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  1. So, WOTLABS now is about bitching about the ability of light tanks to use camo and spot in the corridor meta? Considering lights need to proxy spot the last TD's in their double bush cocoons because no one else mounts vision equipment or trains vision skills? Fuck, whatever
  2. Maybe they are planning to add infantry and crew served AT guns for the HE to farm ....
  3. Pretty depressing. 

    Log on, hit "Unread Content" See 3 different threads with Dirizon word salad, or people quoting and refuting Dirizon's word salad. The only other thread is  from Emily Blunt asking a question that really, John Krazinski could easily answer for her. 

    I suppose it is a break from non-players proudly announcing the forum is "ded".


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    2. j_galt


      Well put.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      F O R U M I S D E D


      tbf i made a topic a couple days ago 

    4. Wanderjar


      yeah I know but my reply wasn't clever enough for that thread and at least it made sense here

  4. Sure as shit! I (proper, capital 'i") just confirmed it with a text search.
  5. This really encapsulates what I have been seeing on NA. It is amazing how passive things are now.
  6. Which helps explain the large number of players currently wondering around confused in tier 6 tech tree tanks. Yummy on the opposing team, unhelpful on your own.
  7. Man, I avoided looking at his channel until today. I typed something a little longer and deleted it. All I will say is i think "idiot" is likely the wrong term and the issues are greater ...
  8. Still the same. Amusingly, I had an "friendly" SU152 turn and blow my 1390 away because I had not joined the other 4 lights dying in the moguls on Pilsen in the first 90 seconds of the match.
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