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  1. Reliable sources tell me that the source code was lost between original contractor and WG after the mode ended and they had to reconstruct from backups.
  2. You can pretty much guarantee the only tank in the line worth getting will be the Lansen, because this is 2019 Wargaming.
  3. I'm with you up to a point, I'd prefer we got strictly cosmetic monetisation and if they actually went full ham with Tank Barbie that'd be amazing, I've got a ton of ideas that I'd love to see implemented for it. However the idea that by adding cosmetic monetisation they're going to slow down with OP premium releases is not only ludicrous but demonstrably false. Blueprints to me are neither here nor there but it's not unreasonable when they announce something that nobody asked for and that isn't particularly useful to go, 'where the fuck is this stuff you told us you were going to do six mo
  4. Is it possible to be a AAA game Dev in 2018 and not shoot yourself in the fucking X-ring?

    1. Strigonx
    2. AdrianK


      WG are a company without any limits.

    3. TheMarine0341


      Only if you port to mobile

  5. Outcom has had probs 2 dozen games on my account but I think he's been winning less than I have.
  6. The best thing about this map is spawning in bottom tier as an even and the enemy has no lights.
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