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  1. I usually never trust any review. What is working for others and for yourself are two different worlds.
  2. That seems to be a mistake I know too good. It's just being overly aggressive with superior enemies.
  3. It has nothing to do with e-honor, it's just boring as fuck to eviscarate pubtrash that is playing for about 4 hours. This place is evolving from high tier, new gameplay, new tactics site to a "LOLLOOKATMYSUPPOSEDLYOPLOWTIERSHIPICANPUBTRASHWITH" I never understood the fascination because it's just plain stupid.
  4. Short range torps require a huge amount of patience. Cant see how they will work as effective as long range torps of the japs. They not even have a huge range but a very good speed too.
  5. Taking this advantage is to 95% done by guns. Again: 4 km suicide lolderptorpruns are NOT your job in a DD. Look mom I'm fluffy fail negrepping everything because someone said something I don't understand QQ
  6. I just dont give a fuck about t1-6. I see no Point in sealclub noobs in low tiers, never did in wot and won't start in wows. Sealclubbing is as low as you can fall.
  7. Its good for a t5, but like all t5, who gives a fuck about t4-6 gameplay. It's just a stepping stone and start of the journey.
  8. Long range torping denies space to turn and manouver, it takes one of the most important skills in wows away from the enemy, free positioning. So, yes short range torping full HP Beeps is fun and mostly only achievable under 5-6 km, but if you're solely going for that in a DD you missed your job discription.
  9. Havent played in 9 months now, if not longer beside 1 game I think. Not missing it. More of the same stupid t9-10 mashup tanks, which differ only in low percentages. Wot has run its course.
  10. Since you mostly attack with 2+ TB squads this is no problem at all for a skilled cv player. The dodge pattern for any ship is mostly the same, turn into one TB squad, focus the one coming from your side. If you are good with TBs you still shit on any ship. Sometimes panic drops feel even worse because the spread is not one you can expect and calculate so easy.
  11. why not? It's next to impossible to feel any input lag. Besides that you'd only have to change batteries or load the mouse via cable.
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