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  1. Their dubious claim of historical accuracy aside, adding mid-late 1960s ammunition for a single vehicle [when such ammo isnt even required, normal 122MM APHE would be fine] before other similar vehicles/rounds are added is questionable, but can probably be summed up to roosha stronk )))
  2. so they opened their test server for about 7 minutes (exaggeration because it should be for like a week+ like WoT's test servers) and all sorts of stuff has been captured the SU-122-54's ammo... hello powercreep!
  3. sadly I wasn't accused of hax by the clicker afterwords and sorry for the autistic polandball text commentary
  4. https://niceme.me/
  5. I really hope we see the T29/34/30 and more KVs, look at all these KV-4s and imagine the limitless hilarity with the multi turret system in place Also British/American field tests and the actual German instruction manual are confirmed propaganda by the bug report Tsar))) http://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/226116-panther-tank-line-fire-rate/?p=4356486
  6. The only one I know of that I've experienced multiple times is shooting the front drive wheel of an E 100/Jp E 100/WTF E100 at a direct flat angle, HEAT seems to always be absorbed while AP, if you're facing it at a direct angle and close enough always seems to work
  7. I have a feeling spalling will be added around the time of the T-62, the first rusky tank forced to use solidshit ammo as its primary ammo (which currently does hardly any damage, but only evil kapatilist tenks use it so who cares xaxaxa))) I honestly have no problem with adding prototype tanks and I hope gaijoob adds more, aslong as they're ..."mainstream?" prototype tanks, normal things like T29 and T-44-100 and Maus and SuperHellcat and Black Prince and stuff but when they add retarded shit like WTF E100s and FailLowes is where I'd take concern Like you only really need 1 pro
  8. probably my best (not funniest though) kill to date

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. galleri


      oh snap that arty is my clanmate lol

    3. Brontoscorpio


      wowrood not warpeck d:

      (actually thats part of why I uploaded the live gameplay lool)

    4. UnusualMedic


      10/10 would watch again

  9. I blindshotted an arty I hadn't spotted once the entire match, ohhoho it was epic, video soonTM

  10. the game is nearly forcing me not to play it http://i.imgur.com/LaZJHWv.jpg

    1. UnusualMedic


      were they even trying?

    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      You can't solo any more if you're going to play this game, that's the new rule.

    3. Brontoscorpio


      Bullet: you should have seen when I had 45mil :D

      Medic: I doubt it they never do

      Jesse: I've discovered that :c

  11. so my first ever mark of excellence is on the Jagdpanzer IV, lmao

    1. favorius


      Low average damage tanks for farming MoE and wn8.

  12. That would be me :D http://imgur.com/a/ZRLq9(from my pov) If I'm honest I figured they were streaming and therefore drunk and therefore I'd stand a chance in the like 1v4 and figured that I'd be able to land and repair, but then phly started moaning in chat and as soon as baron said Joust Muh the first time I decided it would take waay too long to play it my way and started heading to my GTs (which he was killing) to do le epic honorubu joust
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