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  1. Cruz has dropped out! Meme magic is real

  2. are you still alive, fellow oppressed minority? I'll bet you're pumped for Fall of Light's release

    1. Aquavolt


      no dassem is dead BUT IM STILL ALIVE

    2. precambrian




      I guess you'll do

  3. I'm cringing at this ep, jesus christ Dumb n Dumber
  4. After this, And "20 good men", I'm looking forward the butchery DnD can pull off
  5. Geez go easy on the seppos lads. Met up with the hat man, atreides and Artemisin at a dumpling joint. Imagine my amusement when I get on to read the last 10 pages.
  6. They aren't solved. It's lazy and dishonest to take the last 200 years of European history and presume it the norm for the entirety of the "Wests" existence. There is cuisine that is older and more "European" than these "cherished" values that are allegedly the foundation of the West. ..Except the "enlightenment" didn't bring along improvement for European people (or their colonial subjects). It was wealth concentration brought along by colonialism that allowed (Britain first), then Europe to modernize (read: actual changes and not airy Romanticism and philosophy) and undergo multiple industrial, "chemical" and agricultural revolutions, which in turn caused population booms beyond carrying capacities (and wars) that spurred on even further technological growth. Hard, material changes in circumstances, that resulted in even more rapacious colonial activity. I can guarantee you that the "best period in human history" for the majority of the planet has been utterly shit. Look, political liberalism is absolutely unnecessary for "improving peoples lives" on a material level. If you want proof, you can visit the rapid industrialization undertaken by Meiji-era Japan, the USSR, the "miracle on the Han river" of South Korea, Taiwan,Singapore and most recently, post-79 Deng-Xiaoping China. Exercising "political, intellectual values" don't matter for people on the bottom rungs of the worlds economy. It's a luxury afforded to those who have time away from a wageslave/subsistence life. The point I'm making is that there is utter laziness is somehow crediting the values of the French revolution or the philosophy of the "the enlightenment" with the industrial and technological changes that overtook Europe when the causes and mechanisms that allowed them to take place are totally different. Pre-political liberalism Europe was not "self-oppression". The aristocracy of nobility was replaced with an aristocracy of merchants. Almost exactly the same, minus the checks and balances which the Church, monarchy and feudal nobility placed on each other, and definitely minus the responsibilities they owed to the other "castes". If you look at the carnage and battlefield that was Europe post-liberalism, starting with first the French revolution and the "Reign of Terror" (yes, the "happy", feel good values of freedom, liberty and equality were brought in with political terrorism that resulted in the deaths of thousands) Napoleonic wars, the rise of civic nationalism, the subsequent world wars and bolshevik revolution it was chaos. And we'll keep it relevant to Europe, we don't even need to talk about the effects globally of what an "enlightened" Europe has done. Why? I don't know about you but I find this sentiment repulsive, why would you want to erode that which makes the world unique and turn it into a culturally grey mass? Anyway, I don't think many nations are inclined to follow the path of Western Europe into demographic and cultural suicide. A realists opinion on the topic: Ethnic Western Europeans will have to choose between their loyalty to the pseudo-European values of the French revolution or their integrity as a living, breathing collective entity. The more time spent waffling, the more the harsh reality of demographics and economic demands will set in and they will cease to exist given time. Western Europeans are not even hitting replacement rates, yet migration is needed for the population-growth centric economic growth that consumption based economies and democratic electoral cycles are oriented around. As much as people say ethnicity does not matter, yes, yes it does matter a great deal, especially when no efforts are taken to promote integration by the state or society. In fact,the opposite has occurred in Western europe, with mono-culturalism being discarded entirely and promotion of self-segregation encouraged and abetted on a state-level. Without even a semblance of a cross-ethnic, civic identity to integrate into, what do migrants have? As others have already alluded to, migration is a process that best occurs over a period of time, and integration and acclimatization is a process that takes generations to complete. With the current generation of European migrants, this has simply not occurred. Europe is not the New World, there is no boundless praire for peoples to settle into, migration and settlement is very "in your face" and results in self-segregation out of comfort and safety on behalf of both migrants and residents are evident. Political Islam and political liberalism cannot exist side by side, just like the Catholic Church and the revolutionaries of Bastille day did not and could not. We know that violence and blood was used and required by these revolutionaries to cement their new doctrine and worldview in place. It's utterly naive to think one can "magic" or "create" out of thin air a version of Islam that is theologically respectable in the eyes of its believers and at the same time one that can co-exist with "enlightenment" values. A clash is inevitable due to so many jarring contradictions and disagreements. Modern strains of Salafism and Wahabbism are reactions to the modern age and the spread of political liberalism within MENA Islamic societies. And these are the sects that are not only awash with Gulf oil money, but the fastest growing ones in Sunni Islam. The only state that has managed to "politically neuter" Islam has been China, and their methods are inherently illiberal and out of reach of European states or peoples. As the percentage of ethnic europeans in Western Europe dwindles, and more and more enclaves start to form, you will only see accelerated racial and religious tensions as a migrant underclass used for cheap labor chafes against an increasingly distressed and alienated native population. This is already the "new normal" See this guardian article http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/nov/14/parisians-had-got-used-to-the-new-normal-but-this-is-an-attack-on-a-terrifying-scale It will be interesting to see what course of action Western Europeans choose. As it stands, Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary are quickly and readily discarding the lip service they paid to "enlightenment values" in their own collective self-preservation.
  7. Yes, apparently Western "civilization" only begun post-French Revolution and American independence... :rolleyes:. The "West" or "Western" is not an analogue for political liberalism, it refers to a civilization that has a far more complex, nuanced and wholly hierarchical history than the cursory examination you've afforded it. What you've referred to (political liberalism) is not only an anomaly but an aberration as far as "Western civilization" is concerned, prior to which a caste system of monarchy, feudal nobility and priesthood ruled over a mostly homogeneous ethno-religious group comprised of artisanal guild workers, merchants and serfs. This goes for all the associated Indo-European civilizations you've mentioned (and forgotten to mention) as well. This tired meme that somehow Western civilization is "American/post-bastille France"(freedom, liberty, etc) in DNA has got to go, when what you refer to as Western (political liberalism) is merely a modern mutation of "traditional" Western society. Political liberalism is more specifically, secularized and de-coupled tenets of Christian theology Also,science wasn't "invented" by political liberalism, this is cringey. Rule of law dates back to the Code of Hammurab, and also early Vedic and Abrahamic theology which predates even Graeco-Roman civilization There is nothing remotely "politically liberal" about the USSR or NSDAP Germany, both which played pivotal and instrumental roles in "taking man to the stars". Fact is, technological progress has occurred time and time again independent of any sort of political environment, and is more dependent on material factors like wealth concentration and geographical/geopolitical stressors.
  8. Lanklets struggle with packing on visible mass (not strength) due to being skeletors, so us king of manlets(5'10 representing) and manlet tier people have it easier. Also, you should get out of the "lifting for girls/dates" mentality , lift for yourself.
  9. This tank is so fucking sexy. As a person who has been waiting for eons for the 2nd French Heavy Line, I'll take any excuse for more French HTs
  10. US DDs will be getting a big buff soon(ish) to smoke and artillery. US CAs will give index fingers arthiritis with the amount of clicking required,but I imagine the DDs moreso - especially if you make sure you are shooting out of detection range
  11. Specifically for the Minekaze I preferred the fast torps ,the camo is good up to 5.9 kms, and 7 kms means you've got a decent turn buffer to hit BBs reliably without being spotted. With CAs the speed definitely helps connecting as the slow 10km torps will almost never touch a CA.
  12. IGN: Dassemultor ,hit me up for anything from t5 to t7
  13. Thanks for the solid advice, I'll be trying to consciously implement it from this point on This, I really, really enjoyed the "up in your face" sort of gameplay that the early US CAs had, hanging back is hard for me,
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