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    Sylvansight reacted to ikitai in 1.6.1 hit RU today? Anyone know what tanks were added to bond shop?   
    I read on reddit that they pulled the tanks from the bond shop because Russians were mad that clan wars tanks were available.
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    Sylvansight reacted to Matross in So... in the EBR 105 line, which wheely boi's are the stinkers? I read the T6 is pret   
    I'm at about 90k xp into the WZ-132, I should probably unlock the Tier 9 this weekend. I plan on unlocking it, but not buying buying it. Talk about a wn8 padder... never knew playing the 132 would give me such good wn8 results. I'm starting to enjoy the mobility and camo value when running around. Hope I'm not building bad habits from it. 
    I see that the Tier 8 isn't anything special on the wheely bois. I have about 180k convert XP saved, I'll probably just keep grinding some free XP, to unlock the 9 and start there, or just move onto another grind (Probably STRV 103B or the OBJ 268v4).
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    Sylvansight reacted to NightmareMk9 in Only 4 tanks left to research !!! About 740,000 total XP left   
    It has been a long time. I can't wait until I can play nothing but OP tanks and pwn noobz.
    I can't go full GOLD Stet peddin', because I still need probably 90 Million Credits to buy all the tier 10s I have unlocked.
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    Sylvansight got a reaction from Matross in Slipped and missed the T55 TD15 mission again. Had 5.6k damage in the ISU-152, starri   
    at least you didn't complete it, only to realise afterwards that you'd forgotten you'd changed missions while grinding some t7 thing and forgotten to return. 
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    Sylvansight reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Quite a few users here saying "WarGay" as a derogatory term for WG.... kind of homoph   
    I happen to like middle school insults. No matter how old and worn out they get, they still get the job done. Just like your mom.
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    Sylvansight reacted to FavreFan4ever in Quite a few users here saying "WarGay" as a derogatory term for WG.... kind of homoph   
    The overall narrative here is that people are associating something that isn't bad (being LGBTQ+) with something that is (Wargaming). Such slurs are old, overused, and uphold a negative stereotype. If you're going to insult WG, at least be more creative.
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    Sylvansight reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Quite a few users here saying "WarGay" as a derogatory term for WG.... kind of homoph   
    For the record, I banished all homosexual slurs from my lexicon when I was at work and got off the phone with a difficult customer. I called the guy a cocksucker in front of my gay coworker and then had a double facepalm moment. IT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL OF YOU SOMEDAY TOO, JESSE WARNED YOU.
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    Sylvansight reacted to FavreFan4ever in Quite a few users here saying "WarGay" as a derogatory term for WG.... kind of homoph   
    Agreed. We have the whole English language (and others) at our disposal, surely we can come up with words to express our displeasure with the company without resorting to homophobic language.
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    Sylvansight got a reaction from sohojacques in Is the stock gun the better choice on the Conway? Looks to be on paper. If wotlabs sa   
    I'm switching between guns. Every battle I wish I had the other one equipped.
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    Sylvansight got a reaction from PrivateBert in The way status comments are a tiny little box with 3 comments per page is gangr   
    inb4 4th comment when this gets demoted to page 2 and everyone has to read backwards for context.
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    You should use persuasion to tell ur mum of how gullible and morally weak your lil bro is since he tried to find a way to get gold hacks which, can be spun into a point of which your lil bro will be like pirating and pirating is bad cause its like stealing, so your lil bro is trying to get something shady involving theft. And regarding the one about lil bro being gullible, is that you should explain how things like the gold hack offer thing are often scam and often from shady people of shadiness, therefore you can spun it to the point where you can say your lil bro might be prone to associate with the wrong group of interests. Which leads to the point where you can say that you being mad is your way of saying you care of your lil bro best interests and character growth

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    Sylvansight reacted to engineered in looking for: crosshair mod where reticle doesn't jump around when aiming near ridgeli   
    Get safeshot mod, enable longshot in xml file.
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    Sylvansight reacted to monkey10120 in I love how playing vanilla in tournies fucks you. The object break mod on Murovanka i   
    I talked with someone after the battle and they told me to do that next time. Apparently the mod pings any object that was destroyed. I wish I would of thought of that during the battle
    I wonder if there we updates since. It now tells you everything that breaks down to even the scarecrows on some maps. 
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    Sylvansight reacted to CarbonWard in I love how playing vanilla in tournies fucks you. The object break mod on Murovanka i   
    I used treedown for a while before it was "officially" illegal, only movement will trigger treedown as far as i know.
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    Sylvansight reacted to CarbonWard in Well, looks like I'll not buy russian rations again any time soon : typo made me buy   
    Looks like enough rations to last me a week.
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    Sylvansight reacted to Joyrider216 in Purple overall reached bois!   
    ty <3
    Sylvan, prolly 65% recent wr, I am shite at winning and want to get that up, solo most likely
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    Sylvansight reacted to kolni in FAME dropped off global map? wtf:o   
    they did it to train for the campaign
    some clans are shitscared they're gonna get chipspammed lel
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    Sylvansight reacted to bolagnaise in recommended loadout for T57 heavy?   
    GLD, VENT, VSTAB plus BIA is a must(food is an option too). I only run 8 heat for when I know I'm going to 1 V 1 against Maus/E100/E3. 57 heavy should never be fighting alone and needs other tanks around it to cover it while you reload.
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    Sylvansight reacted to Sergeant_Fgt in recommended loadout for T57 heavy?   
    I think I used like 2 clips heat max, whenever I played it.
    Doesn't really need it imho and has the same problems like the batchat once u run out of a full clip.
    Altho with 22s reload mixing up some clips doesn't hurt that much.
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    Sylvansight reacted to no_name_cro in recommended loadout for T57 heavy?   
    GLD, V.stab, Vents.
    I'd carry like 18/18 AP/HEAT, it eats shells fast.
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    Sylvansight reacted to Visn0r in top tip: tankers, get preferential matchmaking on a standard Tier 6-8 tank by simply   
    this is so true! or you get bottom tier all the time without top tier class you need (HT mostly)
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