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  1. OK, i got a raise, now its 1800+ . Girls, why dont you jump on my love sausage already
  2. Bah, im not trading anything, not even crap TOG. 50% for prem tank traded in is just lol.
  3. Meaningless bump. Also, what about Patriota expected values?
  4. QB8FDRVXAJN9K redeem for some missions, 10 times : x2 xp in a tank which used up daily, in randoms in platoon, u have to be top 5 in xp earned and win. Mission is until 1st of January 2017.
  5. https://eu.alienwarearena.com/giveaways/world-of-tanks-bonus-code-giveaway 1 large repkit, 1 large medkit, 1 auto fire extin. Much profit / 10
  6. Get your bonus for "coming back to WoWS " http://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/ It SHOULD give you: Tier 2 premium german cruiser Emden, 7 days of premium account time,and 1,000,000 ingame credits all of this for WoWS, BUT due to unified prem time , 7 days of prem time work for WoT.
  7. WOT500KYOUTUBE for 3 personal reserves
  8. When it will end, when Never can fit inbetween pages in a book?
  9. Awww. cmon, I miss seeing you fixing that Fort wall in FO4 for 6 IRL hours.
  10. Optics are IMO essential on most classes, cus of beyond 445 VR - viewrange cuts enemy camo factor, so one can never have enough VR. Its great for both xp in battle and gunmarks.
  11. https://eu.alienwarearena.com/giveaways/armored-warfare-starter-pack-key-giveaway 7 days prem time and Type 59 Legend, also some ppl report that it works as bonus code too, not just starter pack. edit: IT WORKS as bonus code too, gives 7 days prem time as booster in inventory.
  12. Gibbo became Agatha Christie, and barred herself in a country cottage. She plays WoWS from time to time tho.
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