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  1. I feel like tier 9 and 1 are literally the only ones without broken premiums of some kind.
  2. If they had more details about vehicle rebalancing... especially for things that are not tier 10, this would be the greatest news announcement ever [assuming they actually follow through]
  3. Tupinambis

    Supertest, PMM tank armor buffs

    I’d imagine The conbo of good accuracy and soft stats, blistering rof/dpm and the overall good armor/hp pool would make the jt88 uniquely capable of making the low pen spremmo rounds work, even in the current meta. The kv-5 on the other hand, is still completely fucked. I’d take the proposed standard-MM buffs over what it ended up getting any day of the week.
  4. Tupinambis

    1.1 Update

    Yeah the complete lack of vehicle balance changes in this patch (so far anyway) has killed my interest in it.
  5. Didn’t wg say they explicitly planned on buffing it and the wz-120? .... like 6 frigging months ago? Why is wg so fucking slow?
  6. Tupinambis

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    Is this 88mm chi-ri appearing as a new tank? Or a new gun for the old tank?
  7. The ufp looks like it should be about as strong as the E-100’s
  8. Sweet fucking Jesus look at the angles on that armor
  9. Did they not change the 430v2 on the test server?
  10. I think you’re massively underrating the pen buff. The KV-5 will now actually have some capacity to fight back against other tier 8 superheavies. The O-Ho isn’t going to be literally untouchable anymore.
  11. The buffed kv-5 might be bad in tier 10, but I’ll gladly take it over the version we have now that’s bad in tier 8 matches.
  12. Idk about the T28 specifically, but I used the AT-15 as an attacker and it worked incredibly well. The T28 has a similar combo of armor, HP pool and DPM so it should be able to do some serious work around the cap circles and in the city.
  13. Tupinambis

    You know what this F***ing game needs?

    Oh yeah, clearly, its just could they seriously not think of *any * other options than another T-44? What about just retrofitting an existing, unused T-44 for this purpose? There are more T-44's in the game than there are Sherman's or IS clones.
  14. It needs another f***ing T-44. https://gamemodels3d.com/games/worldoftanks/vehicles/r170 Introduce yourselves to the Т-44 ФЛ. Its the 5th tier 8 medium T-44 to show up in the game files, along with the normal T-44, T-44-100, T-44-100(R), and T-44-100M. There's also the T-44LT as a light tank, and the T-44-122 and T-44-85 medium tanks at tier 7. Also a tank called the T32 FL has shown up; identical to the normal T32 as far as I can tell. What do you think these are for?
  15. Tupinambis

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    This “overmatch or GTFO” meta is getting real dumb. Also did they seriously just say that the driver hatch “weak point” is 270mm effective? The tank does look cool though. I hope they go with the “more speed and less armor” variant, since that would overall be more fun.