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  1. Cruz has dropped out! Meme magic is real

  2. I'm cringing at this ep, jesus christ Dumb n Dumber
  3. After this, And "20 good men", I'm looking forward the butchery DnD can pull off
  4. Geez go easy on the seppos lads. Met up with the hat man, atreides and Artemisin at a dumpling joint. Imagine my amusement when I get on to read the last 10 pages.
  5. They aren't solved. It's lazy and dishonest to take the last 200 years of European history and presume it the norm for the entirety of the "Wests" existence. There is cuisine that is older and more "European" than these "cherished" values that are allegedly the foundation of the West. ..Except the "enlightenment" didn't bring along improvement for European people (or their colonial subjects). It was wealth concentration brought along by colonialism that allowed (Britain first), then Europe to modernize (read: actual changes and not airy Romanticism and philosophy) and undergo multiple indu
  6. Yes, apparently Western "civilization" only begun post-French Revolution and American independence... :rolleyes:. The "West" or "Western" is not an analogue for political liberalism, it refers to a civilization that has a far more complex, nuanced and wholly hierarchical history than the cursory examination you've afforded it. What you've referred to (political liberalism) is not only an anomaly but an aberration as far as "Western civilization" is concerned, prior to which a caste system of monarchy, feudal nobility and priesthood ruled over a mostly homogeneous ethno-religious group com
  7. Lanklets struggle with packing on visible mass (not strength) due to being skeletors, so us king of manlets(5'10 representing) and manlet tier people have it easier. Also, you should get out of the "lifting for girls/dates" mentality , lift for yourself.
  8. This tank is so fucking sexy. As a person who has been waiting for eons for the 2nd French Heavy Line, I'll take any excuse for more French HTs
  9. US DDs will be getting a big buff soon(ish) to smoke and artillery. US CAs will give index fingers arthiritis with the amount of clicking required,but I imagine the DDs moreso - especially if you make sure you are shooting out of detection range
  10. Specifically for the Minekaze I preferred the fast torps ,the camo is good up to 5.9 kms, and 7 kms means you've got a decent turn buffer to hit BBs reliably without being spotted. With CAs the speed definitely helps connecting as the slow 10km torps will almost never touch a CA.
  11. IGN: Dassemultor ,hit me up for anything from t5 to t7
  12. Thanks for the solid advice, I'll be trying to consciously implement it from this point on This, I really, really enjoyed the "up in your face" sort of gameplay that the early US CAs had, hanging back is hard for me,
  13. Oh the Cleveland players pay their penance, like Bathoz says. I'm one of those players now struggling through Pensacola hell Incidentally, if anyone has ANY advice whatsoever on how to make this shitbucket work, I'm all ears. Compared to... Hell even my Phoenix has higher DPG.
  14. Yeah, games tend to become extremely frustrating at tier 6 and above. I don't know if its because the majority of good players are still lurking in 1-5 and 6 and up is filled by extremes on the bell curve, but I've certainly felt this way. Perhaps its just the meta shift, but I can't help shake the feeling the retardation is increasing at higher tiers
  15. Having the Pensacola, Mutsuki and the fucking Furutaka in the garage at the same time is making me want to kill myself. At least the New York isn't so bad...
  16. Are you in for a surprise when you get to the Pensacola...my DPG dropped from 40-50k/game to 10k a game if I'm lucky...
  17. Kinda iffy about AFT on the Cleveland. The range isn't going to help given that the shell velocity on it is anemic with massive hangtime, and at extreme ranges can be dodged quite easily given the arc. I honestly think that demo expert would be better, given the volume of shells you can pump out, and generally speaking unless you are saving it as a seal-clubber the range boost will become useless when you send the crew to the Pensacola.
  18. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/forum/63-world-of-warships-wows/ No real need for that thread to be pinned, it's bumped almost daily and this particular subforum doesn't move that fast.
  19. Definitely, the Japanese market has already gone bananas for it (that and the added bonus of WoWS riding off the high of some anime shit), AFAIK WoWS Asia is getting prime time numbers far larger than NA. - 24k vs 17k peak on NA last I checked. And this isn't "release" either. On top of this, the credit grind is also longer (around 20 mil for TX) but it feels like the income is boosted to probably roughly x2 WoT levels. though I don't know how much the T7-8 prems make.
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