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  1. Good Luck and if they offer shock therapy get a second opinion ...
  2. I'll probably switch to the 152's just to get thru to the Ibuki and beyond, not a priority with the stealth fire nerf which made the Zao so wicked good.
  3. Again I agree, but in a good many matches you'll have 1 team with someone who plays CVs very well and the other team they CV just plain sucks. I'd rather have the novice try to help the team by going after the enemy planes as opposed to the fumbling around ineffectively trying to sink ships until he gets better at sinking ships. Most don't have the common sense to stick to PVE mode until they learn how to run CVs
  4. I agree. I play CVs like shit and make no bones about it, too much multitasking for me. However, what I've observed is that even if they can play a fighter heavy load-out, they do not. I would hazard a rough guess that less than 10% of the players run the fighter heavy load-outs from my observations. Even allowing for a certain degree of confirmation bias, I don't believe a ~10% number is far off simply and most players want to do damage and sink ships in CVs as opposed to shooting down planes and defending their team, because where's the fun in that?
  5. +1 Only did 40K Damage 1st battle in it, but I kinda pushed it hard to see what it was capable of and got 2 kills both CQE and 153 secondary hits .... it really rocks now, and will sell Bismarck now moving that Captain up to the tier 10 German BB when I get it researched.
  6. Where's Scarlett Johansen ??? Oh, that's Ghost in the Shell ... dangit!
  7. Stun should be with a direct hit only, not splashes.
  8. Wow what's so hard. Even before this patch I waited longer in tanks than ships and the ships MM is good. Giving non Hvys the same weight as them is BS. There should be only +/- 1 of any class when comparing teams line ups That's just ridiculous and unacceptable GJ WG you flunkies
  9. I'd go smoke over heal ... but either way the extra charge is good
  10. How many points is your Captain 19? I don't have one yet, but yhis is what I'd do- 1 Preventative Maintenance 1 Priority Target 2 Last Stand 2 Adrenaline Rush or Jack of all Trades or Expert Marksman - if the turrets turn slowly 3 Superintendent 3 Basic Firing Training 3 Survivability Expert 4 Advanced Firing Training
  11. I got it set up but never got to play it before work today, I am running Binocs instead of Optics, vents and Vstabs, so we'll see how she rolls ...
  12. Oh yeah especially when most Soviet DDs have a distinct HP advantage and generally do take AFT because of the better gun ballistics.
  13. Yeah, but the gun handling with be waaay better now. The loss of 90 HP really smarts though.
  14. I'm pretty sure that's really close to my Fletcher Captain perks
  15. I agree the Benson is very good, although not quite up to Fletcher levels, a very solid all rounder DD. A common pitfall that I fell into myself was getting AFT for the American DDs, especially tier 6 + where you can start to stretch the ranges out past 13 km with it. It's a waste of 4 Captain points now and it was before the blind firing was stopped. There are so many better perks you can get with those points. It's hard enough to hit anything at 13.1 km with a maxed out Atlanta besides slow ass US BBs with those molasses slow rainbow arcing 5" shells. I'm not convinced of the
  16. It's actually nice then I can set all 3 - Scharny (which has decent secondaries) Bismarck and Tirpitz too to use with the same Captain
  17. I checked out my M7 earlier to see what the patch did to it. I can't really see anything obvious besides a HP loss ... BUT as many of you mention gun handling buffs, when I looked at it I had to reinstall the optional modules, and guess what is available to the tier 5 M7 ... Vertical Stabilizers Check your lights this may be an option now if it wasn't before.
  18. I am not disagreeing with anything you guys are saying. The thing is you pretty much make my point for me without realizing it, because perhaps I didn't make it clearly. Even I, as a dark green, am better than 90%+ of the active players on the NA server ranked ~33,000 of ~650,000 and I'm just OK with occasional moments of grandeur. Most of the Dark Blues and Purples here on WOTLABS are in the top 1% or better tier. WG is catering to the bottom 80% to 90% of players who just plain old suck dead donkey dicks on their best days with these tanks like the Defender not the top 10%. Tanks l
  19. Just 1 for me since January. A guy in my clan gets 1 every 2 weeks or so ... pisses me off the lucky bastard! LOL!
  20. I was mainly referring to Premium tanks old and new ie JgPz88 vs Defender for example. That being said I am not saying there are not any good older tanks, but there's a select few and many are being power crept by new lines and OP premiums. Many are only good in certain situations or maps, and some were always crap from day one. The IS3 is a great tank, but the Defender will beat it most matches given players with similar skill level 8-9 out of 10 matches. A lot of it is the players. Someone like Rexxie can take just about any tanks (even the real turds) and wreck face vs mediocre
  21. I doubt it, and according to the new MM a few patches ago, there will be only a +/- 1 for each ship type (except CVs irrc) so if your team is down 1 DD you will be up one CA or BB ect. I don't think this MM will change and I am doubtful as to whether it's needed honestly.
  22. Had a really good game the other day in my Easy 8 - 7 kills @ 2400 damage win. Was dicey at the end though got spotted by a Cromwell B which almost sunk me, but I backed off bushed up and waited for him to get spotted . He got killed and the Churchill was easy peasy to kill at that point. I've had really good games with the 76 mm, but I could see where the derp would actually be more useful when in tier 7/8 matches.
  23. As it's been so oft mentioned before ... "WORKING AS INTENDED" By buffing or simply introducing these flat out outrageous tanks, they've skewed MM when people are still running the Premiums which have preferential MM or any of the older tanks to be so bad that they can't even compete at tier. Add to that the map changes which favor close up fighting, and so many tanks are simply rendered obsolete with the exception of many of the heavies. I run a Jgpz 88 and you have a Defender ... short of a one shot RNGesus ammo rack, I'm screwed. It's a move to push bad and mediocre player
  24. ie before WG succumbs to greed and starts selling them ...
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