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  1. I didn't intentionally repost, and nobody is on to help.
  2. Looking for people to platoon with on NA Central, hit me up if you want to play.
  3. Nice, got a Scorp G as a surprise gift from a 20 set of loot boxes. 

  4. A three letter word for the opposite of fun... AT8

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      that's 2 letters and a number

      but ok

  5. How do you play the AT-2 line in the current meta? I'm only at the AT-2, but open maps like Redshire are brutal because the tank is incredibly slow, 450 hp vanishes really quick to arty at every tier, and you don't have many options where you can go when you get stuck as the lowest tier.
  6. Lorraine 40t = EZ credits all day

  7. This game truly did not need another idiot-proof IS-6 clone to clutter up tier 8. 

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      The pike is actually better angled than the IS7, I think.

    3. Tman450


      48 minutes ago, KenadianCSJ said:

      The pike is actually better angled than the IS7, I think.

      yup, Defender when used correctly has a UFP of about 350mm.

    4. Dangalang_time


      20 hours ago, Strigonx said:

      but the IS-6 is now completely obsoleted by the Defender...

      Defender does everything the IS-6 does but better.

       This is exactly how I feel, the 252 has made the is-6 nearly useless. It's impotent gun is the most glaring weakness. Why drive a tank with 175/217 pen , when every other RUS prem heavy( besides kv-5) has 220+ pen standard? I understand it has special MM but even with it the is-6 will pub stomp all lower tiers as always then be chewed up by T8/T9 peers even faster. 

  8. I... should I sell this T9 batchat sitting in my garage? How does it compare to the Lorr 40t? Is it a bigger 13 90 (aka shit gun handling and not really fun to play since the accuracy nerfs)?

    1. TheLovePanda


      It's way better than the lorr and plays very similar to the batchat t10. It's not bad if you're into that kind of thing.

    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      I played it on CT and liked it a lot. Gotta save up creds to buy it.

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      The tier 9 batchat is op as fuck though.

  9. Just started playing tanks again today, and my friends list is empty. Looking for people to run 6-10 on east.
  10. I can't attest to the EU meta, but I'm not having issues blocking shots with the turret unless it's from 230+ pen from large TD guns or heavies. I haven't noticed anything going through the cheeks, only the commanders hatch. We are going to have to agree to disagree on the tank speed. This isn't a slow tank. It just isn't the fastest heavy in its tier.
  11. It still plays like the T-10. You look for opportunities to hide the LFP/Hull and you use your turret to bully weaker tanks and pubs. When you can't hide the lower plate you angle and hope for a bounce. You get a lot of bounces this way against lower tiers and weaker guns. The Comet shouldn't be penning you with AP rounds if you throw out an angle if its coming at your from the front. Want to get the best results out of the M103s turret? Don't expose yourself to large guns or taller tanks. Wiggle the turret if they are aiming for your cheeks. The M103s gun combined with it's speed is wha
  12. I think the M103 is great. I'm not having any issues blocking shots with the upgraded turret and the gun is amazing. The handling, the pen, the accuracy, the alpha; all of these are fantastic. Combine that with heavium level speed and I'm finding it easy to flex around the map if I need to relocate. You also have enough of a hit pool to tank a bunch of shots when necessary. Sure, its frontal hull armor isn't amazing, but then again none of the T9s have amazing frontal armor that are going to be able to stop T10 guns. It plays exactly like the IS-8; your main goal should be to hide the hull and
  13. So after a month break from WoT, I'm ready to start looking for a new clan. My recent stats somehow got messed up around leap day, and my clan history is missing. Essentially I was in a couple of bad clans, then Rel_O, and then Rel_3 for a combined period of just under a year. I'm looking for a clan wars clan to keep my interest in this game alive. I also did some tourneys around Christmas, and I'm interested in running some more of them. I have the 62a, 140, IS7, Batchat, 50B, T50/51, currently going after the E5. (Also, I miss running strongholds for the EZ cash)
  14. I've been getting called a reroll ALL week by pubs. Almost 11k games, I don't get the logic behind that.

    1. Wanderjar


      Filthy reroll scum like you ruin this game!

  15. How did I trick myself into buying back the Subpar Persing? 

    1. Private_Miros


      Spam APCR, get 2,5k DPG, have fun.

    2. KruggWulf


      Dude, the Super Spergshing is awesome.

    3. Serene_Potato


      It's...it's beautiful.

      *sheds tier from the freedom*

      Oh wait, it did shed a tier, it doesn't go to tier 10

      Well, I did suck in my first 50 games in it, so slowly crawling my way back up to purple WN8 for the SP =]]

  16. I've got a ways to go before I am truly purple, but what I think helped push me past my 2200 recent plateau was a combination of focusing my aggression, altering my map deployments, and playing in more organized game modes aside from random battles. Once I hit solid blue I had a good understanding of view ranges, what guns will pen what, weakpoints and armor schemes, and where to deploy on a map. The pattern I was falling into was that I was deploying myself to what I considered to be key areas on the map regardless of the enemy's tank comp or whether I was low or high tier. This in turn
  17. Wait, I like Overlord/Karkov, why are choices like Shitfried's Line and Arctic nowhere to be seen on the NA poll. I'd rather fight a 24/7 city rotation than a garbage map like Arctic or Shitfried.
  18. I got accused of being a reroll today. It confused me as I have over 10k battles and I'm not purple overall. vOv

    1. KruggWulf


      Bads tend to think anyone who's got good stats (Depending how bad, they'll think even dark green and teal are "really really good") must be a reroll, even myself with account created back in 2011 and over 20k battles

    2. Zinn


      It's probably because a lot of the people who do reroll also go full no-life mode on their new accounts. I've seen rerolls accumulate more battles in less than a year than I've got since the game launched. Some have even outdone all the games I've EVER played (account is from 2010, meaning beta).

      I've been accused of re-rolling, even though my account was created among the first 100k (I think 84000-something).

    3. KruggWulf


      Zinn, I've seen a trend lately that not ALL of them are even rerolls, they're actually just newer to the game and generally either seek help faster because it tends to be more available and pushed for or are brought into the game by better players and may even have gotten to teal or lower blues relatively quickly because of it. I notice this alot with the anime clans, particularly MAHOU/SHOJO, unless they're just liars and are blue rerolls lel.

  19. It must be confirmation bias then, because I am struggling to hit stuff in my T50/51 vs. the T50.
  20. The T50/51 isn't nearly as good as the T50. Worse gun bloom and aim time between shots combined with horrid gun accuracy means you are firing a shotgun unless fully aimed in. The T9 has better gun control and less bloom. I have no trouble dropping full clips in T50 before enemies even have time to fire. The T50/51 on the other hand isn't nearly as fun to play.
  21. Aside from camo, you want skills and equipment that reduce the horrible aim time and bloom on the 13 75 and the 13 90 when you finally get them. Since the accuracy nerf the 13 90 is definitely not a fun tank to play. While it was true that you had to get up close before, it's tough to circle tanks now because of how awful the gun bloom is.
  22. The T9 Czech tank is insanely good. So good, that I forget its a T9 in T10 matches.

    1. Private_Miros


      I have it, but still training a crew. What is your ammo load out. I'm not scared at all of spamming gold, but I do like to not lose money. Is AP doable?

    2. JimmytehHand


      AP is very doable, I'm running 30 AP/15 HEAT, and I've yet to fire a single round of HEAT. It's a very speedy and maneuverable tank, combined with a low aim time that you have plenty of time to aim your shots.

    3. Private_Miros
  23. Are the WN values actually fixed? My T7 Czech tank is showing something close to 9120 Wn8 in the tank list on the woblabs site.
  24. It's not that great of a tank. I started to enjoy it after 10 or so battles, and every time you start to get into a grove in it, you get into a series of T9 battles that accent how bad it is. The gun depression/bloom/accuracy on the 100mm is the most frustrating part of the tank. You often get forced into fighting in only flat spots for half a match while you miss shot after shot at mid range on stuff sitting completely exposed in the open. You practically have to brawl with most things to reliably do damage. At tier 8 and below this is manageable. T9 matches on the other hand are pretty rage
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