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  1. I'm not sure, the turret cupolas are REALLY wide and if the tank is rocking back and forth on just a horizontal axis, I still feel like these are going to be pretty easy to hit [also the green zones near the cupolas are 35mm thick, so they can be overmatched by a KV-5]. Rocking might work a lot better if you're on a hill, but then you're having to deal with the really bad bloom values and aim time.
  2. This tank made it in the 1.7.1 common test files. Hull armor looks completely idiotic - there are small strips of the front plate that look pennable with standard ammo but they're going to be very easy to miss. LFP is a weakspot but it too is very easy to miss. Boat shaped hull is almost completely idiot proof; the only flat surfaces are at the back roadwheels or hidden behind the suspension. The turret, however, has two cupolas that are REALLY big by Soviet standards, and are like 180mm thick. They're also completely unobstructed and will probably be very easy to hit outside of extremely long ranges. If you're shooting at it at the side; either aim for the rear portion, or aim for where the suspension is directly under the turret There's like a weird bulge that comes out of the hotbox that really isn't well angled. EDIT: Worth noting that the gun bloom values are pretty ugly movement0.26 rotation0.24 Turret dispersion is pretty good though 0.11
  3. Heads up: Gamemodels3d has the test version of 1.7.1 up. I don't know if anyting significant is in there, but I'm happy to see that the stock IS-2-II ISN'T stuck with absolutely miserable 85mm guns with like 160 pen or whatever it had it supertest. They're still 85mm guns, but they're magical and have like 212 stock pen. Also the shell cost for the 100mm version of the Object 703 II got adjusted, so they're probably planning on releasing that at some point. Honestly it looks better than the 122mm version.
  4. I'd rather them change all this stuff at once rather than trying to do one thing at a time, each consecutive change breaking the things that came before it.
  5. Oh, see, the bloom thing is another thing with the 703 II that makes it OP but isn't the double barrels. Imagine how amazing the 112 would be if it had those bloom values and the pen, even without the double barrels? Its really fun watching someone getting blapped for 800 damage, but the windup and winddown time for the double shot makes it really awkward and situational; the whole system amounts to a really clumsy quasi-autoreloader system. I guess I'll put it this way: would the IS-5 actually be any good if WG threw double barrels and made no other changes?
  6. If DB tanks like the 703 II end up being OP, its going to be for reasons other than the fact that they have double barrels. If the 703 II is OP its because of its armor, not because of its guns. Honestly the guns seem fun, but they don't actually seem *GOOD*. Imagine how... not good the Progetto would be if it had double barrels instead of the autoreloader.
  7. I just wanna say I really appreciate the Colin and Sturm references in this thread.
  8. WG has been making a lot of weird tier 9 special vehicles lately. Nobody's certain what's going to happen to most of them, except that the French one is confirmed to be a Frontlines/Steel Hunter reward next year. I'm still pretty sure WG dropped that they plan on making just normal tier 9 premiums, though I can't remember where I read that.
  9. Yeah I remember getting all excited when the new French HT line was gonna drop because they looked really interesting on paper [also because I could actually put the Mle 49 crew in something], but then I realized that the 65t was BIZARRELY slow for the P/W it has, and then I completely stopped grinding the entire line until WG super-buffed the WOT premium account with the 3x multipliers and stuff. To your point though, I've noticed this too. Like, 20kmph was always a REALLY bad speed, but it feels even worse now when the Turtle MK1 and Mauerbrecher are still stuck being that slow while even the T28 and TS-5 are somehow going faster. *this is also one of the reasons I felt like the JT88 was underrated for a really long time when comparing it to other slow assault-type TD's at that tier.
  10. Ah, right, so can we summarize it as a VK4502A with: [much] Faster forward speed, much better turret armor, much better gun, but... Turns slightly slower, slightly less effective UFP? I actually like the VK4502A so this thing seems golden to me. Its like a 4502A/Lowe hybrid that mostly keeps the good qualities of both, except for the hull armor [which I guess isn't exactly a minor concession, but still...]
  11. Is this tank basically "What if the VK4502A couldn't turn as fast, but also wasn't stuck with garbage pen?"
  12. Not to get off topic, but is the EVEN 90 basically what the British LT’s were *supposed* to be? I actually find the terrible DPM to be tolerable since the elc is super sneaky and can choose when and where it wants to unload its damage before having to spend an eternity doing it again.
  13. This tank made me suddenly realize that they need to buff the Skoda T27. I actually kinda like that tank, but this thing has the same clip potential, tanks only 2 seconds to shart out that damage, can run the f**k away way faster and reloads faster. I mean, I guess 0.42 accuracy kinda blows, but... this thing looks really fun. EDIT: Oh, yo, I just noticed the 3.5 second aim time. That's really rough, especially for a gun with only a 2 second interclip reload.
  14. Another French medium has hit the supertest, the Bat.-Chatillon 12t mle. 54 https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/12/09/wot-supertest-bat-chatillon-12t-mle-54/comment-page-1/#comment-238993 I'm not going to comment on its capabilities as a tank because I'm dogshit with autoloaders, but this does seem rather strange with the the "2-round, fast unload, fast reload" style gun. Aside from that, this tank on its own wouldn't be that interesting. Most people probably see this and just think "oh look, another tier 8 premium". I'm not sure if that's going to be the case though, given that 1. The Projet 4-1 hit the supertest less than a week ago. I had thought that it was going to be a new-age tier 9 premium, but that would be absolutely bizarre for both of these to be premiums, or for one the tier 8 to be a premium but not the Projet. 2. The Lorraine 40t is still generally regarded as a good premium tank and a crew trainer for the French autoloading medium line, and 3. Since WG loves "line consistency" from tier 8-10 so much, and since the jump from the BC 12t light to the 25t AP medium is kinda jarring [and the jump from the 12t to the AMX-30 is *super* jarring] AFAIK, this makes me think that WG is looking into opening a new French medium minibranch in the tech tree. Specifically a way for players to get into the French mediums without having to go through the light tanks. I mean, it would be kinda nice to not have 3 tier 9 tanks in the tree being completely dependent on the BC 12t which, frankly, really isn't that good of a vehicle and not something I'm terribly interested in grinding out 3 times. It does beg the question about how to get there though. The Renault G1R could easily lead to a tier 6 medium, like that weird Sherman with the AMX 13 Turret that showed up in the supertest a while ago, but could easily serve as a tech tree vehicle. The only real gap is tier 7. This then also begs the question though; would this make more sense leading into the 25t AP? Or the AMX 30? I could easily see it working for either.
  15. It just dawned on me that this tank has an even longer clip unload than the amx 50 120
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