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  1. Yeah I'm probably just green at this point, down from light blue years ago, but I'm also going to be using this anonymizer. Why the hell not? What downside is there?
  2. lol I bought this thing because it ISNT bullshit overpowered. I will say that the 1.8 second intraclip reload is pretty nice. Only takes 4 seconds to dump its entire mag on something; faster than a lot of tanks will realize what is happening and then retreat. other than that; yeah I can see why the Lorraine or progetto would be considered better, even though I don’t own those anyway
  3. It depends entirely on that armor profile. Its an extremely armor-dependent vehicle and we haven't seen the actual armor layout.
  4. Hopefully this issue largely resolves itself once spremmo actually does less damage than standard shells.
  5. So Hall0 mentioned this in the Upcoming Changes forum section Which makes me wonder... what should WG to unfuck the Panther 88? I might be wrong, but I'm going to assume that dropping it to tier 7 is off the table. But what we have here is a Panther tank with the 88mm gun. The panther tank chassis isn't very good for tier 8, and frankly the 88mm gun isn't that good for tier 8 either. What could be done? I have a few ideas, none of them seem good though. 1. Artificially inflate the Panther 88's armor values. Basically turn it into a quasi-E50 for its tier. IMO it would be very strange for this tank to suddenly become more durable than the Panther II. It would work but, IMO, is the most boring option. 2. Artificially inflate the 88mm gun's hard stats. IDK what this would accomplish beyond just turning it into a weird Panther II with the L/100 gun. 3. Hyperbuff the soft stats. Give it the same DPM as the Jagdtiger 88. This option would maybe be a bit odd, but IMO it would be hilarious. 4. Turn it into the TurboPanther.
  6. Thank Fucking God. I actually legitimately liked the Panther 88 back in the day, but now 203 pen isn’t even that good for its class and its DPM schtick isn’t even special anymore.
  7. I guess the Germans getting a tier 8 premium M48 is appropriate payback for the Americans getting the tier 7 King Tiger.
  8. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/updates/sandbox-ammo-revision-2/ So Round 2 is up and it seems like they've addressed the problem of alpha damage gains vastly outpacing HP gains at higher tiers, which IMO was the only really serious BROAD drawback of this whole scheme. Now all they have to do is individually re-balance vehicles that have been specifically overbuffed for the spremmo-rich meta right now. Granted, that's easier said than done, but I still think that this is a good change overall.
  9. Tupinambis

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    Just played my first match with this tank. Maybe I just got lucky and the opponents were all idiots, but holy shit the armor on this thing is fucking insane. It was brushing off tier 10 TD guns like they were nothing. I don't have the 130mm yet. I know the 127mm gave me problems with superheavies, but the alpha was mostly worth it. The 130mm seems like just a more extreme version of that.
  10. They may as well do the gold ammo nerf and a global rebalance at the same time. The premium ammo nerf alone is already going to drastically change which vehicles are and are not effective, and already is going to mandate changes to a LOT of the vehicles, so WG may as well go all the way with a board reset. Also it seems pretty clear that the HP/Alpha buff combo is just a ploy to "not nerf premium ammo" and evade legal issues with changing something that people bought with real money. I'm betting that the stockpiles of gold ammo bought with gold never really went away.
  11. It’s a pretty clever way to “not nerf gold rounds” and then actually nerf gold rounds. I wonder if they can “not nerf” shit like the defender and Chrysler by not giving them a HP and alpha damage buff too
  12. How dare they exclude the TOG from the testing pool.
  13. This is insanely overdue. The new player experience is so insanely bad
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