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  1. The Model in game seems to have worse armor sloping than the real one, but idk also if we wanna get technical the WZ-132 has had a 100mm smoothbore this entire time
  2. On the other hand it could be like the Object 252u when it had 90mm of armor and only fired like 3.5rpm, so WG gave it 130mm of armor and then when everyone started to complain that it was stupid and overpowered in the test server, WG decided to buff the ROF too.
  3. So I got this thing at 40% off and its like a really bad, dumpy 2012 era tier 9 medium.... at tier 8. Its really pleasant to play; like a slower Lansen C but better handling and can actually take a hit.
  4. So the object 274 actually does have a 107mm gun... which begs the question... what was that thing supposed to be IRL?
  5. Also the GSOR looks like it has... weirdly good survivability. As many hit points as a Turtle MK 1, and what probably amounts to pretty decent turret armor to complement that -11 gun depression.
  6. Were you sitting there thinking that the game needs another Soviet premium tank? Then good for you! Here's the Object 274A ...actually to be fair, it isn't confirmed that this is a premium, but its probably a safe bet. So WG must have been sad that the Lansen C and CS-52 had better guns than the T-44-100 or T-54 Proto, so here's... this thing? The pen is exceptional, the turret armor at least should be very good, hull armor is decent, mobility looks decent. IDK if its just outright stupid like the Prog 46, but this thing does look... really good. Who knows, maybe its blind as a bat and blooms like a Hellcat when it moves, but holy effing crap the standard 240-alpha tier 8 meds need a LOT of work.... ...am I going nuts, or are those the same pen and damage stats as the long 107mm gun on the KV-4s? Last but not least for today, a new British tank destroyer... and a very strange one at that. A turreted autoloader with what appears to be good mobility. Looks like a good fit for the British turreted line... except that it has an autoloader [and a really messed up crew layout] so it can't actually train anything. Oh well, the gun looks interesting. Decent pen... if you factor in the extremely powerful APCR shells. 320 damage 4-round autoloader, short aim time, even shorter inter-clip reload. IDK who this is supposed to be for, but it could be... interesting?
  7. My brain is unable to read Polish or comprehend if this is actually better than the Prog 65, but at first glance it seems quite a bit more powerful and, frankly, it also seems bizarrely out of place for this game. I don't know the history behind it, fictional or not, but it looks like a late-cold war design and a weird misfit for this game. Its a tier 10 so probably some reward somethin' or another. UPDATE: Another British tier 8 tank destroyer and... yet another Soviet tier 8 medium tank are also in supertest. Adding below. Source: https://www.dom1n.com/newsy/supertest-carro-combattimento-45t/
  8. It looks kind of like a weird T-44/Lansen C intergrade. on one had, that sounds like it should be balanced, but on the other hand.... now that it has these buffs, it seems really idiotic how much better this thing is than the CS-53, which AFAIK itself isn't exactly regarded as a garbage tank. This is especially stupid given that the CS-52 is a T-44 derived designed, and the CS-53 is a T-54 derived designed, so the 52 being outright better than the 53 is just outright bizarre.
  9. EDIT: Wait.... so the T-34-2 with the 122..... has literally the same gun stats as the T-34-3 except it has 30 less alpha, 11 less standard pen, and basically the same DPM? ...so its still just a straight up worse T-34-3? They still didn't fix that problem?
  10. You're absolutely right. I went over to WarThunder for a couple of months and, while that game is a lot of fun in its own way, it has its own set of extremely frustrating problems [i.e. balancing "lineups" around the worst players who use them and now the game considers the Panther D to be weaker than a bog-standard T-34-85 and E8 Sherman because the Wehraboos have completely tanked its performance stats... also ground attack aircraft are even worse than arty in WOT] and now I've come crawling back to this game. Its just frustrating because other games have shown a window of how much better WOT could be. Specifically the PC team needs to start stealing ideas from WG's mobile division. Things that Blitz does better than regular WOT: Penetration RNG was reduced to 15% prem ammo damage is balanced and deals 15-20% less than regular ammo the MM is [mostly] only +/- 1 the maps are much more open and aren’t restricted to corridors all over the place. Flanking is much easier and turtling down in hull-down heavies is much less effective. This, combined with games only being 7v7, gives lights and mediums much better options to simply not engage enemies on unfavorable terms. In regular WOT most maps get restricted to chokepoints watched by hull down heavies and TD's and there's really no way past them except for smash through them head-on. In Blitz, the maps are tiny but because of the way they're designed and because there are so few players, its almost impossible for the enemy players to watch every lane of approach, so its possible for lights and meds to simply refuse to engage a hull-down enemy heavy head-on and drive around them and flank. Also, even though the maps are much smaller and tank view ranges are also much smaller to compensate... somehow invisible bush wanker TD's are far less common in my experience. IDK why, maybe the double-bush thing doesn't work in that game. There are far fewer pronounced vehicle balance problems outside of stupid anime tanks. There are OP vehicles to be sure, but there are also far fewer extremely bad vehicles. i.e. there are no cases where one tank is just a straight up worse version than another with literally no redeeming qualities. see Mauerbrecher vs VK100.01. In regular WOT the mauer is just a worse VK with literally nothing going for it. In Blitz, the Mauer is still worse... but it at least has slightly better handling to partially offset that. Same thing with Fury vs Loza sherman vs regular E8. There was never arty in this game Credit and XP payouts are generally more generous the gold economy is much cheaper: Tier 8 premiums don’t run above 7600 gold [though there are still some super expensive bs bundles], 1 year prem accounts cost 1600 gold, and the gold itself is cheaper to buy [$99 gets you 37500 gold]
  11. This game was better balanced when SerB was involved. Also WOT Blitz is just straight up a better game. Biggest reason being that the maps are much better and more dynamic. There's no impassable hull-down corridors; every time someone tries there's a pretty easy way to go around them. Makes medium and light tanks much more viable. That and gold ammo is actually balanced.
  12. I've been finding that the "your engine has shitloads more health and won't catch on fire" equipment goes really well with the "10% more engine power but it damages your engine" consumable, since you have so much spare engine health and the equipment completely obviates any need for a fire extinguisher. ALSO: Completely loading up superheavies like the Maus and Type 5 with all of the survivability slots [spall liner, hardening, improved configuration or whatever its called] is frigging hilarious on these machines. Almost never lose crew or internal modules. Repairs tracks faster than any non-autoloader can take them out. High tier arty does considerably less stunning in addition to less damage, etc.
  13. The 121 changes make it a "viable, not-absurdly-inferior" alternative to the 430U and I like it. Really wish they'd give the WZ-120 -5 depression with the 122, but I'll take what I can get. I really wasn't expecting the ROF buff. The E50M turret changes are good, but they also really need to do something about the firepower. The ROF is extremely weak for a tier 10 med. IDK what to do about the Panther 88. The only way to make that tank like, actually good without being stupid about it would be to just drop it down to tier 7 and nerf the HP and ROF to compensate. Like, with 280 alpha it will certainly be a hell of a lot better than it is now, but its still a panther chassis at tier 8 with 203 standard pen and like 237 gold pen without pref-MM. IDK what you can do to make that better without just artificially inflating the armor and/or pen stats. Also I think its hilarious that the T-34-1 is getting a buff. IMO it was already the best tier 7 med in the game anyway, aside from maybe the T20.
  14. Rhetorical question, which tank does a better job making the TVP VTU look like a complete bitch? This or the Lansen C?
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