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  1. The problem is, if you platoon with people with WR about ~50-54% and you have a WR about 52% it doesnt gonna help you to reach a WR of ~56+%. You have to look people with good WR and stats to help you to increase tour WR. Once I toon with players with good WN but like 54% of victories in 60 days and they was campers like hell, where the objetive was deal a lot of dmg while our team was annihilated
  2. I remember at the wiki page you can search that information, when you take dawn tree, lose all its camo value.
  3. That a good spot for arty aim so I stoped going there on heavy tanks and I go 90% of the times and go there with medium when 1-2 line is secured. Depends too much if they like to rush hill cause there is when you deal the most damage that you can carry on early game
  4. Is an inevitable step to be unicum. I fell i'm close too to get blue stats, but I see blue players like greens jwith more care of their HP and doing some good games but not all of them. But come on all want to be purple or at least blue.
  5. I''ll join plenty time to play this days and torunaments.. send me the coordenades
  6. play russian kv 1s until you're good.
  7. Give them the credit/free exp cost of the clickers they played. Because I wasted a lot of time when I was a noob.
  8. I remember used to play tank companys with good people, so in case you dont fire much rounds anyway, you can get a good profit on it.
  9. emmm... mariachi? If you played guitar hero leyends of rock once may be you know this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QG0jp79-puw#t=35
  10. not, it is not. I usually yolo but knowing my strength of my tank that I gonna play. If I am playing with my tiger and I'm top tier in the battle I try lead and push at the city and yolo when playing in a red sea match to get max damage. If I'm bottom tear try to use meatshields so you can have more chance to survive.
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