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    boom_town reacted to zbran in Newbie again   
    No bother mate, hope you enjoy the game after your hiatus :-), I'm sure I'll see you around here... Ohh one more thing about the meta, HE spam is a thing now. The Jap tier 9 and 10 heavies especially! They were balanced for what would appear to be ex arty players and ex arty trolls.. they don't need to aim properly at you or pen you to do 5-600 dmg, kill your commander,gunner and driver, break your gun,engine and tracks, per shot.........................
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    boom_town got a reaction from zbran in Newbie again   
    Hey that is good info!  I appreciate it zbran!
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    boom_town reacted to zbran in Newbie again   
    Mate, me giving you advice on playing this game would be the equivalent of Stevie Wonder giving you golf lessons. All I can say on that is the meta is now super heavies and corridor maps. Wait until you meet the glorious Type 4 and 5.. Perfectly balanced tanks.... There is still some fantastic players still knocking around here who would be far better to give you advice on tank flavours takteks etc.. There is a new MM system  which is "3-5-7" 3 top tier 5 from next tier down and 7 from the next, this has completely screwed most tier 8's as they are completely useless against most heavy tanks higher than them now. There are tier 10 lights now too, the general consensus is they are completely useless as meds can pretty much do the same thing as them, but come with more HP and pen. The alternate French heavy at Tier 9 is a really nice tank, but the tier 8 before you get to the good tank is dog shit apparently. ( I free xp'd passed it after reading some of the horror stories).
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    boom_town reacted to zbran in Newbie again   
    Hey, welcome back.  Google wot mod hub. It's an official portal for mods, all of which should be approved by WG. Aslains modpack is on there.
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    boom_town got a reaction from OOPMan in Avoiding OP Tank Guilt   
    I know exactly what you mean, I have purple WN8 in exactly two tanks: T-34 and Type 5 Ke-Ho for a total of 15 games combined.  Obviously I stopped playing them because they are OP. 

    If you feel you have destroyed pubbies enough but still want to play in tier X games, you could just buy the T28 and make yourself totally irrelevant.

    Man, I am in a snarky mood today.  I guess if I was a WoT god like Rexxie I would try to get mastery badges on everything.
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    boom_town reacted to predavolk in Like Minions? Getting better? Getting gold?   
    So it's a very good time to be a Millard's Minion (M--M).  As you know if you've loaded the game, we're in the clan spotlight (http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/cw/clan-spotlight-m-m/).  It was actually supposed to pop yesterday, but you know, holidays and such.  It's good timing as it fits with my own 10K games anniversary.  So I wanted to take a second to say a few things on behalf of the clan.
    First, we're always open to new recruits.  Wotlabs is a forum devoted, first and foremost, to learning about WoT to improve one's game.  So is M--M.  It's a perfect fit, other than the fact that only one of us (Millard) has really reached the upper pinnacles of the game.  As an M--M that is.
    Because (second) we have lots of graduates and lots of friends.  We are proud and miss the former, and are grateful towards the latter.  We're the no-drama-llama clan that has hopefully earned the rep about caring more about learning than farming territories or settling grudges.  So I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the friends of the clan, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to all our members that are seeding the top clans out there.  The bad news is that I'm probably going to hit up you purple guys soon for a training idea I have.  But that's for another day.
    The third, and final, thing I wanted to do was put out money where our mouth was. The first thing we're going to do is give away Wargaming's gold if you fight us tomorrow.   Second, we want to make a clan donation to Wotlabs.  We don't need patron status, we just want to say thanks for putting out a resource that helps everyone who gives a damn get better.  The final part is we're giving away gold.  Most of that is within the clan, rewarding new recruits, new officers, good grinders, etc.  But we also want to give back to the community.  We're doing this competition in the general forums, but we wanted to do another one just for Wotlabs users.  We are always trying to learn, and one of the ways we learn is by watching fellow players have a really great game.  So we want you to teach us and we're going to pay the best teacher:
    We are going to give 2000 gold to the person who best "teaches" a Minion how to kick ass and take names.  Between now and Feb 23rd you can submit a link to an uploaded replay (wot replays) to this thread for a random battle where you carry a Minion.  The prize goes to the person who does the most damage (although I might disqualify extreme CHAIing).  So to recap: a) be in a game with an M--M member on your team, b) do tons of damage, c) upload the replay here, d) beat everyone else and we send you 2K gold.  Platooning with an M--M member disqualifies you from this competition (this is going to fuck my purple platooning for a week). To keep things fair we don't want every Joe in the game hitting us up for platoons, so my officers stipulated this condition.
    And that's it.  THANKS AGAIN to all current members, former members, and friends of the clan!
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    boom_town reacted to TheMarine0341 in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List
    FYI: Updating Coming with Patch 9.15 with the nerfing and buffing of several missions
    The thread for IM tips is quite possibly one of the most helpful in the forums right now, but much can be hard to dig through. I will be updating this thread periodically in the OP
    Also note, until the final mission of the set, (15th of each) completing secondary is not really my concern. Complete primary, move on until 15th missions
    Common Tanks To consider buying for missions
    All of these tanks can be used for all tiers and have a high likely-hood of being able to complete many missions of that set. Note, this is not comprehensive as some missions require # damage which can be especially difficult to do in some of these tanks. These tanks simply are "BAUS!" for completing many missions and should NOT be over-looked
    STUG IV Missions (All tanks must be tier 4 or greater)
    Light Tanks
    Medium Tanks
    Heavy Tanks
    Tank Destroyers
    T28 Concept (All mission tanks must be tier 5 or greater)

    Light Tanks 
     Medium Tank
     Heavy Tanks
    Tank Destroyers
    T55A Missions. All tanks must be tier 6+

    Light Tanks 
    Medium Tanks 
    Heavy Tanks 
    Tank Destroyers
    Obj 260 Missions. All tanks must be tier 6+

    Light Tanks 
    Medium Tanks 
    Heavy Tanks
    Tank Destoyers
    Tips from Those who Have completed the Object 260 Missions
    StranaMechy Obj 260 Mission Tips
    MissNurkie Double Fire MIssions
    Sahtila Obj260 Missions
    Jokobet Object 260 Missions
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    boom_town reacted to Stiglic in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    You get to choose all the parameters when you claim the reward - a window comes up, and you decide nationality, tank and role.

    The picture is pre-generated iirc, but can be swapped later for some small amount of gold if you get the same twice or sg
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    boom_town reacted to Pyr0freak in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    Err nah my bad, I wasn't clear enough. You get 1 crew member each per completing Mission 15 of a tank type. So theoretically, if you only wanted 3 crew members for, say, your BatChat, you can just do 3 tank types and call it a day.
    Also, the StuG IV and T28C set of missions are pretty doable for a good chunk of the population, so I'd say you can count on owning 10 female crew sooner or later. You obviously also need proper tanks in your garage,  skill,  and luck in certain missions, but the T 55a set really ramps up in difficulty and RNG, and the Object 260 will be completely unattainable by 99% of the population. Which is funny, because I remember when Personal Missions first came out, Storm or some other dev was saying that they wanted "around 10% or the population to be able to get the 260". I really can't imagine it's anywhere near that number. 
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    boom_town reacted to Pyr0freak in Comprehensive “Best Tank for Mission” List   
    It's (arguably) harder to get the crew, since you need to complete Mission 15 of each tank type (LT, MT, HT, TD, SPG). This means you can get 5 crew * 4 mission tiers = 20 crew in total, but that will likely never happen unless you're a very good player or play a huge amount, seeing as even getting to Mission 15 requires completion of all the rest, and some of these missions require both skill and a hellacious amount of luck. 
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    boom_town reacted to snowdude21325 in Suggestions on where to put my female crews?   
    If you are grinding the T-54, and plan on owning the T62a and the Obj 140, it might not be a bad idea to train them to with ever tank you want first. That way your T-54 crew can stay in the T-54 and you don't need to play low tiers to grind up another crew. 
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    boom_town got a reaction from CraBeatOff in Keep T54E1 or move up to T57?   
    Wow, lots of great input.  I appreciate you wotlab folks.  

    I'd say I am about 15 games from unlocking the T57.  Its hard choice because I've waiting so damn long, but that's a ton of credits that might limit the other goodies I want grab.  I agree with Crab that the T54E1 is a monster at tier 9...and I don't have a dedicated tier 9 tank as I will eventually move my other tier 9, the Cent 7/1, up to the Action X.  My WN8 on the T54E1 is 2074 after 150 games and for most of you that is total crap but for me its actually great.  And the bonus is its a fun tank to play and that's the real bottom line.

    I think I will keep my T54E1 at least until I move my T-44 to the T-54 (I hope that tank hasn't been nerfed too).  Then since I will be playing that russian tank for a long time as there are two tier Xs to unlock, I might take the T57 for shits and giggles.

    This will be the very first time I actually unlocked a tier X tank and never bought it ASAP.  It feels weird.  ....and tier X is awesome even though I am not good at it.  So I am not confident in my choice 
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    boom_town reacted to Stige in An underrated YouTuber: SirFoch   
    He is the only guy whose vids I can stand watching. The reviews are good indeed. 
    All QB etc fanbois can burn in hellfire. 
    And this, this vid so much 
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    boom_town reacted to Cronk in An underrated YouTuber: SirFoch   
    I find his "is it worth the grind" vidyas quite informative and entertaining.
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    boom_town reacted to MagentaPanda in The Mort Q&A   
    Mort is really good at his KV-5, Kewei was even impressed by it. Just a 1 person thing really, although it is very good for WR.
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    boom_town reacted to Shade421 in The Official T30 Club of Epic Wreckage   
    I haven't played it in 9.6 yet, I don't have it on my EU account. That said, I have been playing the 34-3 on EU a fair bit, and haven't noticed a decrease in performance at all. I think The changes aren't really noticeable, especially not in the T30, since it's gun is less troll than the 34-3.
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    boom_town reacted to Deusmortis in Is there a solo WR ceiling? Is 65% WR possible solo?   
    This is something I've considered, and analyzed, in the past.  I'll condense what I remember:
    75% - I think this would be the theoretical limit for the absolute best player, using all possible legal advantages (best equipment, heavy gold use, etc), using nothing but supreme carry tanks, always playing when at peak mental capacity (no tired/tilt playing) and so on.  This might not be possible right now.  I largely base this figure on my experiences in certain eras of certain tanks.  I think this could have been done during the "Golden Age of Derp" in an M4 or Pz IV, or maybe during the HEAT-54's prime, or with a full gold VK 3601 Konish pre-sprem, or a T49 (T67) before world of corridors.  
    72-73% - Probably the practical limit, considering even the best players will occasionally play below their prime.  
    70% - Practical limit for not going insane.  This would allow a somewhat more free tank rotation (still all carry tanks, but not always the absolute best carriers.)
    67-69% - Range of the very good who aren't pushing the tryhard limit.  Mostly open tank selection, perhaps not using gold consumables.
    65% - Attainable unicum range in most tanks.
    60%+ - Expected unicum range in nearly anything.  If you can't break 60% solo, I'd call you a "platoonicum" or some such thing.  
    Personally, the best solo runs I've managed have been in the 67-69% ranges.  These were the T49(T67), M4 and Panzer IV.  I soloed the SPersh to 70% at one point, but my secondary stats did not support that win rate.  Luck inflated me ~5% on that one.  At my absolute peak, I'd say I was in the middle of the unicum band.  Never quite super-uni.  
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    boom_town reacted to WaterWar in In-depth comparison of the tier VIII scouts by WaterWar (outdated)   
    T49 is too RNG dependant to be viable for the missions (IMO). You can still do it. Heck, I did the LT-15 for the concept set in my T54lwt of all tanks. So you can do any scout mission in any of the tanks - some are just easier than others.
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    boom_town reacted to Golem501 in In-depth comparison of the tier VIII scouts by WaterWar (outdated)   
    Totally with you
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    boom_town reacted to RC_Tank in Is buying camo with creds worth it?   
    For tanks with good camo values then definitely, unless you're close to the next tank and don't plan on keeping your current tank.
    For tanks you absolutely love? Yes! I pimped out my E75 with permanent camo and inscriptions because currently there's no tank I love nearly as much.
    Another neat thing about permanent camo is that you can buy more than one and then change them out, didn't discover that until very recently.
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    boom_town got a reaction from Kristoffon in The effect of your platoon mates.   
    And that's exactly why I play Assault 
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    boom_town got a reaction from Golem501 in In-depth comparison of the tier VIII scouts by WaterWar (outdated)   
    13 90, I got a good crew in my 12t and I have a mark of excellence on it so I figure I can perform better with the Frenchies and the camo rating and smaller size sealed the deal for me.

    If I go up the USA line it will just be for the Bulldog.   I am shitty enough without a RNG slot machine to make me go full monkey rage so I am going to stay away from the T49 for the missions.
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    boom_town reacted to Garbad in WHY arty sucks ass, by a unicum   
    In conjunction with the recent poll showing unica hate arty (duplicating my results from two years ago, btw), I decided to explain why arty sucks.  I realize most skilled players know this, but many potatoes and tomatoes don't really get why unica hate arty or why.
    1.  Arty forces Bad Gameplay.
    Because arty can project massive alpha anywhere at any time, tanks are forced to constantly be in hard cover.  Moving fast is no insurance against clickers -- massive splash can track you even on a bad miss, or they can just get a good click on a moving target.  Its honestly not that hard to lead shots -- this is considered a basic skill among tankers, why do clickers think its so hard?  Likewise, camo is no panacea because sooner or later you WILL be spotted.  This makes large stretches of most maps unplayable because they are death traps.  Its no coincidence that each map has a few, tiny spots where tanks always go -- these are places where they are the least likely to get shit on by retard mode. And that's not all.  WOT's probably worst system is its gimmicky spotting/camo system.  Yet arty puts gimmicky drive by spotting and suiscouting as good gameplay.  That's just stupid. 
    Without arty, WOT is a game where position is key -- hull down, flank attacks, peekabooming, sniping, and so on all have a place.  With arty, WOT is a game where 90% of the map is unused because of retard mode, and the few places were the game is playable have 6 tanks humping a wall clicking at each other, because no other tactics are possible.  Its night and day.
    2.  Arty has excessive alpha.
    The ability to one shot is always bad.  This is true for the T18, the KV-2, or the 183.  Alpha rewards camping.  Arty is no different, and worse, arty oneshots are least common against the very tanks that arty was intended to counter - instead of one shotting the camping E-100, arty one shots the batchat who can't dodge fast enough.  Somehow, WG concluded that the solution to camping heavy tanks was to introduce a class that always camps and counters soft, fast tanks who actually try and leave cap.  Meanwhile, the people who sit in base and spot as their clickers click do just fine.
    The stupidity of module/crew rape is also dumb as shit.
    3.  Arty is low skill, luck based gameplay.
    Tanks need to get good position, aim at weak points, lead targets and so on all while being aware of return fire.  Arty just needs to click and hope the RNG favors them.  This is inherently shitty -- why should people playing chess be put in the same match as people playing checkers?
    4.  Arty is unhistorical.
    This has been debated at length, but arty as currently designed in WOT is a completely unrealistic abomination.
    5.  Arty is unfun to play with or against.
    Literally everyone finds arty unfun.  Its boring to play -- long periods of sitting there waiting to reload followed by a random chance of watching your shot fly off wildly.  The only people who can enjoy that are those who are extremely mentally slow and can't get better results by skill.  Its unfun to play against -- long periods of humping rocks followed by watching the clickers drive into the water just before you arrive.  Its so much less active, interesting, and fun than tanks that its sickening.
    Note some things I didn't say:
    1.  Arty is OP.
    Arty is probably technically weaker than a typical tank at this time.  This was certainly not always true -- arty HAS been OP in the past.  But with more and more unfavorable maps, low DPM, and so on arty doesn't carry as hard as a good regular tank.  That's also completely irrelevant, because what makes arty awful is it promotes bad gameplay, not the fact that it is OP.
    2.  Arty takes no skill.
    Arty takes LESS skill, not no skill.  It also has less of a skill ceiling.  But so do heavily armored tank destroyers.  This isn't the damming feature of arty, nor would it matter.  The key is it makes gameplay worse.
    3.  You're just mad arty clicked on you!!!~
    Of course I'm mad -- retard mode shit up my skill based tank game and turned it into whackamole. But that's irrelevant -- my rage has nothing to do with why arty is cancer.  Look at my fucking stats -- I can obviously dominate with or without arty (and in fact, as a scouty medium I possibly even with MORE with arty).  I say arty is bad for gameplay for the same reason I say the VK4502 is inferior to the E-75 -- because it is, not because of one game, my feels, or anything else.
    4.  Without arty, TDs will dominate!!!~
    If you attack them head on, TDs SHOULD dominate.  That's what they do -- they sacrifice a turret, speed, and HP for firepower and frontal armor.  They should do well at ambush gameplay (mid tiers) or holding a choke (high tier).  The solution to defeating these powerful tanks in good positions is not randomly generated bullshit, its skill.  Specifically, light tanks should counter campy, cloaky TDs by skillful scouting with their superior view range and moving camo giving the short view range TDs fits.  The counter to hard frontal TDs like the T95 is flank attacks and weak points. 
    5.  Without arty, how can you assault (insert badly designed map X).
    The solution to campy turtle play is already in game -- flank their position or cap them out.  Now I admit, many maps are badly designed.  WG map designers are dumb as shit, and frequently create maps with the cap having major camping spots right around base (complete with hard cover, soft cover, and great lines of fire/spotting).  These maps need to be reworked.  Every good defensive position needs to be vulnerable to flank from multiple paths.  Every cap needs to be exposed, so that if a camping team is forced to turtle and hide, they risk losing the game.  But again, the solution to bad map design is to rework the maps, not inject randomly generated bullshit from space.
    6.  Its part of the game!  Its content!  They will never remove it!
    Its part of the game that makes the rest of it worse.  Only a fool keeps something because they can -- keep what makes the game better, toss the crap.  And as for WG's "working as intended" line...remember they work for you.  You crook your finger and WG's income drops 10%, Serb will be sweating bullets.  WG's culture tries to promote a command and control structure (you take what I sell, ya comrade!  AND LIEK IT!), but watch how quickly the cave when the community demands something (like an arty nerf).  If you glance at Warthunder, Serb's mortgage gets called in.  He knows this, although he doesn't want you to know it.  The failure of wowp has scared them shitless, I can assure you.  You say jump, serb will bitch and moan...and then start jumping.  And if he doesn't jump high enough...warthunder will.
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    boom_town reacted to Ham_ in Away from the game for a few months...whats new?   
    New lights are generally the better scouts, RU251 is ideal, T49 is good enough ( also T49 is now T67- T49 is a light with a 155mm rocket launcher)
    50b is a lot better on the move, faster, and accuracy atm and T57 just shoots slightly faster- but aim time and on the move got nerfed so bad its basically the same as 50b after you fire
    VK4502b got a massive armor buff basically, its hard for even T10s to pen.
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    boom_town reacted to WaterWar in In-depth comparison of the tier VIII scouts by WaterWar (outdated)   
    DISCLAIMER: There has now been even more changes to the light tanks, with the introduction of tier X light tanks - so this guide is now no longer up-to-date. However, you can still use it as a guide for how to compare different sets of light tanks with each other.    There have been quite a few changes in relation to the tier VIII scout tanks recently. Three new scouts were added not too long ago in patch 9.3 and the newly released 9.6 patch has rebalanced/buffed some of the scouts. Recently a question was asked in the Ask a Purple Poster-section about what scouts were the best. This question ‘inspired’ me to create an in-depth analysis to help everyone understand how all the tier VIII scouts differ from each other – which is what you see here.    I own all five of the tier VIII scouts (AMX 1390, RU251, T49, T54 lwt and WZ-132) and have played ‘the old guard’ extensively. I have however only recently acquired the T54 lwt and T49 (<50 battles) but through my experience with the game and scout tanks especially I feel qualified enough to talk about them and their playstyle anyway.   I will in the beginning of this comparison look at the raw stats and hard numbers (similar to my T28 HTC and Cromwell reviews) and how they differ between the five different scouts. I will round off with a look at how the playstyles differ between the scouts. This is NOT a review of all five scouts so I will NOT be talking about crew skills and equipment. I will NOT announce “one scout to rule them all” as that is just stupid. My aim is simply to inform you about the difference between the scouts. This way you can make your own assessment of what tank is best for what you want to achieve.    Camouflage values are taken from wotinfo.net. The dispersion values are taken from Tank Inspector and they DO take commander bonus into account. All other numbers are taken from tank-compare.com and do (as far as I know) NOT take the commander bonus into account. Also, I use commas instead of full-stops in the tables because I use a Danish version of Excel, so I apologies for whatever inconvenience it might cause you.   Without further ado, let us get on with it!   Mobility First thing we should look at is the mobility of the scouts. It is one of the most important factors of a scout tank, as the mobility allows them to get the early spots, change position depending on situation, exploit gaps in enemy defensive lines and acquire flanking shots on enemy tanks.    By looking at the above table you can see that all the scouts are highly mobile with a specific power of >20 hp/t and excellent speed limits and traverse speeds. The RU251 is without a doubt the fastest of the scouts with a top speed of 80 km/h and with a specific power of 24.2 hp/t it is easy to achieve this top speed. It is even possible to exceed this limit while going down slopes. It is hard to separate the remaining scouts as they all have similar speed limits and specific powers. The T49 appears to be second fastest but is let down by having the worst terrain resistance values of all scouts. You will only reach top speed going downhill or on hard terrain, otherwise you will cruise around at a solid 60-odd km/h like with the other scouts.   When looking at the manoeuvrability when not going in a straight line, the WZ-132 wins closely followed by the T54 lwt.. The WZ-132 has an amazing hull traverse of 56 deg/s and a turret traverse of 48 deg/s. Combine this with the lowest overall terrain resistance values of any scout and the WZ-132 just dances around the battlefield with little effort. It is possible to keep a high speed even doing the weirdest manoeuvers allowing you to circle enemy TD’s and heavy tanks with ease. The same can be said of the T54 lwt. although it is not quite up to the levels of the WZ-132. The T49 and RU251 are both solid in manoeuvrability, and they are the only two scouts that can pivot, but they just can’t keep up with the two Soviet hovercrafts.   The AMX 1390 comes off with the short stick in regards to mobility. It has the joint-lowest top speed, worse hull traverse and below-average terrain resistance values. It is still more than capable of moving around the battlefield, but it will be left in the dust by the other scouts when competing for those early positions or when circling tanks. Good thing the 1390 has a trick up its sleeve – but more on that later.   Scout-ability Now for second important factor of a scout tank: the scout-ability. It is the job of a scout tank to scout out the enemy positions. This is easiest if you can remain hidden and simply out-spot the enemy by having a better effective view range or by hiding in a bush.   If you want to have a rough idea of how to calculate your effective view range, have a look at my other guide that deals with camouflage values and spotting range:      All the scouts have a view range of 400 m, except for the T54 lwt. that only has 390 m. This is a quite standard view range for high tier tanks as you can find several mediums with the same view range. The strength of the scout tanks lies in the camouflage values. All scout tanks in the game have the same camouflage value while moving as they do while stationary. Combine this with low camouflage values and you have some quite stealthy machines. The AMX 1390 takes the crown as the stealthiest scout with an amazing camouflage value of 17.67 %. The RU251 is following in a close second with 17.39 % with the WZ-132 lacking a bit further behind with 16.70 %. TheT-54 lwt. and T49 both have quite poor (for a scout) camouflage values of <16 %. It is worth pointing out that I have not touched upon the camouflage values upon firing as they are all poor (<4%). If you want to stay hidden while firing (with any tank really) you need to be outside view range or be double/triple bushed up.   Now, these values do not tell the full story as the physical size of the vehicle will also affect the scout-ability. The smaller a scout is, the easier it is to hide in bushes and small terrain features and if it is slim enough you can sneak through tighter gaps (the doors leading into the monastery yard on Abbey is a perfect example). The images below compare the sizes of the five scouts from a side on view (coloured ‘shadows’) and a top down view (only the outlines). I want to thank RoneryKim, Keezoo, Nurkus and Letchy for feedback on the images. Sadly we ended up with four different opinions so I have chosen to show all four different versions of the side view image (indecision much D:). The top two are aligned to the front drive wheel and the bottom two are aligned to centre mass. You, the reader, can just look at whichever you find the best/clearest/most informative (click on them for large version).   The AMX 1390 is blue, RU251 is green, WZ-132 is red, T54 lwt. is yellow and finally the T49 is black.             It is clear from the images that the AMX 1390 is the smallest vehicle of the bunch. It is shortest, narrowest and with the lowest height (but that not by much). This, combined with the excellent camouflage values, makes the AMX 1390 a sneaky machine that can hide in a lot of bushes and move around undetected. In the middle of the size park we have the RU251 and WZ-132. They have the same width but RU251 is slightly longer (it is the longest of all) while the WZ-132 is slightly taller. Finally the T54 lwt. and T49 are the overall largest vehicles. They, again, have the same width but the T49 is tallest and the T54 lwt. is longest, only slightly less than the RU251.   So in terms of overall scout-ability the T-54 lwt. and T49 come off with the shortest stick with the worst view range, worst camouflage values and worse sizes, while the AMX 1390 sneaks in on top with the best camouflage value and superior size.   Survivability Sadly it is not often you can stay unspotted all game in a light tank so eventually you will have to fight other tanks. Because of this the survivability of the scout tanks along with their firepower can be a significant aspect to consider. The survivability of scout tanks depends on two things: not being hit in the first place and then having the armour/HP to survive the hit.    Not being hit in the first place ties back into what we have already discussed – the manoeuvrability and size of the vehicle. A small and nimble target can be hard to hit and this is the type of protection that the all scouts rely on. They are all small-ish targets with varying degrees of manoeuvrability/mobility and this allows them to dodge incoming shells to great effect. This is sadly their only/best defence as they have no armour to speak off whatsoever (with one exception).    The RU251 is overmatchable by >75 mm guns; the AMX 1390 will be overmatched by any >120 mm gun; The T49 is a large target and overmatchable by any >114 mm gun; The WZ-132 has a slightly stronger upper plate that requires >150 mm guns to overmatch and the turret front can only be overmatched by the FV215b (183) firing AP – the sides and rear are overmatchable by >105 mm guns; finally there is the T-54 lwt. that has really strong armour for a light tank: Upper plate of 80 mm and a turret front of impressive 160 mm in the thickest part. This means the T54 lwt. can’t be overmatched except on the side (by a FV215b (183) firing AP) and rear armour.  The T54 lwt. experiences quite a few troll bounces, especially off the turret, and this greatly increases the survivability against low-pen guns (other scout tanks).  The T54 lwt. has a significant edge over the other scout tanks when in a brawl, even considering the large size. The WZ-132 has a slight edge over the other three scouts as you can sometimes experience troll-bounces off a strongly angled upper plate or turret front – it is still not anywhere close to the T54 lwt..    Another thing to consider is the health pool of the scout tanks. They all range between 1100 HP (AMX 1390 and T49) and 1250 HP (T54 lwt.). It may not seem like a big difference, but those extra 150 HP have a great impact. Quite a few medium tank and heavy tank guns in tier VIII to X have around 390-400 alpha, so in three shots you will, on average, have received damage worth 1170 HP and 1200 HP. This means that the AMX 1390 and T49 will 9/10 times die after taking three hits from these tanks. The WZ-132 is slightly better off with 1150 HP, but you will still die more often than not. Now the RU251 has a 50% chance of surviving three hits as it has 1200 HP, but the T54 will more often than not survive the three hits with the health pool of 1250 HP. If looking at the alpha of TDs then the difference in health pool does not mean as much. All the scouts can on average survive a hit from most TDs but will die from the second hit. The only exception is the JpzE100 and FV215b (183)/FV4005 firing AP. They have roughly 40-60% chance of one-hitting scouts depending on the damage roll.   So all in all, the T54 lwt. is hands-down the best scout in terms of survivability in active combat. It has the health and the armour to survive that bit longer than the others. I would argue that the T49 is the worst at surviving being shot at because of the poor armour and large size.   Firepower Little disclaimer before I start on this last analysis section: The WZ-132 has two viable choices for guns: a 100 mm and 85 mm. It has been discussed over and over which gun you should use and when. The tl:dr is that it comes down to personal taste. I will discuss the characteristics of both guns for convenience. I will, where needed, be calling the WZ-132 either WZ-100 or WZ-85 depending on the gun. Right, with that out of the way let us continue!      Now we will have a look at the final aspect of the scout tanks: the firepower. Being able to fight back and directly influencing the battle by taking out key targets is an important job for a scout tank.   The T49 is an odd scout and will be looked at in isolation: It is odd in that it is armed with a 152 mm derp gun that can only fire HE and HEAT rounds. It unsurprisingly has the worst gun handling by a long shot: worst aim time, worst accuracy and worst dispersion on turret traversal. The shots need to be fully aimed if you want a chance to hit anything further away than 100 m. The T49 has a plus side in that it can frontally damage every tank it can meet. The HE shell will simply detonate on the surface of most tanks and deal anything between 100 and 500 HP worth of damage on non-penetrating shots. If you manage to get around the rear of most tanks or shoot at lightly armoured targets you will be able to penetrate the HE shell (assuming it hits) and will deal around 800-1000 HP worth of damage and wreck several internal modules. The low rate of fire can be both a curse and a blessing. You don’t need to expose your tank that often to do damage. You simply pop around a corner, let the aiming reticule settle slightly and then hope for luck and fire. Then while you are reloading you can relocate and find another target to annoy. The flip side is that if you are caught on a reload you can’t really do much to defend yourself and you will be killed.    Now, when looking at the other scout tanks we find some more traditional guns. The AMX 1390 is different in that it has a 6-round autoloader whereas the other three scouts just have traditional single-fire guns. They all deal about the same amount of damage (240-250 HP) with the WZ-85 lacking behind (200 HP). The penetration is also quite similar between them, with AP penetrations varying between 170 mm (AMX 1390) and 190 mm (RU251 and WZ-100).  The gold penetration is a bit more varied – both in terms of ammunition type and penetration. The AMX 1390 has the best premium round (248 mm of APCR pen) with the WZ-100 following closely behind (244 mm of APCR pen). The RU251 has more penetration (250 mm) but it is HEAT so it has no normalisation and can be absorbed by spaced armour. Therefore I rank it as worse than the two others. The WZ-85 and T54 lwt. are on the short side with 230 mm HEAT pen and 235 mm APCR pen respectively.    The RU251 has two unique aspects in regards to ammunition:  it has over 100 mm of pen with the HESH (HE) round. All the other scouts have <50 mm of HE pen (T49 not included). This allows the RU251 to easier wreck lightly armoured targets. The RU251 also has faster shell speed with the HEAT round compared to AP rounds whereas the WZ-85 and other HEAT tanks usually have the same or worse shell speed. This means that at range, it can be worth changing to HEAT on the RU251 simply because it makes leading targets easier (also there is no penetration loss).   Before the 9.6 patch the RU251 had the best DPM of all the scouts by a long shot. Now after the T54 lwt. and WZ-132 were buffed in 9.6 the DPM difference is not as big as before. The RU251 still has the best DPM with 2323 DPM, but the WZ-85 is following closely behind with 2222 DPM. The T54 lwt. and WZ-100 are both lacking a bit behind with 2000 and 1898 DPM respectively. The AMX 1390 has terrible DPM (1552), but that is down to the autoloader gun. It is able to dish out 1440 damage in around 13 seconds which is an immense burst power but it is left with a reload of around 40 seconds where it can’t shoot.      Now, you can have all the DPM is the world but if the gun is inaccurate or with bad gun handling then you can’t use the DPM – and this is where the recent buff to the WZ-132 is important. The dispersion values of the WZ-132 were buffed by around 12% which now puts it in pole position, especially when mounting the 85 mm. The T54 lwt. (also buffed) is close behind with excellent dispersion values while the RU251 is now left a bit in the dust as it was not buffed. The AMX 1390 has poor gun handling and is competing with the T49 as the worst. The T49 has worse dispersion from turret traverse (double that of the AMX 1390) while the AMX 1390 has the worst dispersion from hull traverse. The aim times and accuracy generally follow the trend of the dispersion values, so they just enforce/highlight the differences between the scouts.   The final thing to discuss before I wrap up is the elevation angles of scouts. Here the AMX 1390 is worse by a long shot. It can depress the gun by 6 degrees which is average, but it can only raise the gun 9 degrees leaving it with a full range of motion of only 15 degrees (oscillating turrets ftw). The other NATO scout tanks can depress their guns 10 degrees while the soviet designs can only depress their guns 5 degrees. They can all (besides AMX 1390) elevate between 17-20 degrees which is quite solid. So in this department the NATO tanks form a sandwich on either side of the Soviet designs.   Playstyles I will now conclude this comparison with a brief discussion on how each tier VIII scout plays different. This will basically act as a summary of all the above sections.   The Ninja Assassin: The AMX 1390 has great burst damage, decent mobility, small size and excellent camouflage which allows it to move undetected around the battlefield. Once it has found an isolated tank it can strike from the shadows and deal a crushing blow to the unsuspecting enemy. The AMX 1390 uses its speed to retreat back in the shadows before the enemies can zero their sights. Here it will reload, relocate and prepare a new strike on the next target. The AMX 1390 is the Ninja Assassin of the scouts   The Derp Ambush: The T49 is wide, tall and it has a big gun. ‘Murica! It can use the decent camouflage to hide in a bush and prepare a strike on an unsuspecting enemy. After sending a 152 mm shell towards the enemy it can relocate and setup a new ambush. It can also use the mobility to move around the battlefield in close quarters and ambush unsuspecting enemies with a surprise 152 mm to the butt. Of course the T49 will not always behave itself, but when it does it can wreak havoc. The T49 is the Derp Ambush of the scouts.   The Glass Cannon: The RU251 is lightning fast and can use the mobility to get into the good spotting bushes early on. It can also use the mobility to move around the battlefield with ease and exploit holes in the enemy lines to wreak havoc. It has an excellent gun with great DPM that can easily cause a lot of hurt. With three viable rounds it can adapt to any situation it might be presented with. The downside is that it has no armour and it will take damage if hit. The RU251 is the Glass Cannon of the scouts.   The Fighter: T54 lwt. has the best armour of all scouts. It is possible to bounce a lot of low penetration guns, especially if hull down. This is good as the large size, mediocre camouflage and low view range will often force it to fight other tanks. It has a good gun with a healthy punch and good gun handling, allowing it to brawl like a pocket medium tank and bully other scout tanks. The T54 lwt. is The Fighter of the scouts.   The Scout: The WZ-132 has superb mobility, a small size and great camouflage values which allow it to scout out the enemy positions with great ease. It has the mobility to move around and constantly gather intelligence on enemy movements. It has given up on the armour of the T54 lwt. in order to achieve this great scouting platform. The WZ-132 is The Scout of the scouts.   Overall I feel WG has done a good job at making each scout feel unique in some way. The AMX 1390 has the autoloader, the T49 has the derp, the RU251 has the speed, the T54 lwt. has the armour and the WZ-132 is the pure scout.   I hope you enjoyed this comparison. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask/discuss. I would not be surprised if I have missed something or neglected to point something out, so feel free to help me cover the holes. Also, no Youtube video this time.   EDIT: stupid typos EDIT2 (August 2015): Be aware that my article here makes an error in the traverse speeds. In reality the traverse speeds are also dependant on what engine you have equiped as the listed traverse speeds are with the standard engine. For more detial, read through the comments of this guide, especially Xen's.  
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