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  1. I've been grinding the tier 7 Panther, going towards the much appraised E-50/E-50M. Here's a pack of 50 replays https://www.mediafire.com/?s7blai1i49rmyru (maybe like 5 platooned games, rest solo, all v.0.9.5) It's an all right little tank, good mobility and armor gives surprising bounces. Alpha is low but with ~4sec reload you get to chip away pretty constantly. Reticle bloom and aim time is bad, but you don't really need to aim all the way with this. And as a bonus an epic dmg game with Comet I played today for the doubles: http://wotreplays.com/site/1492789#winterberg-moukka-comet Just a shy of 2k basexp and 6k dmg. The battle was funny, midway through it seemed like a sure loss when the city was outrun, so I kinda just went for the extra dmg/kills and after a while noticed that by some miracle the enemy derped somehow and we still won.
  2. Lights are indeed a bit more painful to drive these days. You just have to accept the fact that many times you are at the mercy of your teammates (a position I guess nobody wants to be in ). But on the other hand, it gives you a challenge and will improve situational awareness quickly. I haven't played the T71 in ages either and I'm getting the Bulldog soon so that will be my next US light, I'll put a replay pack of that sometime in the future. But meanwhile here's a fresh pack of wz-131. Had some pretty horrible teams in this session. wz-131 15 replays
  3. Bought the T37 for the campaign and grinded through it for the Bulldog. Also apparently wn8 = masterrace, so here's some solo games. T37 12replays I recommend the last game on Kharkov, was pretty tense at the end.
  4. As I've said, I didn't really play on prime time NA, so I can't speak about the MM of that, or compare it to EU. I played on "lowtime" NA mostly, and that differs a lot from any time on EU. And it's probably true that NA has more extreme variation depending on the time you play as I experienced myself also.
  5. Sorry for not posting anything in so long. Getting now back to shape on wot after a hiatus, and so the replays are back as well! Here's a pack of t9 china mediumheavy aka WZ-111 1-4. There's 20 replays, ADU didn't pick one up because I changed servers. WZ-111 1-4 20 replays A couple of stupid derp games there, but some good ones as well.
  6. Thanks, and don't worry, I felt a lot like a retarded monkey while doing this I'll probably continue putting some replay packs on my replay topic after I get a bit more familiar with the game again.
  7. Biggest difference for sure was the fucked up MM, though that was because of the time difference. Hardly saw any unicums and lot's of bots/afk's. On EU you see unicums much more, no matter what time you play (excluding maybe 3-7am). The skill level of players reminded me of low tier MM on EU. If you'd run a triple unicum platoon at those times, I don't see why you couldn't win like 90% (like t7-8 atleast). Carrying varied a lot, when you get -2 top tiers + afk + a bot or two the game is pretty much settled from start if miracles aren't happening. On the other hand games where my team just steamrolled the enemy with me just trying to keep up to do at least something we're more frequent than on EU. Overall NA players seem to divide a bit better across the map at start, which makes the game less campy. EU players usually only move when someone is already ahead of them not getting shot. I definitely feel more influential on EU, just because of the ping issue I had on NA. But then again I can't really say how influential I was on NA. A heavy tank would have been easier to drive with the lag and made it easier for me to have an impact.
  8. Yeah 64% is an all right solopub winrate, but I know it's below me even when I'm rusty for not playing for a while. But these horrible streaks happen sometimes, my first 75 games were 68% and last 109 were 69%, so guess what it was in between . So the number doesn't really bother me, it's more just the overall frustration of not being able to play the way I can in a challenge and thus getting poorer results than I know I could. I'm from Finland, my ping is about 30 on EU and it was about 130-150 on NA east. At first I thought it wouldn't be so bad of a difference, since this is not an fps etc. but boy was I wrong. Turns out I do a lot of things based on fast reactions and low latency. Some things I couldn't do properly/at all because of the delay on my aim and driving: - snapshots - trackshots - sniping moving targets - leading targets - precise driving I didn't really feel any difference in the gold spam and the difference in playstyle was a nice change. Also it is nice when you can talk to anyone if you like, at least they probably understand even if they don't show it. But the lag and bad MM on early local time sucks balls.
  9. Sorry for taking so long on this, I didn't really play any wot for a while, was on a holiday for a couple of weeks etc. But I've now finished the challenge and my god, never again on NA. The much bigger latency I had compared to EU made the playing really frustrating, especially on a med because I couldn't play it my way. Every session felt bad even when they went good statwise. I had a really bad streak of games midway the challenge, which dropped my winrate so that I couldn't recover from it. Rest of the replays battles 76-85 battles 86-131 battles 132-182 battles 183-200 Sorry I don't have all the session stats. The ADU wasn't working at one point and I must have forgotten to take the screenshot from last week games (132-182). All I could find now was this progress chart which shows the last ~100 games. The final results are 64% winrate, 3002 avg dmg, 1211 avg xp and 4307wn8. Needless to say I'm not happy with the results, or how I played. Some thoughts about the different server experience: - I played mostly between 10-18pm my time, which makes it 4am to 12pm local. Different times seem to affect a lot on the MM, early mornings when there's not much players it's more common to get fucked up MM than not (1 team has more top tier tanks/top tier meds vs. top tier heavies/multiple afk's). The MM gets better as the day goes on, naturally can't say how it is during prime time, only played a handful of battles then. - Overall way less campy gameplay than on EU - 1 team stomped the other more regularly. - Same language makes it easier to get people to do something Thanks to _pip_ for arranging this and letting me play his account!
  10. When thinking about CW tactics, map knowledge is everything. Knowing firing lanes, draw/spot ranges and most importantly the ability to regognize the key areas of the map. You can make different kind of opening tactics for maps and play them in many ways, but every map has key areas and you can make the "best" or least risky opening tactics based on those. It's a bit different when you're playing against the same opponent many nights in a row on same maps so you have to change your tactics as well. When making a tactic you should just watch the map and think about different scenarios what can happen. "What do I want to do first, what do I do if they do this and that" - type of thinking. A couple of examples: Mountain pass. Westfield
  11. You can check my replays as I'm currently doing a T-54 challenge on NA, you can find them in this thread: There's 75 replays at the moment, played within the last week or so. Doesn't get much more fresh than that.
  12. Started derping towards the end of second session, should have quit because I wasn't focused anymore but wanted to get to 75 battles overall. 1 battle didn't register for the ADU for some reason, guess I forgot to open the result tab. Battles 50-60 Battles 60-75
  13. I have no older replays like that at the moment because I cleaned my replay folder a while ago. So it'll take some time to gather them, I'm playing so little on EU right now because of the But I'll keep this in mind!
  14. Yea it definitely does/did. But more so because I didn't even remember the nerf because it's a long time since I last played this tank (summer -13) and I went ahead and started playing like I had the turret of T62A. I soon regretted that as I was constantly getting penned through the turret front. I'm still too aggressive with showing the turret, either I don't remember it's not the same or just assume that it's still russian bias I'm driving. But I'm learning to be more careful.
  15. So the games have continued. For my second session I somehow completely forgot one basic rule of wot. And I guess I was in the mood for some.. so the result was these games: Battles 15-35 The first half of those games contain some super-derping and really horrible decision making. So if you watch those for shits and giggles, take them as a warning example. At least the games after that have been better: (_pip_ changed the name of the account which is why you see different names in these) Battles 35-50 My stats after 50 battles look like this WN8 is 4168 according to vbaddict. Still having a lot of trouble with the latency issues, which definitely shows in my dpg. I miss a lot of shots and need a lot of time to take shots, which prevents me from doing certain things I would too constantly with a medium like this. I take some avoidable dmg as well because of the longer exposure time I need. But other than that it's all right. And why am I like the only one actively doing this challenge?
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