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  1. I didn't even know this was going on.. I was just spamming Banish has codes in every match today. This is so much better now.
  2. Like the title says I'm in the market for a new clan, really looking to participate in clam wars and the next campaign. I have played with a few scrubby and mid-level clans and am now looking to play with a more competitive minded group. I am 22, have TS/Vent/Mumble, clan wars and campaign experience (even called a battle once!), and always looking to improve. On to the all important garage Tier Xs: E100, BatChat, IS7, IS4 Currently working on T110E5 and T-62A
  3. Thanks for the replies, looks like i'll be pulling a loader off of another heavy and grind him out.
  4. Gentleman, I have a conundrum on my hands. I was able to finally pick up a shiny new E100 over the weekend and am quite excited about running this big guy. But I do not have a second loader trained up to meet my BIA demands (2.5 skill crew for the rest of the slots) so I haven't yet transferred my E75 crew into their new home yet. So my question to you is what are your suggestions for the least painful method of developing the new guy for his first skill? I don't have a Lowe and don't feel like shelling out that kind of money for another premium at the moment.
  5. Why didn't I think of that! Such a missed opportunity
  6. I'm not a brony but I go down to the Inner Harbor fairly often from York
  7. It looks like the E75 I bought on the on track event can be sold for the usual 50% off the standard price...
  8. That playing the game while inebriated is not the way to improve your gameplay... Everyone one else was talking about bad streaks so I figured I would give an example and offer some hard won advice.
  9. The only reason I haven't sold either of those tanks is because of tank locking. If you want to get involved in clan wars again it will be in your best interest to have as many tier 10s available as possible.
  10. Also it is never a good idea to play tanks after drinking heavily.. Went out with some friends after work so I got home fairly early and thought I would play a couple matches before going to bed. Long story short ended with madz rage and a 10% winrate for the night.
  11. Always looking for more people to run tier 5s with... Good to see another lurker stepping up!
  12. As an unpaid intern myself I could definitely see this being the case
  13. You still use the WoT forums? I gave up on them within days of finding this site
  14. I am always looking for more people to platoon with. That is if you don't mind playing with a greenie
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