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  1. 13 minutes ago, Strigonx said:

    Laughs in EBR 105 

    Other fast lights with maxed vision get giggles as well. 

    The 6th directive is nice, but I have never really felt surprised when it has gone off.  Basically, it goes off roughly where I would expect to be spotted if the other team has decent scouts.

    I have also noticed a lot of people driving lights and scouty meds  on my teams who obviously are not running any vision enhancements.  This is in tier 8+ games.  I expect they are perpetually surprised by where they get spotted. 

  2. 5 hours ago, hazzgar said:

    Using your logic we should scramble this whole section of the forum

    i don't actually understand the use of the word "scramble" in this sentence.

    Discussion is cool, unrelenting Chicken-Littleism gets boring.  How many of the past "game-breaking"  and FOTM tanks are now gathering dust in early adopters garages? 

    Power creep is a thing, OP tanks are a thing, corridor maps are a thing, opaque bushes are a thing, slanting the gameplay towards RU players preference is a thing.  I just accept those things and move on.  Sorry.



  3. Personally, I like the 703.  I don't have one, but I like them.  I like killing them - all the time.  I like the clowns driving them.  I look forward to killing these new ones on reload as well.  

    It's annoying to get double barrel blasted, but actually it's kinda rare. 

  4. My favorite T95 moment last night was passing one last night on Himmelsdorf in my 1357.  I was relocating from the tracks to the hill after spotting the bad guy TD's. I passed  the  T95 halfway up the hill.  He was persistent though,  drove straight down the other side to die last after the rest of us mounted a spirited defense of our cap.  He did kill an enemy arty.  Just a random story...

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