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  1. just wondering my current clan is falling apart so im lookign for a new one with a few of my friends we found a good group and teambatle with them basicly every day so of course we asked about the joining and what not issue is that they only allow people in that served the military before or current offer they gave me now is to join there sisterclan where they usually put people with no military background now my question is how does that work for clanwars and teambattle tournaments later on down the road lets just say 3 of my buddys with
  2. well i enjoy the game alot been working on all the tips i got here so far and yes improved alot from beeing redish -yellowish here just some screens of my info since ii just realized i broke 10k battles any thougts would be apreciated hit ratio will take me years to bring back up since i never really payed attention in all my little tier battles specially the pz1c righ now hit ratio is usually at arround 70-85% over a day worth of playing
  3. on weekends i always platoon with one guy mostly sometimes 2 hes got same playstyle and we play since tier 1s together on weekends during the week im usually allone when it comes to tier 9s 10s for lower ones i platoon with clanmembers thanks for the tips so far i see if i can improve
  4. got my e100 now finally after playing low for it but now that i got it i suck in it pretty bad and am frustrated 53 battles and 34% winrate is just horrible im not that bad in any of my other tanks im not sure if id woul help putting super heavy spall liner on or not or what or how i should play this tank ? i kidna played the braler with my e75 and did pretty well in it but in the 100 i just get picked apart like nothing else
  5. im new here been lurking for a bit and thankful for all the good tips and little tricks hope ill get better in time
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