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  1. Get it if you want a trainer. IMHO, it's like a tier 6 Leopard 1. Very squishy, but it's got a good gun with high alpha for its tier on a medium tank and a good rate of fire. The gun handling and aimtime are what you expect of a short 88, so be warned. It's pretty quick and maneuverable, can get up to a respectable 50kmh with no problem, though it likes to sit at 47ish. The only qualm I have is that it has kinda meh gun depression, and that its HEAT round is trashy 600m/s versus something faster. The AP does seem to hold up on its own though. All in all, I'd say a 7-8/10. About what
  2. The problem is, Yuri, historically most tanks evolved towards one particular point in the Western world and allied nations, while the Russians and their allies evolved towards their current incarnations as they are now. NATO meds are all in similar veins. If you really want a more uparmored, slower, more comfortable STB, look at the M60A1. That is about the closest you can get to besides perhaps the T96/T95 medium tanks developed by the US. As far as I know, across all boards up until the 70s and 80s, tanks evolved to where armor is almost useless thanks to HEAT rounds and without sp
  3. I'm not saying the turret is godlike, but from what I've seen and heard, I just felt like you were giving it a worse rap than it deserved. *shrug* But it's all gravy anyway. Besides, you wouldn't get a turret with a mantlet past the M60. Most tanks at that point were mantletless to a point, I believe. Or they were small.
  4. No, but I would think most noobs and average players wouldn't take the time to aim, especially if they think the entire turret is butter. I think you're biased towards shooting it because you know where the weakpoints are and how much armor there is, and you know how to aim towards it without a problem. The meatier turret IS a thing though, because if you're a tank buff or know anything about the differences in schools of thought for NATO and western tanks versus eastern Europe and Soviet tanks, then you wouldn't have expected a much harder turret face. That turret is accurate to life, an
  5. But its your point of view. A biased point of view, from someone who is personally trying to make the CAX fail at its job by aiming in ASAP whenever one appears and hardcamping it just to see if it bounces any of your well aimed or partially aimed shots. You are one person, firing HEAT and AP/CR rounds at it with the intention of making it fail, just to see if it proves to meet your standards. The only thing the STB-1 has is an M60A1-styled turret so far as its sweepback and angle go, so the armor is much more extreme at the front. It's still paper. Have you tried taking the barest s
  6. It was actually Jacg's guide. Sorry about the confusion! Jacg's totally awesome guide to Chinese LTs and LTs in general The top portion of that isn't needed for other scouts, but overall, he has a bunch of pretty good points on how to play light tanks. The 131 and the 132 are fairly representative of other LT's IMHO, so if you can play them, surely you can play everything else (save perhaps the T49 and the T-54LT.) As for your points, let me address them in order: 1. That's a given, and if a good light tank gives me some spots, I'll surely keep an eye on that. I can't say the same for other pe
  7. Put this way, scouts are incredibly useful, but being able to use them in the meta as well as being able to use them properly AT ALL is a very big quantum leap in terms of being able to play the game. It's the class that can sometimes make a HUGE difference, but more often than not can't and as such is dismissed as irrelevant. Scouts are irrelevant because mediums at higher tiers, where scouts are thrown into, are just as good if not even better than the scouts themselves. That and having much lower damage potential without having to gain a good overall position is a big hit against them. Tank
  8. I mean you're totally correct in-game. But a theory as to why that is what it is could be the AMX's actual power train characteristics, as well as having that bit frontally mounted. That could be the balance explanation for the tank. But you're right, tiny engine=really poor turn rate.
  9. Historically, the transmission on the AMX 30 was much less reliable than the one on the Leopard 1. That wasn't rectified until the B, B1 and the B2. It was good at cross country, but it had its issues. This translates to a worse turn rate in game than you would think.
  10. I guess I feel like for something that's clearly a large improvement over the original, you're trying to mold it into something that's perfect, but we all know Wargaming can't do that. And you know what, I'm sorry. Stepped out of line. But besides the turret, what do you think of the new CAX compared to the 4202, which was a little more buttery up top with the turret and more trollish at the hull? I can live with your opinions, but since this is a discussion about it and you've given your negatives about it, what do you think of the gun handling and extra speed? At least compared to the FV4202
  11. I'm not one of those people who throws around fancy argument types and names just to impress someone, and I've never taken the time to learn it because holy crap, this is the internet, why do I need to use such advanced information just to prove that I'm right? Really, it's like that on every news discussion site too, spouting that just seems pretentious. No offense to you. At any rate, enough of that. I'd rather have an average tank than the FV4202 which has mad dispersion and speed issues. I like the look of the tank, but trollish front armor does not a good medium make. In fact, the turret
  12. So the question is, why are you commenting on a tank that isn't any good for your playstyle in the meta? No NATO medium is truly fit save the STB-1, and even then, all NATO meds are meant for long range, hull-down combat while Russian mediums and heavies were built for assault en masse, which is why the turret is so hard and the profile so low. It's like I told Gehakte, if it isn't your style, why are you playing it? All I'm hearing is stuff about how bad the tank is to your playstyle, yet a lot of people have vouched that it's a pretty damn good improvement on the Centurion line.
  13. The turret isn't weak, so long as you wiggle and actually trying to minimize yourself. The great gun handling means that this is almost too easy, and shuffling the hull back and forth quickly can actually make a difference. The buff that they're giving it IS going to fix the hull armor, which will actually be a good deal stronger than before. Maybe not as good as E-75, but good enough. The Gun depression is just a thing with Soviet tanks, if you haven't learned to deal with it then tis your loss. I don't have a problem with the gun depression, and this is after not playing it for over a year.
  14. Just saying, you could theoretically put the Olifant in as a tier 10 for the Brits, just give it a spaced armor turret and then you have one nasty mother >.> I haven't been able to try out the Action X, but really, firing HEAT at it through pure test server abuse is not the actual game. 90% of the time, even if its a competent player, they will try APCR or AP to get through first, and with the relatively 'paper' turret this will lead to strange bounces. The problem is, NATO meds were meant for less exposure time and better crew accommodations, thus their gun equipment made up for 'butte
  15. And what the hell did I end up telling people? >.> Moaning about supposedly shitty turret and hull, and yet it seems perfectly fine, in fact MUCH better than what people generally thought of it. Lord, everyone took a dump on this tank thanks to the hull and apparently a 'weak' turret, yet it's performing miles better than anyone expected. For once, I'm partially right and everything is pretty gravy with this tank. Usually, my predictions can be kinda off...>.>
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