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  1. Atlanta/Flint went from the best pound for pound AA ships in the game to almost useless.  They were specifically designed to escort CVs for AA.  We were told premium ships wouldn't be nerfed.  Well, directly or indirectly the Atlanta/Flint has been nerfed.  #1 The AA rings need to overlap.  #2 In addition to the extra flak bursts, AA Guns Modification 1 needs to have the 20% range boost.  Especially in light of the unlimited planes the CVs can now sport.

    What really makes me laugh, is the fact that 90% of the fantasy Russian paper are better plane killers...

    From Wikipedia -



    USS Atlanta (CL-51) of the United States Navy was the lead ship of the Atlanta class of eight light cruisers. She was the third Navy ship named after the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Designed to provide anti-aircraft protection for US naval task groups, … Atlanta, in some works, is designated CLAA-51 because of her primary armament as an anti-aircraft cruiser. Hence, all of the Atlanta-class ships are sometimes designated as CLAA. However, her entire battery of 5-inch (127 mm) guns were dual-purpose (DP) guns, and were capable of being used against both air and surface targets, able to fire anti-aircraft, high-explosive and armor-piercing shells.

    They also buffed 3 or 4 Russian DDs that didn't really need it, and ignored many other ships which need buffs to due to power creep .

    In 2 battles I managed 1 torp hit in the CVs, this new system was rushed and done to dumb down the game for people. 


  2. I watched the video the developers put out a couple days ago and they said the new CV system wouldn't have that bad of a disparity based on skill as it does now.  I really doubt that.  There's going to be players who just wreck the other team and if your CV sucks you lose.

    I like the fixed dot damage tick suggestion above for HE and flooding.

    Some DBs are bad enough now, some CVs can damn near 1 shot cruisers with DBs as it is, adding flooding will just add insult to injury. 

    Additionally, DB's should have to fly low and level to make a run on ships and not be able to drop from a body of land without a minimum distance requirement.

    The time on or over target required for planes to drop bombs or torpedoes should be increased to simulate the planes making their runs.  There should be a minimum time on target to drop them and a maximum which would decrease dispersion the longer you stay on your run up to a set maximum value. jm2c 

  3. #Russianbiasisreal 


    A lot of the tier 10 gameplay is very toxic.  CV's can be a royal PITA, but are a necessary evil.  Upper tier (8 to 10) play often evolves into long range snipe fest between BBs trying to be RNG sharpshooters at 20+ km.  Cruisers play the price.  

    That being said, Deus, what is your captain build like?  That could be integral to the problem.


  4. My mom lives near Sarasota and came up to stay with us in PA.  She's worried and has had no word from neighbors on conditions or damage.  It's all replaceable, she's not and the insurance will replace it if necesary.  Her trailer is a 1972 model and survived Andrew so I am not worried.

  5. On ‎7‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 3:04 PM, Alesia said:

    I've kept it around 1400-1600 calories a day for the past 3 days.  The 1600 calories day I felt like I was eating way more then usual and was stuffed all day long.  The insurance denied me a dietitian visit so I'm kind of on my own.

    Don't just count calories count carbs as well.  150 carbs per day is a good number to start at.  45 carbs per meal plus 1 15 carb snack.  Walking is a good way to burn calories without beating yourself up.  2 to 4 miles 4 to 6 times a week.  You need to burn like 7500 calories to lose one pound.  Set small goals, ie get below 300 by the end of August, 280 by Thanksgiving ect. 

    Here's the kicker though ... doing cardio only burns calories when actually performing the exercise.  If you ever start lifting weights, you will lose inches but gain or maintain weight usually.  However weight lifting has the boon of burning calories all day, which helps you lose or at least maintain weight.

  6. I'm up to the tier 8.  I like them all tier 5-8, but my fav so far is the tier 5.  it's speed really helps a lot and its one of the few if not only tier 5 to actually have turrets which help a lot.   If you were lucky enough to get one of those speed mods in a super-container which extends speed boost by 50% (which I did) it helps the upper tiers quite a bit. 

    I tried running them with the stock module which increases acceleration, but didn't like it.  The ships turned too slowly and made them hard to evade torps at regular speed and even worse when the speed boost was engaged.   I only have the tier 8 Charles Martel and a 14 pt Capt, but will likely buy back the tier 5.

  7. You really need to get on the in game chat and try as best as you can to "herd the cats", because that's what it's like.  If you can make them listen and execute, it usually results in a win.

    Stuff like: focus fire, DDs laying smoke for and scouting for the team, staying together with no yolo rushes, not worrying so much about caps (getting and holding 1 is sufficient if you're whittling down the enemy team) ...

  8. Have not played against one, but that is sound advice Hellvn.  If seasoned CV captain(s) really have it out against you or decides to focus on you and sends enough squadrons from a non-premium CV he will make it sting bad even fatally.  I was in my Iowa with 100 AA AFT and BFT when the 2 Lady Lex tier 7 CVs ganged up on me with dive bombers and torpedo bombers and rocked me badly.  I shot down 18 but was so messed up and had to use my repair and heal. The enemy BBs and CAs in range were able to focus fire me so badly, I was done. 

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