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  1. More Warboats dev news to be relayed [link] Notable... Spotting system for Xp will be implemented in the futureWeather will come in the game. Rain is something that happens frequently and will be addedSystem involving tanking damage as well as covering allies in smoke will be worked on for XPHe is supposed to be low skill ammo, AP high skillFire chance and damage will be lowered on HE spam shipsPremium Ammo is very unlikely. Is not "lore friendly"Changes to Ocean are coming"Kitikami was removed because it caused more teamkills than enemy kills"
  2. Video of the new Tier 5-10 heavies in game action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzv-zKXS5Tg
  3. CD documenting some of the technicals of the new patch. "World of Warships - Decloaking the Patch 0.4.1" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXYHvuy5o5Q
  4. More apparent Dev stuff from the Russian forums via Reddit. [link] For example... Not acquiring the target with X while firing main guns increases dispersion, i.e. at max range without target acquisition the horizontal dispersion is is greater than the value displayed in port. Cleveland AA will be nerfed again Smoke ability will be buffed for USN DDs, along with artillery for some of them. No changes to fire are planned, works as intended. IJN CVs are currently a bit OP, especially at mid-tiers, and will be nerfed. Strike load-outs might be changed.
  5. Apparent news summary from the RU Developer thread [link] Examples... " Carriers are being looked at for balance. Nagato and Cleveland have tiniest citadel hit boxes. Yubari is likely to be buffed, right now it's AA is sort of broken. WG considers 50% accuracy to be 'exceptional'. Border situation isn't ideal, and is being looked at. Omaha is considered lousy, and may be buffed. Battleships are being looked at, fires won't be touched. Play cruisers for now if you think they are better. Kitakami is coming back - very soon." Plus patch notes for the recent [link]
  6. Speaking of changes, notes for 3.1.4 and dev explanation. Some bits.. Acceleration to full speed is now slower overall. IJN CV's Shokaku, Taihō and Hakuryu had their top torpedoes' alpha nerfed USN CV's 5-8 had all torpedo and bomb alpha buffed Decreased percentage of ricochets of large-caliber (battleship main battery) projectiles "Top Japanese aircraft carriers... can currently deliver shattering torpedo blows, and are able to kill almost any ship in the game in one attack, even if the ship is led by a more experienced player. This doesn’t seem very fair to us and gets a lot of negative comments too. Therefore, aircraft carriers Shokaku, Taihō and Hakuryu had their top torpedoes changed, which means they now do less damage."
  7. On the subject of Carriers, I was lucky enough to get into a match against someone testing the IJN Tier X Hakuryu in my fighter-build Lexington. Soon as he got his planes up he ran 'em straight across. Had my fighters up and gave chase, but those TBs were just as fast and my planes couldn't catch up. His doom-cluster spotted me fleeing and I got torped to death in the first 2 minutes of the game. He then managed the same feat against 2 BBs, including a chasing Montana whom he outran.
  8. Pulled from the WoWs forums... "Info from the RU CBT limited access forum section from the Vladimir "Vlegris" Grisyuk, lead content game designer, 20.05.2015:" "I want to make some clarifications about aircraft carriers: We aren't trying to kill the whole class. Moreover, our goal is totally different. The plan for step-by-step carriers adjustments/changes was made for the whole version 031. Introduction of national [carrier] differences could've not been done in one step, changes were too big/deep: introduction of USN battleships with great AA, IJN carriers introduction, USN CV changes. It was impossible to make all of these changes at once - we would be unable to check the result changes of gameplay. Therefore the introduction of the new carriers was plannes in the next steps: - new carriers introduction, planes surviveability and players behavion in the changed environment tests; 0.3.1.* - changes to the IJN torpedo bombers attack formation <included in patchnotes> 0.3.1.* - changes to the USN fighters <included in patchnotes> 0.3.1.* - weapon changes for IJN planes to the Japanese ordnance(right now they all use USN torpedoes and bombes - we have to see the efficiency difference for different squadrons formations and squadron numbers; and it would not be obvious what happened to the efficiency if we gave them the planned ordnance; as a result, we will know in advance what damage exactly should be done by IJN planes after the rebalancing) 0.3.1.* - ships AA normalization(to change to the calculation and to decrease the AA power differences). It's unknown if these steps will be made in this order. It's unknown if ALL of planned changes will be required. But this is our [initial] plan. New formations are under inner tests right now."
  9. Getting the same impression in my new Lexington. The AA at higher levels is just devastating as it is now, not to mention the added effect of Defensive Fire.
  10. Next minipatch already coming out tomorrow. http://worldofwarships.com/en/cbt/news/update-0313-already/ Among the changes... Fixed an issue that resulted in poorly balanced teams when in Standard and Domination game modes Decreased the damage of HE shells by between 11.5% and 15.8% Changes to ship turning radii
  11. All I found were the official notes. http://worldofwarships.com/en/cbt/news/0312-update-notes/ And for those not playing IJN CVs, also found images apparently comparing the Torpedo spread changes... [old] [new] Per Reddit, the IJN carrier Taiho has been spotted in games of late as well.
  12. Absolutely agree, they've been my primary line up to the Ranger and the patch has really taken the wind out of em. Without the ability to run fighters and 2 TB I've had to turn to the 2 DB loadout and all the frustration those planes entail.
  13. Quite enjoying the game myself, biggest/only persistent issue is Carrier play. It's very difficult for CV's to fight up-tier ships of their class, a complaint I've seen repeated around the WoWs forums as well. Adding to CV problems is that the AA in higher tiers is so strong, coupled with the Defensive Fire ability, teams can easily ward off planes by simply sticking together.
  14. On the subject of Carriers... Been playing Carriers mostly, up to the Indy, fighter heavy. Have to agree that Dive Bombers as they are now aren't good. Plenty of frequent misses, and the few hits tend towards the meager side of damage. Also brings to a head the issue of battling through AA, which often wrecks as least part of the DB group before it can get away. Plus when ships activate their super-AA ability, geez that's vicious, normal AA was enough of a worry. Regarding fighters, there definitely is a balance issue between tiers as more advanced carriers will have fighters that overwhelmingly outclass those even a tier lower. I've pitted 2 squads against 1 from a Saipan and come away beaten with no enemy planes downed. Not so fun.
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