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  1. This mode got me to play this game again for the first time in like... 3 or 4 months. Its extremely fun, but it does a terrific job highlighting just how fucking soft-brained WG went when they decided to put the Defender in the game. The match I was in was absolutely flooded with those.
  2. Yeah unless I’m just looking wrong the only tier IX tanks with either premium or special vehicle status are the T-55A, that Chinese TD, and the SU-122-54 which, AFAIK, is pretty much unchanged from its old tech tree incarnation
  3. There’s a tier 9 premium Chinese TD that’s been hiding in tbe game files for a while now. Iirc it actually looked pretty good.
  4. Wait, what happened? Where is the ELC getting changed?
  5. Since this is turning in to a quasi-Defender balance thread, should WG just Make a separate tier 8.5, with all of the OP tier 8’s in 8.5 [where they will never see tier 6’s] and all of the bad tier 8’s stay at tier 8, where they can never see tier 10?
  6. I thin k its hard to declare this thing as being better than the regular ass T28 without actually seeing the armor layout first. For all we know the 260 front armor may only be the gun shield. Aside from that, I’m happy to see that the USA turretless TD line may finally get a decent trainer that also acts as a good credit maker. that being said, this thing maybe doesn’t neeed 2800 base DPM. I’d happily trade some of that DPM for better accuracy.
  7. Idk, WG specifically hinted at these changes weeks/months ago during a reddit Q&A and their response to a bunch of questions (particularly about gold ammo) was “we’ll have lots to say at WG fest!”
  8. I feel like tier 9 and 1 are literally the only ones without broken premiums of some kind.
  9. If they had more details about vehicle rebalancing... especially for things that are not tier 10, this would be the greatest news announcement ever [assuming they actually follow through]
  10. I’d imagine The conbo of good accuracy and soft stats, blistering rof/dpm and the overall good armor/hp pool would make the jt88 uniquely capable of making the low pen spremmo rounds work, even in the current meta. The kv-5 on the other hand, is still completely fucked. I’d take the proposed standard-MM buffs over what it ended up getting any day of the week.
  11. Yeah the complete lack of vehicle balance changes in this patch (so far anyway) has killed my interest in it.
  12. Didn’t wg say they explicitly planned on buffing it and the wz-120? .... like 6 frigging months ago? Why is wg so fucking slow?
  13. Is this 88mm chi-ri appearing as a new tank? Or a new gun for the old tank?
  14. The ufp looks like it should be about as strong as the E-100’s
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