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  1. Perhaps not to the level of a Batchat as the Batchat still does have Raw HP/Ton that makes a difference when doing upwards on a slope. But engine buffs gives the FV4202 to a similar level or even better than the T-62A, which is a medium tank with great mobility. They have nearly the same HP/Ton, but the FV4202 has a noticeably less terrain resistance. The turret buffs is really nice though, even tier X will have trouble penetrating your turret when hulldown. When going hulldown the weakest part of the turret became autobounce and the UFP because an autobounce 50mm t
  2. The mobility buffs are pretty big going from 12 hp/ton to 15-16 hp/ton means FV4202 will go from having 24 hp/ton on medium ground terrain to 32 hp/ton on medium terrain. Which will make FV4202 basically a sort of a light tank with a strong turret and centurion gun.
  3. I bought on the day it came out. Its a fairly good tank and well worth the money. Its pretty speedy, not batchat speedy but about as fast as accelerating as the AMX CDC with higher top speed. Dispersion is much better than the AMX 50 100 of the same tier and the good depression and elevation makes it much better to handle, especially when going on elevated terrain. The 4 shots takes a bit of getting used to, but I can reduce the reload down to 33 seconds with BiA and Vents which feels much shorter than the eternity of 47 seconds that 6 shot mag came with and the 2.5 sec i
  4. The changes on artillery were overwhelmingly negative including on the Russian server. Either WG has to make big changes or remove arty.
  5. Apparently the vast majority is facing the problem of xp and gold being unavailable.
  6. Since there is no precisely detailed information about the Light Tank Changes, I have decided to create a list myself. If there are any typos or mistakes then let me know. Sandbox Server March 16 Updates to Tier X lights Comparison between live and sandbox USSR Lttb Tier 7 -> Tier 8 - Gun performance is the same, except awful depression buffed from -3 to -5 (Thank God) - Power to Weight Increased from 31 to 34 hp/ton. - HP Increased from 950 to 1050. -Turret and Hull Tranverse not changed at 48 deg/s for both. -View Range remains unchanged at 390m.
  7. I'm giving away a LoW code I obtained from Gamespot, it expires tomorrow and my friends already have it. You just need to PM me an answer to what I'm about to say: SHOW ME YA MOVES! Code Taken.
  8. It currently doesn't, though the devs stated they plan to add one into the game. In a sense the game is sort of a mixture between WoT and WT when you examine various parts of its game mechanics.
  9. "The servers are now up and we are extending testing to 3am ET." Its a bit later than scheduled, but now its time to play my friends!
  10. I went to the PVE test last weekend and I got a code, but I don't need it. Would anyone like an early access code? Send me a PM. Claimed.
  11. From what I have seen from some videos shooting a target with too high of a penetration can cause less damage or no damage shots. One of the youtubers shot an AFV with APFSDS and it said "passed through" and did no damage. Saw a cupola get shot and it did less than half damage to the tank. I like what I see so far.
  12. A lot of AW development are actually former/disgruntled WoT employees. Jinx who was the producer of World of Tanks NA is part of the development team.
  13. Yes, you have been alpha for a while now. Just bought the lord of war pack. A very good value especially since you get $30 of it in premium currency.
  14. Check out their new Vehicle Classes Trailers, you'll see what they have in mind or artillery and how it works different from WoT: This is their planned artillery model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRdgyBjpIW0#t=586
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