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  1. @Kolni, very nice post, thank you
  2. New controls suck, already uninstalled
  3. Have to disagree with you jacky, im mediocre and have a successful life.
  4. well that's simple, because the unica are a very small minority of the player base 99.90% right? So who cares what .10% of the player population want.
  5. Lindy

    I dont get it

    Mod please move then
  6. Not even two weeks ago I solo'd to 60% recent and a 2500 wn8, now same tanks same play style I cant even manage a 50% over a sizable amount of games, what the fuck! Im starting a log of games but ive had 6 in a row this morning that I lost by more than 10 tanks, thats not even a game its mouthbreathers just driving forward, where the hell is this coming from.
  7. Maybe "pad' isn't the correct word, but platooning certainly has a much better chance of maintaining a higher WN8. With absolutely landslide games that are so common a solid three player platoon has a much better chance of lasting longer and causing more damage and offsetting the shit roll a little more.
  8. Shaming these three monkeys from CHKM8 for platooning and wasting the teams time by shooting each other and wasting a round in the first couple minutes.
  9. IMHO you have to be a good player to pad even in tanks like the T62 and E50 (if they were easy mode they wouldnt have such low expected values, since the shitters would do good in them). In the grand scheme of things, who realy gives a shit? purple players have no real relevance in the game, you can play most sesions and rarely ever see one. So if you enjoy playing a certain tank, or playing in a platoon then do so.
  10. No they probably don't, I'm in the military and I laugh everyday at the amount of people that think they are special because they served, most never did anything but wear a uniform why they cried bitched and moaned.
  11. Ive played a total of 48 rounds so far with an embarasing w/r, but i think im starting to understand it a little more. The camping is real and being passive in a MBT sucks, but for now i dont know how else to play it without being fucked the first minute. Im enjoying the T62 and after reading Garbads guide undertand some things a little more.
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