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  1. Has anyone else got an issue with camouflage being locked to certain tanks? My CW camo can only be applied to the FCM-50T and no other French tank! Anyone else have this? 

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    2. Assassin7


      How do you not know which ones are reward camo? And why the hell did you put digi on a VTU...

    3. monjardin


      ...because he thought he could move it later?

    4. Hokum15


      So you can put some camo on a tank and you can remove it, and other camo with no label which you can apply and then not remove. Cause moving CW camo would be op?

  2. That is quite funny, I was on a X5680 till recently. I still run it as my Media PC, but I'm going to mothball it as I now have a X99 rig which I picked up for buttons in clearance sales. 6850k+X99 Mobo for £280, GET IN! To OP, That build sounds fine, but I'd look at a 1080 in the January sales.
  3. Except they are not normal Female crew with SoS and 100% first skill, just SoS and no first skill.
  4. GG WG Support... Hello Hokum15, Thank you for contacting customer service. Due to an unforeseen technical issue we have had to remove the in game personal missions for the time being. As such you will notice that the campaign icon is greyed out in game and will not be able to be selected or completed. We are currently working on resolving this issue and once we have resolved all the technical issue we will update the following news article: < https://eu.wargaming.net/support/news/291> Due to not requiring any more information from your side we have set
  5. All in one, you have a sealed water cooling rig? OC may fix your problems for free.
  6. Well I had this lovely event last night... now this is aneurysm inducing!
  7. The solution to almost all the pref mm Tier 8's which seem to get tier 9 almost solidly. I see tier 6 tanks in my non pref MM than any of the pref ones.
  8. The only solutions to me seems to be remove preff MM from all the tanks and buff them to current standard, or a standard Tier 7 MM and modified to of -1 +2
  9. You don't have a mobile number setup for two step authentication?
  10. As it is changing to tier 9 probably not... Though I'd like to keep the 416...
  11. Looks very much like a 113 "compact" https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/10/16/object-430-u-hd-screenshots/ @Grimdope @monjardin M81E1
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