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  1. But whatever you do, don't get rid of your WZ-131. Even with all the new auto-loaders it's still my favorite T7 light. It's just so zippy!
  2. I like using the 100mm on the WZ-132, mostly because then it doesn't feel like a slow WZ-131 (I run the 85mm on that). The APCR is neat, the slower firing rate can be annoying versus other lights... I don't have it yet, but I understand the RU 251 basically obsoletes the WZ-132?
  3. Hi guys, guess who finally decided to play some of the new light tanks? Any of the old crew still hanging out here?
  4. Yep! But they ruined the green/purple camo on my beloved WZ-132. Plus, I feel totally disoriented when playing this game now, welp.
  5. Sorry, still not feeling it. Maybe this fancy new update will change that, who knows! Toi!
  6. Swags is in UNICA now? Nice! P.S. I'm horribly addicted to Warlock: Master of the Arcane atm. Damn those Steam sales!
  7. Nope! But we do sneakily check your stats when you make platoon requests of course.
  8. I would remove the fuzzy white shadow from the letters,make it crisp like everything else. And don't let the stars touch the text. But I like it overall.
  9. Please User, tell us all about your exclusive premium tanks! And hi!
  10. Because the people who make session stats thingies display it on a per battle basis? If you do that, people who don't care about the details of WN8 will read too much into it.
  11. At the moment you can shoot from 500-707m depending on the direction. So 55-262m beyond spotting range (445m). After the change it will always be 120m beyond spotting range. Which will be a godsend on maps like Prokhorovka where your 1-2 line campers don't understand this small 55m zone where a scout can spot and they can shoot. I think your general fire support will get more competent simply because they'll have more stuff to shoot at without worrying about positioning and diagonal shots. Plus it'll make the vision mechanics less retarded. This whole circle/square thing reminds me
  12. (WR-42)*135=WN8 Is exactly what I was looking for, thanks. WR vs. WN8 is really a lot more intuitive than rWINc vs. WN8!
  13. Well... you'd have to provide a control group by playing your next 4K games strictly solo.
  14. I'm trying out this one at the moment, it can export to xml: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/185348-0811-wot-replay-analyzer-wip-2/ But it's not really quick (processing 10 replays per second, which would translate to 21 hours), and the UI is already choking on 180 replays. I'm afraid it will explode if I try to load your 12.5K all at once. I've downloaded the library it's based on, might throw something together. But that won't be a proper tool by any means.
  15. I'm having trouble plotting the WN8 vs. WR relation. You gave me a graph with the formula, but that rWINc doesn't seem to correspond to how it's defined on the wiki. % from wiki avgWinRate = 0:0.1:100; expWinRate = 53; rWIN = avgWinRate / expWinRate; rWINc = max(0, (rWIN - 0.71) / (1 - 0.71) ); % from graph WN8 = 5807*rWINc - 16.697; Also, what is a good average expWinRate to use?
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