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    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    nice. happy now that left the med crew in leo when I got the emil
  2. Sylvansight

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers

    Four and a half year later and I finally see it for myself - both participants DED
  3. carelessly start battle with the wrong tank selected and have to play with a 50% crew... the struggle.

  4. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    tier 6 lttb with -7 annoying to play against
  5. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    ap velocity is nice, not had chance to test full drift potential.
  6. Anyone know roughly when v1.3 will be released?

  7. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    magnetized to ground when pulling donuts on westfield, tracking itself every 10 seconds from getting accidental air on sand river
  8. Sylvansight

    T-50-2 Returns

    old T-50-2 zipping around also benefited from being in era of different accuracy sigma (or whatever the technical thing is called) where 20% shots went to the edge.
  9. Sylvansight

    Color Scale

    I like how the guys/gals who built Garmin webpage used the xvm colours for their data viz. Feeling right at home
  10. mfw 1568xp base isn't Ace on 110... :o

  11. Sylvansight

    Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    I have a suspicion that is very old data. VBaddict uploads don't work with 1.0 maybe? Filter OP link for T8-10, and standard only, and swamp T1 has more battles available than a current map like El haluf.
  12. I hear you, but with no arty at all, lots will just play hulldown tanks and stay in their little hole/dip farming damage until they get dug out at the end, which is in it's own way also a bit stupid. At least with the few second warning mechanic you know you haven't been one-shot by someone with only 500 battles on their account.
  13. Doesn't need a class for that - could just borrow the mechanic from that other mode (rampage?) where a player gets to make an arty shot as a bonus after accumulating enough damage / spotting or whatever.
  14. Does mentality change if you have 50k+ battles and already own all/most of the tier X you want? At that point, less pressure to accumulate credits so can be more liberal with premium ammo? (hopefully somewhat balanced by better judgement on where prem ammo is appropriate?)
  15. Sylvansight

    Noob (1200 overall, 1900 recent) LFC SH/toon

    Have you tried the clan finder tool on wot webpage? If you go to a clan page on wot website, it will show you the number of skirmishes played at each tier in last 28 days (and win % at each tier). like so:
  16. Sylvansight

    Noob (1200 overall, 1900 recent) LFC SH/toon

    Hi Wessmen, ping one of the [-VM-] recruiters ingame (maybe briankreiser) and they'll get you an invite - regular, casual T6/T8 strongholds - no pressure, no obligation, no minimum participation, just have fun, and try not rage too hard when RNG ruins your day Though with your playing hours, longer term if you want organised fun you might have more joy with a clan in an eastern european time zone.
  17. Sylvansight

    Ranked battles in WoT

    In the live QA video on friday they said they'd learned from the T22 fiasco: ranked battled would only be available for an unspecified number of hours per day to avoid entire clans syncing in at 4am. Very possible those hours will clash with CW though.
  18. Hola hxdoom, your best bet is w-uni / havok community - for six months or so, When wn8 is 1100 then you will have many more options.
  19. broken arm... yay for arta!

  20.  fun with physics... 


  21. And how much the fortunes of WN8 realignment have buffed/nerfed their overall since they last played a game
  22. Stannis is the One True King.
  23. Sylvansight

    T-54 AP only 3 mark Quest

    GL Brumbarr