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  1. On WOWS - In regards to the now tier 1 Captain's Perk Preventive Maintenance which gives a 30% chance preventing module damage ... Are things like the engines and steering gears considered modules, and if you pick this perk would it make the Last Stand perk less necessary???

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    2. SoliDeoGloria


      For BB, you shouldn't be taking LS, you're engine and rudder are knocked out by basically nothing other than torps. I'm not sure about all the new skills, but I don't think the module survival is as important as fire prevention or aa though.

    3. xWulffx


      no I was going to grab a bunch of the now really good tier 3 perks ... not even getting RDF

    4. How_Terrible


      LS is, and always has been, a skill aimed at destroyers and cruisers.

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