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  1. I seriously cannot imagine any large scale landing being undertaken by air, even by the US. Air supports ground. Air doesn't replace ground. The US tried this in Iraq and got a whole Apache squadron grounded for repairs after a week. That said the US's amphibious replacement program is horrendously overbloated. Use hovercrafts, job done.
  2. 1) Italy, every mealtime is a major event. I love that. Apart form breakfast, they suck at breakfast. 2) Croatia. Best fish ever! 3) India. Been to India and their ingredients are unparalleled. Ingredients that good make anything awesome. 4) UAE. Very American in style (basically copied) but 5 star quality. + the only veggie food that made me think I could live veggie. 5) Britian. Seriously. We get bad rep but I honestly think its because people are idiots. We've stolen the best of everyone else's stuff and made it good. In no other country I have ever been in have I seen the variety of f
  3. I've never found any mainstream Sci-Fi that wasn't total trash but then I never knew where to look. I have read a lot of 40K stuff though. It's 90% horrible but anything not about space marines by Dan-Abnett, or anything at all by AD-B is pure gold. Helsreach is still my fave book like ever. So many scenes just give me the chills.
  4. Wow. How small is NA server if a personal rep of 9600 is 666th?
  5. Can confirm. As a British man living in Scotland I always introduce myself as Scottish first. It's like other nations don't realize what a massive bunch of goalpost changing slackers we are.
  6. I seem to be the only man I know who freaking loved Tron. If I'm ever feeling stressed I just stick Legacy on and chill out. That soundtrack and the visuals are awesome. Just some polish on the fight choreography and some dialogue and it would have been a beast of a film.
  7. For reals. Have you ever tried Gaelic football? Takes ages to get good but it's an epic game. I read an article that the CB only intercepted the ball because he trained for that exact play. As a Hawks fan I spent a lot of time trying to rationalize the whole thing. I think now that people who say they should have rushed Lynch don't give the Patriots Linemen enough credit. Lynch is a beast but he needs speed. He only succeeded 1 in 5 1 yard rushes earlier in the season. Also yes, really happy with that deal
  8. The "Wee Free Men" will always be the first and favourite book of his that I read. He had a unique sense of humour I've never seen anywhere else and his writing was some of the most grounded stuff I've ever come across. RIP.
  9. That also makes EU a more fun server to play on. Balanced meta is always more fun. Not that EU is perfect. We have arty issues as well. We just have a far larger player base so MM can balance teams better.
  10. I don't see why WN8 would need to include average tier. That is already a freely available stat, no need to lump another factor into an already clumsy metric. Average tier as opposed to player skill is a matter of personal opinion anyway, best left for individuals to think what they want about it.
  11. The impurities reference was nothing to do with octanes. It was to do with how different fuels have different effects on engine performance regardless of the octanes. Different impurities = different problems or qualities to the fuel. He didn't draw any conclusions because he knows he isn't a damn engineer. I think he was half hoping the clever dudes in this thread who are could pick this up and run with it a little. Sadly this didn't happen and it went right over everyone's heads. I sort of want to know the answer to that myself. One of the key failings in this thread is you all sort
  12. This convo is probably long dead (and my brain melted getting this far through it), but you're pure dead wrong and Gehaket is pure dead right. I get the feeling Molen has graduated in Chemistry, I'm currently do my final year. Anhydrous Alcohol that you buy is NEVER 100% pure ethanol. It cannot possibly be. The smallest exposure to air (which contains water) will hydrate it, dropping the purity. For our grignard reactions we need to crack open the good stuff and blap it in under inert gas and even then we know there is some water screwing with our yields. For all practical intents and
  13. I don't think EU is necessarily racist or xenophobic. Nobody really bears any hatred towards another nation or slings racial insults about. If the nationality card is pulled it's usually out of some national rivalry, like Brits always call out the French. IMO it's just funny. Beware of anyone with TURK, PL ,CZ, etc in their name. Guaranteed cretin. It's also why I think test server game play is so bad. Everyone gets a tag like this
  14. I think the main reason there aren't too many French CW's clans is that they just get dicked on by everyone.
  15. I thought it might be. I read more into my "profile" and whe you go into things like "careers" it's just badly written generic stuff. But the Strengths and weaknesses part seems pretty accurate and well laid out, as does the overall description. Minus the ludicrous terminology like "sentinel". Sentinel of what? That's just there to impress dumb folk I swear
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