "quicker turning, faster targeting" features is what I'm after.
  11. I've been an arty-only player thus far (about 1,200 battles) but looking to expand my horizons. Per some advice in I received in another thread, I soon plan to build my skillset on a Matilda. I'm also interested in a recommendation for an"arty protector" tank. I want something that enables me to provide arty support by moving with them and staying close but move to and from main battle areas as-needed. Out of deference to purple skinned players I will likely always be a tier 4'ish player so a recommendation in the tier 4 category is most helpful to me at this time. Ken p.s. I f
  12. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking. I'm in no great rush to move up...it's scary up there...so a couple thousand battles at lower tiers (where I understand more mere mortals like myself live) seems wise. Thanks to all who chimed in with their guidance. I've taken it to heart and will pick one or two from the lists given.
  13. As you can see from my stats (very bad but moving in the desired direction), and tanks (almost exclusively arty), I'm not even sure how to ask a good question about this. I've been a turn-based strategy gamer all my life but am enjoying very much this first-player, real-time shooter. For that reason, I've been playing SPG because it suits my temperament and style: a tank that relies a little less on agility and a little more on brute strength. These replies from tankers who know a lot more than me are useful.
  14. What is the "best" tier 4 or 5 heavy that plays in a "traditional" heavy style for a player that has been arty-only? My question is influenced by Lert's posting in the "other" forums about adapting play style to the tank. I know there is no easy answer to "best". In the absence of an infinite amount of time to learn and play, I'm curious to know what a specific good tank might be. Thanks/
  15. Eager Learner. Seeks Mentor. Vehicle class: Artillery. It suits my play style and temperment. Tier: 5. Current skill level: baddie What skill level you hope to achieve: 55+ win rate or whatever I can achieve given time available to play. 7:00 to 9:00 p.m CST weekdays. 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST many weekends. Thickness of skin: My in-game handle is my RealName. I hope that says it all but if not, I would improve my cooking skills by working for Chef Ramsey if I could. VOX: skype or can reinstall teamspeak. Unclear to me who in the Mentor list is interested in coaching an arty-only tanker.
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