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  1. I don't know for sure on the issue of SIMM or shot delay, but yes, they were that invasive. As an example, things like having zero cover for the north side of Pipelines map for that team while going to the refinery, that's the sort of thing they blocked every time a developer proposed the changes. Literally the most minor terrain changes to maps they blocked. They were into just about every detail.
  2. If your idea of better is changing all artillery into FV183 style vehicles, but even more overpowered in respect to the competition at each tier. Because Centauro 155's that can fling a smoke round to blind the OPFOR, drive up at 104 km/h to all of these other classes that have had their speed/accuracy/time-to-kill nerfed and derp them with a ~950 damage shot with 900mm+ pen and only a 2-3 second longer reload than the OPFOR depending on retrofits/crew skills/consumables/etc is balanced. Balance 2.0 was supposed to be something that in combination with Steam (Steam deployment seemingly cancelled, see news article removal) would stand a solid chance of reviving this game. But after seeing the direction they are heading with this PTS I can no longer recommend this game at all. I don't suggest you waste your hard drive space with this game.
  3. Each region can change the tier spread to whatever they want. It may not be the same for EU/NA/RU depending on population post-release.
  4. You've managed to describe the entire PvE population of AW and most of the PvP players. If by some odd chance they do widen the tiers to that extreme, it won't be an unfeasible scenario. M60A3 and the like are perfectly capable of penetrating the sides and rear of M1's with modern ammo.
  5. The way in which AW is changing vehicle stats means there won't be a significant difference between tiers. Even between say a tier 5 and a tier 10. Progression won't be nearly as important in Balance 2.0 as it is now in AW and as it is in WoT. All you might get is a better fire-on-the-move capability, possibly a mobility increase depending on class and some higher penetration when shifting from tier 5 to 10. HP should remain within ~300-400 from tier 1 to 10. Progression through tiers won't be some awful thing like Tier 4 WoT, no matter your tier your vehicle will be very competitive against all others you face. Grinding will be more about getting iconic tanks or maybe some unique weapon system than anything, not to gain a massive competitive edge. And even then, most of the really unique tanks like the Terminator are premiums available for purchase anyways. There isn't any pressure to have the newest and greatest Czech autoloading tank or Japanese 150mm gun superheavy tank as quickly as possible in AW Balance 2.0 like there is in WoT. I think AW makes more money from premium tank sales than selling gold to buy premium for progression which is why I presume they are making the game feel less like a grind. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/balance-20-hitpoints-and-ammunition
  6. The entire game has been redesigned for Balance 2.0. Originally it was Mail.RU/My.com calling the shots but it seems they've finally given up and let Obsidian Entertainment go for it. Whatever mechanics you saw before, they've probably been improved significantly for this upcoming patch. And while they are completely removing indirect fire for artillery, the class itself may or may not remain depending on feedback from the PTS. So if you want an arty-free game make sure to note that in any survey they give and on the AW forums. https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?94935-Balance-2-0
  7. Our full team only ran into you guys once. We didn't have our tryhard comp, I brought a T-64 :/ Stay on later some time so we can fight in Tier 6
  8. https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?86113-In-Development-Global-Operations https://aw.my.com/en/forum/showthread.php?86112-Armored-Warfare-Past-Present-and-Future Lots of new stuff incoming! And the Lords of War PTS is a lot of fun.
  9. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/introducing-lords-war Lords of War mode test is up
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/ArmoredWarfare/comments/4zv15g/balance_20_future_changes_forum_information/ A few developer quotes about upcoming AW Balance 2.0 changes from the AW Forums.
  11. Draco is a beast. But if you get a map which is very corridor-ish or confined (Ghost Field, Port Storm) and the enemy team comp is 90% MBT's you're going to have a bad time. It doesn't fare well against MBT blobs. Worth it for PvE XP spam/conversion but with PvP it is a little bit too dependent on factors decided before the game even starts, aka high tier gameplay still sucks nuts. The upgraded gun atm is utter shit compared to the stock gun. You only get a few mm more penetration and almost no damage boost but you lose your best munition, SAPOM-ER. It seems that Obsidian has noticed this and is looking into adding a new round for the top gun though. SAPOM-ER is glorious against high tier MBT's. With damage retrofits it just rapes the top of their engine deck for 650 damage crit hits. Also, firing 12 SAPOM-ER is pretty much a guaranteed fire on high tier MBT's. I haven't gotten the Ioannis Sanna commander trained yet but I have a feeling he will be pretty beast.
  12. I hope you're talking about the XP and not anything else, because that is some pretty bot-level damage for a Chally 1 in PvE.
  13. T-72A's ATGM is so much fun, that tank is just bully. The thing shits all over pubbie Challengers. Just ATGM after ATGM through the gunner's sight from a hull down and all the Challenger can do is HESH back.
  14. It's not necessarily a lack of awareness, just a general assumption that "somebody else" will do the resetting. The RDF wasn't going to reset, he would have been melted by three Terminators and our guys in the refinery/hills area before he could even make it fully over and depress his gun. The artillery did actually manage to reset once but it only bought them 9 seconds and the artillery missed all five shots after that. The Chieftain was just awful and super triggered by the guys in refinery. And the rest of their team simply wasn't on the right side of the map for that game mode, just shitters all around over there.
  15. plz pubbies, stack cap fast. Sabria + security control retro + AFV. How about that 30 second cap time.
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