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  1. Original article by @Wercho As I've improved my play, I've found that fighting from positions in the central area of a map can be a great way to carry a game. Airfield has two of these areas. From there, you can affect different areas, and keep the enemies off balance. However, you are also vulnerable from all sides, and doing damage rather than taking damage can be a challenge. In general, a position is viable if it: provides opportunities to do damage allows you to protect yourself well enough has an escape route Let’s look at two different areas on the Airfield map to see how to be effective in a central position, ledge A in E7 from the east spawn, ledge B in E5 from the west spawn. We’ll also see how one change in the last patch made ledge B viable. CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION Doing damage A good position has many different firing lanes, and these ledges are no exception. Ledge A allows you to shoot at: Scouts making a run across the open area to the north (C6) Peek-a-boomers in E6 Snipers in D2 Fools in the F5 valley Daredevils on the top of the south hill (G-J,5-6) A breakthrough in the south (J7) Ledge B has similar opportunities: The runway Peak-a-boomers The valley The south hill The southern breakthrough CLICK FOR LARGER VERSION Avoiding damage A good position also allows you to avoid taking damage. The bad news is that you can be shot from all the areas listed above while peeking, obviously, but you can protect yourself the rest of the time. The moral of this story is pay attention when you expose yourself to shoot. Expose yourself, hehe… sorry. From Ledge A, the big rock in E6 blocks fire from enemy tanks on the B line. Those tanks have to advance all the way past B6 to get shots on you, and in the process they expose themselves to your team’s snipers at D9. But on ledge B, before the last patch, you couldn’t protect yourself from tanks to the north. Fast tanks often take up a position behind the rock in B8, and they could shoot straight up onto ledge B. However, in the last patch the rock in E6 was expanded and blocks that line of fire. That change gives ledge B cover from the far north, and makes it a viable position equivalent to ledge A. On both ledges you can pull back to avoid shots from nearby peek-a-boomers, snipers to the east or west, and any tank to the south. And for goodness’ sake, don’t sit up on top shooting south if you are spotted. You will get tagged by some large TD sitting in the enemy base. It WILL happen. If tanks focus on you, pull back into cover and wait until they get distracted. Go shoot someone else. Knowing when to bail Ultimately, you can and sometimes will be flanked in the positions. Fortunately, both have an easy escape route by simply diving off the ledge back towards your spawn. Unfortunately, if you’ve been flanked to the north, they have shots at the bottom of the ledge and it’s a long way across the sand to better cover. So you have to bail early, but how do you tell? Allied numbers versus enemy numbers to the north. The north side is the dangerous one; the south can’t hurt you if you stay down. If your allies in the north are outnumbered and the enemy is pushing (either through the rocks or the open area), you are in trouble. For ledge A, an enemy in that makes it to cover at the rocks in B6 is trouble. If you don’t have allies in E6 or D9, a smart enemy will flank you quickly. Bail before that happens, not after. For ledge B, an enemy in D6 is big trouble. Bail before your allies in E5-6 are all gone. General Tips Switch sides when enemy tanks focus on you Pay attention to the minimap. React before you get flanked. Avoid overcrowding. Only 1 or 2 tanks can be effective up on the ledge. More and you just get in each other’s way. Discuss this on WoTlabs
  2. Yeah, but its worth a try. I also contact people if I hear of openings. Thanks, let me know.
  3. Hey all, I'd like to join a league team. I've got a lot of the tanks for 7/42, and they've all got at least 6th sense, but I don't have much experience. If you need another player, let me know and maybe we can play some team battles sometime so you can check me out. Plus, I need to practice. Tanks: 13 90 50 100 T69 IS-3 Pershing (plus I could retrain a crew for the T1) Happy tanking, Wercho
  4. Agreed. I put in a note at the end about 2 maximum, but that requires people to read to the end.
  5. Regarding the comparison to Lakeville, so far I've found that the NW corner is not isolated like Lakeville valley. While you can't shoot into the city from the NW valley, it isn't as long as the LV valley and it isn't swamp, so you can move to affect other areas if needed. You don't get stuck there for the whole battle if you head that, and it doesn't seem to have a choke point. One thing I like about the city section of this map is that the blocks are smaller than other city maps, so it still has the city fighting aspect but there are more corners to cover / flank around. The bridges can limit things, but so far in my battles enough tanks have gone north such that all the bridges aren't covered by death-wagons (TDs). I'm afraid that will change given time.
  6. Good point. CAMN pretty much said it. You need to be in a tank that is fast enough to get there before the other team sets up to cover it, and I find that most mediums and fast heavies can manage as long as you don't spawn in the far south. Gun depression also helps with shooting south, but isn't as needed. Camo is also useful for getting the first shot from the bushes on the ledges, but again, not essential, especially if you have good aim time. Yeah, the most significant change I've seen is the E6 rock got a bit bigger so it gives more protection, particularly from tanks positioned on the B line.
  7. oh man, thank you. I hate it when I just can't play because the FOV makes me nauseous. I would have been pretty frustrated if this had become another one of those games.
  8. I'm no expert, but I don't think shells change direction much while in flight. Shots fired from rifled barrels don't tumble, and wind effects at the ranges we're talking about are probably pretty small, so I don't think the flight should be chaotic. My weak understanding is that the shot dispersion represents IRL things like variation in the aim point of the gunner, small differences in powder charge in the shell, how it travels down the barrel, etc. Those things all affect the trajectory and speed out of the barrel, but not the flight characteristics. Also, because dispersion is an angle, shots are less accurate in absolute distance at long ranges. As in, a small angle of dispersion from the aim point could result in a shot being 1m off at 100m, 2m off at 200m, etc. I suspect those weird events where shots come out at angles way off from the gun barrel are the result of server lag (even in replays because it seems to be recorded client side) and terrible RNG rolls for accuracy. I don't really know though.
  9. Wercho

    IRL Board Games

    Glad to hear someone else is familiar with Geek and Sundry. That's how I found out about Takenoko, which is a great game. It meet all my requirements: mostly decision based, quick (45 minutes), and fun. It also has a cute graphical style and a theme (Giant Panda!) that isn't intimidating so it is easier to introduce to people who are overwhelmed by all the rules.
  10. The links others posted have the info you need to learn the system, but I figured I'd say something about the tiers you are playing at. At the lower tiers, most players probably don't have the skill to abuse vision mechanics consciously. Instead, it is probably the large differences in view range at tanks at that tier that is getting you. (Check the turret's stats for view range.) At tier 5 and 6, 370+ is good for view range, but 350 and even 320 are very common, so it is easy to end up in situations where you can't see someone even after they fire because your tank just can't see that far. Another culprit is a spotter who doesn't fire (thus staying hidden) allowing tanks out of vision range to shoot you. I learned2vision by playing the T49 (great view range and camo), and scout tanks at higher tiers. Both punish you for getting spotted, but allow you to do a lot of invisitanking. Put binocs or optics on a tank with good view range and decent camo like your wolverine, sit in bushes with long firing lanes, and you'll get the hang of it. Personally, after I learned to abuse vision in the T49 (easy mode), I'm now much better at it in all my tanks, but I've still got some learning to do. Oh, another tip is to get a map mod that shows max vision range and the draw square. (XVM has it, as well as some others). Even if you don't keep it, it helps to know what spots on the map can see you and which can't even with LOS.
  11. Reading some of the dev blogs for WoBS, this is exactly what it'll be like. Also, torpedos and planes.
  12. Wercho

    IRL Board Games

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Bohnanza. That game is great. Death's Head, straight up in the air FTW.
  13. Wercho

    IRL Board Games

    I'll add my praise for these: Reasonably strategic but can be played in under 1.5 hours (sometimes much less): 7 Wonders Dominion Power Grid Race for the Galaxy Strategic but longer: Eclipse Puerto Rico Settlers Carcasonne Agricola / Le Harve Really fun but too long: Empire Builder series Cooperative (I find coop games get boring once you learn the strategy, but these are fun for a while): Pandemic Flash Point Fun party games for many players: Wits and Wagers - trivia with betting on the answers Wise and Otherwise - like Balderdash but with odd sayings and proverbs from around the world Anybody our there play Risk 2210? Like Risk, but with nukes. It was pretty epic back it college, but that's probably more due to nostalgia and staying up late than its actual quality.
  14. I'd be interested in CW just for the organized play aspect of it. I've only got tier 8s, and I'm really interested in getting into 7/42 and tournaments, but CW sounds like fun for a while.
  15. Thanks for the modpack, Sela! I've done a couple of modifications, shown below. Fixing the crash bug: I installed the XVM nightly build (2949, in my case: http://nightly.modxvm.com/) over Sela's pack and that solved the crashing issue and brings back the features that deleting "application.swf" removed. To keep all the minimap features of Sela's, I kept the "minimap.swf" from Sela's pack (\res_mods\0.8.9\gui\scaleform) rather than replacing it with the one from 2949. All of the other features worked fine. To install it over top, just make a backup of the "minimap.swf" file mentioned above. Then copy the nightly build over so that the directories match. Eg. copy it into the "res_mods" folder. Stabilization in sniper mode with dynamic camera: Sela's pack removes the stabilization of the view that the in game dynamic camera has, but I wanted this back. I discovered that you just have to switch out a couple of files to make this happen. In "\res_mods\0.8.9\gui" there are two files: 1. avatar_input_handler.xml 2. avatar_input_handler_nodinamic.xml Delete or rename file 1 to something else, then change file 2 to have the original name of file 1: "avatar_input_handler.xml" Hope this helps
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