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  1. Health gained during battle is a new variable in WN7, as is shown here, it also is the most efficient way to pad your WN7. Gain one health, gain 2000 WN7. Time to go WN7 pad!
  2. I can list the most likely (unless you run across some guys just playing with 8's and having fun). Mostly 50/100's, T69's, 13/90's, IS-3's, T32's, M26's, obj. 416's, wz-132's, and 110's would be workable as well! oh and of course, T1's! If you want anymore information on what 7/42 is all about and how it work ect. feel free to drop me a PM or catch me on our TS! -Minion out
  3. So there is this place called "wotlabs", and apparently my fellow minions have been gathering new forces in this strange place. I shall join my fellow minions in calling all CW and 7/42 ready players that meet the requirements to join us for some seriously not serious minion meetings!
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