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  1. WG didn't think this one out too well they were so hyped on the graphics
  2. Atlanta/Flint went from the best pound for pound AA ships in the game to almost useless. They were specifically designed to escort CVs for AA. We were told premium ships wouldn't be nerfed. Well, directly or indirectly the Atlanta/Flint has been nerfed. #1 The AA rings need to overlap. #2 In addition to the extra flak bursts, AA Guns Modification 1 needs to have the 20% range boost. Especially in light of the unlimited planes the CVs can now sport. What really makes me laugh, is the fact that 90% of the fantasy Russian paper are better plane killers... From Wikipedia - Q
  3. I watched the video the developers put out a couple days ago and they said the new CV system wouldn't have that bad of a disparity based on skill as it does now. I really doubt that. There's going to be players who just wreck the other team and if your CV sucks you lose. I like the fixed dot damage tick suggestion above for HE and flooding. Some DBs are bad enough now, some CVs can damn near 1 shot cruisers with DBs as it is, adding flooding will just add insult to injury. Additionally, DB's should have to fly low and level to make a run on ships and not be able to drop from
  4. Did the premium Pan Asian DDs (Anshan Lo Yang) get their normal torps replaced with deep water torps?
  5. #Russianbiasisreal LOL. A lot of the tier 10 gameplay is very toxic. CV's can be a royal PITA, but are a necessary evil. Upper tier (8 to 10) play often evolves into long range snipe fest between BBs trying to be RNG sharpshooters at 20+ km. Cruisers play the price. That being said, Deus, what is your captain build like? That could be integral to the problem.
  6. https://thedailybounce.net/2017/11/02/world-of-warships-supertest-us-cruisers-changes-new-branch/ Don't know how good this site is, and will reserve opinion until it's out on The Armored Patrol.
  7. I know and I got distracted writing this post but fixed it ... my question pertains to ship detection.
  8. When using Hydro-acoustic Search consumable, does either Vigilance (which I am pretty sure only helps with torpedo acquisition) and/or Target Acquisition Modification I (which is the one which doesn't say really one way or the other) stack with ship detection????
  9. Don't quit on the Mahan because the Benson on up are good. I rather enjoy the French CA's and I have the ties 9 with the extended speed boost timer mod which works well with them.
  10. Do you really think it because the Montana is better or because many have not researched Conqueror yet?
  11. Saw where someone made the Z52 out to be a POS, and I disagree especially with the new changes to smoke. Figured the Z52s would be good to smash smoke campers with their sonar and vigilance to make them visible as the crept up undetected..
  12. Had to pull off a 170k Kraken yesterday to get mine, teams were horrid on both sides.
  13. I have all the stars for the final (stage 5) Yamamoto mission and unlocked the final task but it wont let me start or select it? Any ideas?
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