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  1. 2012_PlayeR

    Halo SPV3

    > has a section that is dedicated to games that are not WoT > “dude why are you posting about games and stuff that are not related to WG in that particular section” For a bunch of people who see themselves as being above those in the official forums, you’re actually dumber and more hypocritical than I thought
  2. 2012_PlayeR

    Halo SPV3

    Not sure if anyone has ever heard of this particular total conversion mod, but I'll mention it anyway. Basically what this mod does is to expand on what the original Halo CE does best, tries to rectify what it wasn't particularly good at, and also adding new content, as well as adjusting some of the content that has been already there. SPV3 expands upon the already well-designed Halo CE sandbox with new, but actually unique weapons as well as other Covenant races from the other games, like the Skirmishers from Reach and the Brutes in the other 2 games of the OT, not to mention vehicles like the Gauss Warthog from Halo 3 (I think?), the AA Wraith and the Grizzly. My personal favourite weapons? The SMG, the Sniper Rifle, the DMR and the Pistol. Oh and speaking of the Pistol, its more like the Halo Reach Magnum than the CE one. As for difficulty, which is what the original Halo CE nailed perfectly in its Legendary difficulty, its less well done in terms of consistency, with some parts being noticeably harder (Keyes on SPV3 is a complete meat grinder) and yet some parts being noticeably easier. Its still really fun on Legendary though, and perfectly beatable in the same way that the original campaign is. However, the mod has also been designed to take into account the vastly expanded upon sandbox, so even players who have been handily beating the Halo CE campaign may find SPV3 to be particularly punishing due to the unfamiliarity of the sandbox. TL;DR: if you are a fan of the original Halo CE campaign, this mod is a must-download. Download link with instructions:
  3. Unpopular opinion, but I think the game's quality is exaggerated and blown out of proportion, and doesn't really do what other genuinely good quality games already do. This video is a good example as to why I think this is the case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ-QOqH9kvQ
  4. Now, I am a firm believer in player performance statistics, especially over a large number of games; statistically, the effects of RNG become less and less apparent the more games you play. However, this isn't really about stats, but rather about what RNG has on gameplay and the fun that you actually get in each game you play, in general. I don't know about you guys, but randomness in general is a bad thing for any game, and is in my opinion an extremely lazy way of making the game "unpredictable" and "re-playable"; sure, the game is now more unpredictable, but at what cost? Does the frustration that you get for each game you play because you can't know for sure whether or not the randomness factor would suddenly decide to say "fuck you" and screw you over make that factor of randomness worth it? There are a lot of games out there that do not have much in the way of the randomness factor and yet are still extremely re-playable; my favourite examples are the Halo CE and Halo SPV3 campaigns on Legendary. So, discuss.
  5. ehhh, going to disagree a bit on the impenetrable part there. while i havent exactly played that many games ever since I came back, I thought the gun works just fine even with mostly AP, and still penetrates stuff just fine with how I play the tank. oh, and you still get to shoot people from mountain-goat positions.
  6. wow don't cut yourself on that edge pal might want to work on your anger management, its not particularly good for your mental health
  7. right, so you guys can’t actually take a single joke, lmao
  8. My recent shitposting spree aside, I came back to the game and later on these forums and I hear people saying about how the Comet has been “hit hard”; well, I loaded it up again, and actually still really enjoyed it, and the tank didn’t really feel particularly weaker compared to the last time I touched the game and by extension this tank (which was about a year ago, perhaps longer. I can’t recall.). Yes because of map changes, you can no longer abuse vision with impunity and therefore also the disgustingly high camouflage values of the Comet like you used, however I never got the impression that the Comet was supposed to be a one-trick pony during my 2,320 games with it. Sure, it is indeed very good at plinking at targets while being invisible, but it’s not the only thing it is able to do; I always saw it is a highly versatile medium tank that can do most jobs fairly well (bar going toe to toe with another tank) and in my opinion doing it in a way that is far more comfortable than other tier 7 mediums, which it still is. As for the nerfs to the turret, I would also disagree on the actual impact on performance that the nerf to the turret had; while it was trolly before updates, it was never designed for taking hits reliably, and in my opinion any frequent reliance on such a tactic is foolhardy at best, even before the updates. It is of my opinion that even before the updates, you should focus on not even getting shot at in the first place, not even in the turret, if avoidable. Based on observations, I see that many of the complaints about the Comet has a lot to do with not being able to adapt to the changing game situation rather than any real fault with the tank itself; I found the tank to be surprisingly adaptable, and didn’t really feel that shortchanged despite the increase in corridor spam. Just hang back a bit, patch failing fronts and commit your tank at the correct time. So yeah upvote, downvote, spinning in a podracer, shitpost, whatever. Just wanted to put this out there after reading the forums for a while.
  9. > saying shitlord like I’m supposed to actually feel bad about it
  10. I don’t play much these days, not even sure what your point is Lifetime stats are also completely off, lmao
  11. How are you unfamiliar with the prequel meme that is “UUUUUUNLIMITED POWER!!!!”?
  12. Well, in case there are others who still want to play this game, for some reason With what I just mentioned, you're probably less likely to kill yourself, although I would also suggest moving onto a real game, like Insurgency or even Halo CE... Also: 8. Treating this game very seriously only results in endless suffering.
  13. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Arty? I thought not. It’s not a story the Unicorns would tell you. It is a Tomato legend. Darth Arty was a Dark Lord of the Tomatoes, so powerful and so wise that he could influence the RNG Gods... He had such a knowledge of the way of the pubbie that he could even prevent his Purple enemies from doing their job. The way of the Pubbie is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice shelled him from the other side of the map when he wasn’t looking. Ironic. He could save his teammates from being killed by Unicorns, but he couldn’t save himself from his Tomato apprentice.
  14. 7. Overdose on prequel memes ”Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?”
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