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  1. 4. Repeat 5. Steam it 6. Profit
  2. I can see what you mean from the north spawn but doesn't doing that in the south leave you open to fire from the middle? Unless I've misinterpreted and you're talking about the very back of the land which I always see pubbies go to and get trapped for the rest of the game. Thanks for the answer btw.
  3. So we all know the situation, each team has taken either the north or the south on swamp and the 1 decent player in an OP tank on each team is now in a prime spotting position but still unable to spot each other. The pubbies soon figure out that they can't spot said decent players without being spotted and blapped first. Cue the stalemate. My question is, in a light/med/heavy/TD, how do you go about breaking this stalemate and urging your pubbies to victory? Currently I'm going with park in a nice bush and go get a drink/take a leak/check the forums/reply to a text. TL;DR Swamp suc
  4. But aren't Relic's days numbered? Huehuehuehue
  5. What do you do on tier 10 swamp about 5mins into the game when each team has taken either the north or the south and are now sitting in bushes unable to spot each other but spotting (and causing the instantaneous blapping of) anything else that moves? Strats at this point in heavy/med/td/lights pl0x? Currently I'm employing the strat of sit in a bush and get a drink...
  6. Man you missed out on a glorious run last night. Scout left just after you followed by Bounty joining and we pretty much just ran 2 FCMs and we absolutely wrecked face all night in them (To the extent of moving my FCM WR from 57% to 58% with 250 games in it) What can 3 FCMs bring...? xD EDIT: Awful grammar, do not pass grade 2, do not collect lollypop.
  7. Hey guys, wondering if anyone is up for a pref 8 grinding sesh on NA west in about 4-5 hours time? Needa get dem creds for da xmas sales
  8. Update: Mod works fine but any maps changed/added since 8.11 are either wrong or not there as the case may be.
  9. Hahah well I 'spose I'll be home from work before anyone else replies at this rate anyway XD EDIT: Do you know if Sela's map guides are up to date?
  10. Hey guys, quick question here. So I've been reading through some of the map guides after taking an extended break and wanted to refamiliarize myself and learn all the changes for the maps. My questions is in two parts, are Sela's map guides still up to date and if so, is this mod () still compatiable with tonks? Cheers
  11. It's great for a little while but then it gets very rinse and repeat. You should try Suits. THAT is a great show.
  12. That was awesome! All we need now is to turn it into a manga/anime series
  13. There's always a wotlabs channel going where you can find people.
  14. Well this went downhill pretty quickly...
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