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  1. I hate it when daddy and daddy fight
  2. I just want to pause for a while and admire the simple beauty of this phrase. Well done.
  3. I put off running this thing for a long time because it always seemed like a german TOG - just an hp piñata. Killing them always seemed pretty straightforward. Now, apparently due to the current chaotic state of high tier play, and the general Tier 9 advantage, this seems a pretty effective tank. 3/5/7 gives lots of stuff to shoot, and sometimes the 3 tier X's are pretty soft tanks or hard tanks driven by dead red tomatoes. It doesn't work all the time, of course, but it feels more fun than the E75 just for the generall silliness of bouncing shots while aiming in on cupolas.
  4. That - right there, is a legit Frontline unicorn sighting.
  5. It is definitely a hard- headed sob to fight from the front.I have generally resorted to harassing them with HE until someone gets around it. Of course that leads to having HE up the spout at the moment he turns his turret around and doing 200 damage...
  6. j_galt


    My 432 shares a crew with the T100-LT. The 432 turn reasonably well compared to the T100-LT. I actually run a full passive spotting setup. Vents, food, BIA, Optics , Binocs and both vision skills. Current teams are so completely clueless about team makeup, dispositions and map awareness that it seems pretty important to continually try light the opposition. I also lack the eyesight and hand-eye coordination for a lot of damage dealing in lights (or mediums) so I gotta try different approaches. Unfortunately though, the only way to dig out some double bushed TD's and arty is to proxy spot them.
  7. How does this guy start out Purple with these tanks?


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    2. j_galt


      Could well be.  I was just curious because the few rerolls I've looked at showed some progression in a line.  I always assumed to build a good crew or two.  I just had not considered jumping straight into tier 8 to grind from 0.   It did appear to turn him into a real dick - so maybe real money was involved.

    3. Strigonx


      world of warplane gold and free xp are shared as well

    4. j_galt


      Yeah, but who plays WOWP that much?  Or, at all?

  8. It's like a Luchs and a T100-LT conceived a demon baby while an Even 90 filmed and egged them on. This thing hides in tiny hollows while zooming around.
  9. Bought it one night, kitted it out, stuck in my T100LT crew and went "meh". Felt kinda slow, VR nice but wasn't working for me. Yesterday with clear eyes looked at it again and asked "Why don't I have vents on this thing?" Put on vents, zoomed around @70kph and finished up with a 70% WR over the first 10 battles. Tank is fun.
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