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  1. Why do tanks sometimes start spinning at the end of battle?

    1. simba90


      I'll give you a hint. It starts with 'W' and rhymes with oregaming.

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  2. Sylvansight

    Is win/loss part of the WN8?--if not it should be

    Might come as a shock, but getting higher wn8 isn't the point of the game (if you decide that for you, wn8 > all, then do whatever it takes to pad and have fun. If you get +50 for every tree knocked down, then make sure you get every single one).
  3. Missing the x1.15 twitch love already.

  4. Sylvansight

    Is win/loss part of the WN8?--if not it should be

    dead metric is dead (not quite true, meh).
  5. Russia Tanking for the motherland. (Protip: Russian Bias doesnt exist)
  6. vanilla font makes (e) look a lot like lel

  7. If you like a low-drama life, the cost is unbearable.
  8. Sylvansight

    WoTLabs now shows your Marks of Excellence

    gg @Never The lookup for mastery badge is incorrect - it's showing '3rd Class' instead of 1st class on appropriate tanks.
  9. Sylvansight

    Charts: What matters to you?

    is it possible to track wgPR over time?
  10. " driving while being on fire increases the extinguishing time considerably."



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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      yeah man have you ever tried putting water on a gas/oil fire tho

    3. Archaic_One


      Sitting still while being on fire increases the chance of getting set on fire again tho

    4. Sylvansight


      This is true, I was surprised that I'd played for so long without knowing this so thought I'd share in case I wasn't alone :)

  11. Sylvansight

    Hidden tech tree jewels?

    T7 chinese TD was a lot of fun. I don't think it has it's own thread in vehicles section, doesn't get more hidden than that.
  12. WB I'm also recently returned from a 2 year break (literally broke shoulder and after 2 days of arty-only moved onto more enjoyable one-handed experiences )
  13. Sylvansight

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    nice. happy now that left the med crew in leo when I got the emil
  14. Sylvansight

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers

    Four and a half year later and I finally see it for myself - both participants DED
  15. carelessly start battle with the wrong tank selected and have to play with a 50% crew... the struggle.

  16. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    tier 6 lttb with -7 annoying to play against
  17. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    ap velocity is nice, not had chance to test full drift potential.
  18. Anyone know roughly when v1.3 will be released?

  19. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    magnetized to ground when pulling donuts on westfield, tracking itself every 10 seconds from getting accidental air on sand river
  20. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    old T-50-2 zipping around also benefited from being in era of different accuracy sigma (or whatever the technical thing is called) where 20% shots went to the edge.
  21. Sylvansight

    Color Scale

    I like how the guys/gals who built Garmin webpage used the xvm colours for their data viz. Feeling right at home
  22. mfw 1568xp base isn't Ace on 110... :o

  23. Sylvansight

    Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    I have a suspicion that is very old data. VBaddict uploads don't work with 1.0 maybe? Filter OP link for T8-10, and standard only, and swamp T1 has more battles available than a current map like El haluf.
  24. I hear you, but with no arty at all, lots will just play hulldown tanks and stay in their little hole/dip farming damage until they get dug out at the end, which is in it's own way also a bit stupid. At least with the few second warning mechanic you know you haven't been one-shot by someone with only 500 battles on their account.