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  1. Hey that is good info! I appreciate it zbran!
  2. Oh yea, I remember dead white tanks. I will get that! Man, I do ok with my E4, but I kinda suck at everything else right now. I used to love the T32 but its painful on those tier X matches as I can't pen anything. I tried lower tiers and I am even worse there LOL Well I bought premium time to get some extra credits per battle at least.
  3. WOW! When you said official supported site, you meant it! That is amazing, any other good ones in there? I really like its supported like that in the official website.
  4. T28 Proto is both awesome and a pain. I made this little meme when I did the grind.
  5. T28 Proto is both awesome and a pain. I made this little meme when I did the grind.
  6. Soli, everything is kinda fresh again. Its pretty awesome! Thanks zbran! I am so used to Aslains the game feels weird without it
  7. Also, my tier Xs are: E3, E4, E5 and Patton. Are any of those I should play/avoid currently?
  8. Hello WOTLABS, I haven't played WoT in a looooooong time but when I did play Wotlabs was my go to spot for info and getting purple poaster info. Well, I am back, I played a few games and....oh boy...I am terri-bad. That makes sense as I need to get back in the groove (but I wasn't that good before so there is that too). I used to run Aslains pack to get like jimbos crosshairs, are those legal these days and can anyone give me a safe place to get it? Also, what do you folks think is a good tank to get back into the game with? I am thinking mid tiers, can make credits and maybe
  9. I know exactly what you mean, I have purple WN8 in exactly two tanks: T-34 and Type 5 Ke-Ho for a total of 15 games combined. Obviously I stopped playing them because they are OP. If you feel you have destroyed pubbies enough but still want to play in tier X games, you could just buy the T28 and make yourself totally irrelevant. Man, I am in a snarky mood today. I guess if I was a WoT god like Rexxie I would try to get mastery badges on everything.
  10. I do like the T54E1, its actually one of my best tanks but I spam gold so that probably adds a few hundred points onto my WN8 to be honest. I don't even own the T-54 yet, in fact, I am like 100k xp from unlocking it on my T-44. Not complaining though, I like the T-44...its kind of nothing special in my opinion, but its solid and I get some good games with it. I was just thinking that if someone wants to platoon tier 9, I should just keep one for that situation and since the T-54 has to unlock two tier Xs, I am going to be playing it a long long loooong time so I can then move my T54E1 u
  11. If you play it, I will definitely watch it! I am semi decent at hill humping, so city maps if I could make a request as that is where I seem to go full retard. I could use all the help I can get, so if you got the time...I will try to learn.
  12. Well well well....I think the Czech tanks run 4 man crews so I wouldn't even need to do the SPG missions! OK, thanks for the info, if I could pester you one more time... How do I know what crew member I am getting? As in...what tank class gets me a commander, loader, etc?
  13. OK thanks, I think I understand now. So you get 5 crew members all at once after you complete the first LT, MT, HT, TD and SPG missions? I really just want the first set of members to play on the new Czech line. I didn't realize you got more than one set of female crews but that would be nice because I am short a Russian crew.
  14. I like this thread, good info. I suck at the E5. I also have the M48, E3 and E4 and all of them are better than the E5 in my hands. Everything people say in this thread makes sense but in game I fuck it up. It sure doesn't feel like the armor in the E5 is OP to me as I get wrecked in games. I must be doing something drastically stupid. In a few days I will have some days off, I'll play my E5 and most likely fail spectacularly but I'll load the replays so you purps can tell me why my brain is broken.
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