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  1. BrB, downloading the VN client for tanks. How fkn funny does it sound? Like the voice actor had a mouthful of rat or something.
  2. Yeah, I feel the need to explain this. Lemmings in boats isn't necessarily all that bad a thing, weight of numbers is a good thing. The problem lies when 6 manage to hold, and then mostly kill, 10 or 11. It's not a lemming issue, it's an issue of sheer incompetence, cowardice, lack of initiative and all the other traits that we love so much about asia region multiplayer gaming.
  3. Dear Asia server (the only server where 1 guy can fight half a team and survive, while the rest of his team is wrecked by the other half of theirs) eat a big bag of tiny dicks pls k thx bye
  4. I got to the Mahan (tier 7) on the US DD tree. Great guns, but detection happens at about 8.4 km from memory. Gun range is 12ish kms, you CANNOT shoot at max range without being detected. Torps have a range of 4.5km but do have speed. Unless the enemy CA or BB is a complete potato, torp runs are usually fatal. I sold it and focused on the Jap DD tree for now, of which I have the Hatsuhara (tier 7). You finally get workable guns, 9.4km range and on the upgrade hull you have 2 twin turrets. The primary weapon is still the torpedo, 10 km range @ low 60s knots. The thing with this is that detection on the Hatsu is 6.4 km, so you can close and launch at CPA (for me, about 6.6km if I wanna stay invisibru) a double spread and disengage without being lit, continue to track the enemy and repeat in just over a minute. However, a single plane will completely stuff this up, they will spot you at about 3km if you have AA turned off, and if you can't turn out of their view range you end up getting shepherded away from your targets, I usually survive this but if I can't close to torp range I am combat ineffective. My Minekaze (42k dpg and 1254 av XP) has double the average damage of my Hatsuhara, (21k dpg and 1130 av XP) which I can put down to better players at higher tiers, more Cruisers and the effect of CVs. Ultimately, US DDs after the Nicholas are an exercise in frustration, I will return to the line later but as it is now, they are little more than under gunned low HP cruisers. Japanese DDs are great if you can get through undetected, you may hit a potato Cruiser but I generally target BBs or may do a really close range torp run on an undefended CV, once I am lit I start spamming HE as well. Win rate - lol, if you want win rate, play Cruisers in a division. Otherwise, enjoy the ride of the asia server amusement park.
  5. Bonus code ALBANY tier 2 prem CL/garage slot and 375k creds
  6. Was talking to Steeltrap last night while playing boat people. He misses you. Yes, he was doing his 'I hate MM' in chat.
  7. I think the Minekaze has the sweetspot for camo, nimbleness and torp selection. Just got the Mutsuki and it just doesn't feel as good. I imagine it will be better with the upgrade torps. Basically with the Minekaze I circle outside detection range and spam either 10km slow torps or 7km fast torps. I switched between the two a lot during the grind. Either way, they're not seeing you until 6.0km range. Compare my Farragut stats with those of the Minekaze and it's blatantly obvious that the game is all about the torpedo.
  8. Considering a name change for Embazzling_Submariner Currently have Enola_Gay Paul_Tibbets Poi_George Unit_731 Alexandra_Hospital Burma_railway FatBoy LittleMan Epinions? I think it is. On Asia anyway. I got up to 52.4% late last week, it's slipped back to 48 something. On NA I am at 62%, but less than 100 battles.
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