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  1. ...so did they mention anything about the ammo rework beyond just fucking with HE shells again? I seem to recall that being by far the least popular part of the sandbox server.
  2. I don't want to derail this thread, but the comments here about gold ammo are offering this weird, forced dichotomy where either: A. You think gold ammo is stupid, you don't use it and actively hurt your team as a result, or B. You think Gold ammo is fine. It is, in fact, entirely possible to see how the modern WOT meta necessitates the use of gold ammo, use it because the game demands it, but then also see that the entire concept of gold ammo is terrible game design and is still a terrible part of this game. You are allowed to use gold ammo and still complain that its idiotic an
  3. I got literally everything I wanted. The M4 FL10 [literally the only new tank I wanted] All of the new 3D skins except for the Conq GC, which I don't have anyway 40k gold. Level 10 Xmas decorations. Pretty good haul for 75 boxes. Got the GSOR as a cherry on top, No other tier 8 prems but that's fine.
  4. New update. Gun handling and DPM got even worse. I can't tell if its balanced or not. Like, the DPM is INSANELY bad, and the gun handling is blegh, but the armor is really incredible for a tier 8 med and it has an otherwise great looking combo of alpha, accuracy and pen. https://tanks.gg/v11100ct/compare/122-tm?t=obj-274a~cs-52-lis It seems like it has a reasonably rounded list of pros and cons compared to the CS-52 and Object 274a. Directly comparing this thing now to the T34 is just... brutally unfair. https://tanks.gg/v11100ct/compare/122-tm?t=t34 "What if we took the T34's gun
  5. Played the Panther 88 and the T-34-2. Pleasantly surprised by how much better they both are now. ...like, they're still not GOOD, but they're a hell of a lot better. The Panther 88 is still huge, has bad armor, meh mobility, and below average pen... but that damage/ROF combo can be absolutely lethal when its in the right place at the right time. The T-34-2 likewise feels less like an embarrassing downgrade compared to the T-34-3. The -3 is still probably... better... especially given the pref-MM... but the -2 at least feels like a worthy peer instead of an insanely bad tier 7.5 med
  6. FWIW the tier 8 prem is on Tanks.gg and the hull armor isn’t... THAT good. It still looks OP but not as good as the stats in the video let on
  7. Yeah, I appreciate the turret armor buff on the E-50M, but that tank still needs something else to go with that. also kinda sad that the 121 buffs got toned down a bit
  8. The Model in game seems to have worse armor sloping than the real one, but idk also if we wanna get technical the WZ-132 has had a 100mm smoothbore this entire time
  9. On the other hand it could be like the Object 252u when it had 90mm of armor and only fired like 3.5rpm, so WG gave it 130mm of armor and then when everyone started to complain that it was stupid and overpowered in the test server, WG decided to buff the ROF too.
  10. So I got this thing at 40% off and its like a really bad, dumpy 2012 era tier 9 medium.... at tier 8. Its really pleasant to play; like a slower Lansen C but better handling and can actually take a hit.
  11. So the object 274 actually does have a 107mm gun... which begs the question... what was that thing supposed to be IRL?
  12. Also the GSOR looks like it has... weirdly good survivability. As many hit points as a Turtle MK 1, and what probably amounts to pretty decent turret armor to complement that -11 gun depression.
  13. Were you sitting there thinking that the game needs another Soviet premium tank? Then good for you! Here's the Object 274A ...actually to be fair, it isn't confirmed that this is a premium, but its probably a safe bet. So WG must have been sad that the Lansen C and CS-52 had better guns than the T-44-100 or T-54 Proto, so here's... this thing? The pen is exceptional, the turret armor at least should be very good, hull armor is decent, mobility looks decent. IDK if its just outright stupid like the Prog 46, but this thing does look... really good. Who knows, maybe its blind as a
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