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  1. you clearly spend a lot of time on Reddit; your ability to misread is impeccable. I did say: he exaggerates with his numbers. If you choose to read an exaggeration as evidence of a lie, that's your choice to be a pedant. Doesn't change the point: he's right - his business model is clearly hugely successful, which is what he's paid to make happen - even if you (or others) don't want to admit it.
  2. His argument is valid even if* he exaggerates to make his point: Or would you like to argue that that is not precisely what has happened since the arty nerf: 'nerf land arty' (ie, tds); 'nerf corridors' (ie, hts)? * I say if because we're reading a translation of an email that looks - like much email - to be hastily written. The likelihood that a specific point is misinterpreted is very high; the likelihood that the argument is mistakenly translated is zero - because that IS precisely what happens. SerB knows his shit - and his shit is 'running a hugely profitable business model'. You only need to look at, oh.... WarThunder, to see what happens when it's run by someone not as good a business manager as SerB.
  3. where Silentstalker is from - which is to say, continental Europe - they use commas to indicate decimals. it's only those of us who live in anglo-based cultures that use dots for decimals.
  4. ping on my SEA account is between around 250ms; I found it unplayable. and, again: I use paysafecard; it's easy, simple, safe and fast. Any big Sainsburys/ Tesco/ Waitrose or decent newsagent will stock them.
  5. paysafecard will be your best bet; should be able to buy them from your nearest (decent) newsagent/ large supermarket. otherwise, if you have a contract mobile, you can pay via SMS, but it will cost you ><
  6. can I strongly strongly advocate for calling this WN8? I've got a small knowledge of stats, but much more of marketing, and this is a marketing question (not a software version numbering question). The users of the product need to be confident that the product is reliable without having to read the code or the development thread. They need to be able to think 'yes, this does what it says on the tin' not 'it was WN7 a few month ago, then WN8, now it's changing again - why bother accepting the new one if it's just going to be WN10 in a few months'. Any player-developed skill metric needs widespread support and engagement to be accepted - regardless of whether it's any good or not. No-one gives a rat's arse about the WG rating, and yet some people still cling to the Eff rating: not (just) because they're bad, or whatever, but usually because they just don't give enough of a fuck to learn a new one. Saying to this user ' this rating is nearly identical as the old one, but it's got a different name' is an invitation for that user to ignore it, to belittle it, to disregard it: 'at least Eff never changed' (even though it did, as far as I know; it's just the name didn't). It's like your morning dose of Kellog's corn flakes: the ingredients and preparation can (and have changed), but it's still Kellog's; you call Coke 'New Coke' and hell erupts and half the Coke drinkers swap to Pepsi. Every time you increment the numbering of WN* you create a new brand, and require a new branding campaign: leave the brand the same (it's WN8 now, so leave it there) and increment the internal numbering so that those who care can keep score. For sure, give the new iteration a new internal name, so that coders/ interested parties can differentiate between versions; but leave the brand name the same: it's WN8, leave it like that. WN8: it's a brand. please don't make a new brand every time you need a new version ><
  7. I'd suggest an IS-3 or IS-7: all the truly terrible platoons I seem to see - the mindbendingly awful 44% and 46% ones - are made up of matched IS-3 or IS-7s. [edit] and thinking about it some more: the key to me would be doing the challenge in an iconic tank. the terrible players don't tend to play T-34-2s (me excluded, of course), and so no matter how well you did, it could be written off as 'OP' as they'll never play it. Playing an IS-3 or a KT or Ferdinand or another one of the famous, end of WWII tanks well, would be (slightly more) likely to persuade them that they're not very good.
  8. This is a really, really useful article; thanks to everyone involved (sr360, dualmaster, RBS). Seeing both points of view makes the point of the article really clear: I've never thought tanks going to that D6 spot on Malinovka was a good idea, but seeing it as a, well, team game , makes the value of the spot abundantly clear. Thanks again to all three of you!
  9. one question, hopefully on-topic: what impact would this proposed change have on the computational requirements of WN8? If I've understood the comments of Mr Noobmeter, Neverwish and Phalynx correctly, WN8 seems to require faily intensive computations - or at least, significantly more than previous iterations of WNx. What sort of impact would this change have on WN8's computation? More, less or no real change? I ask, because the arguments in favour of the change seem pretty unanswerable - it better accounts for the skill ceiling of the tank, and the impact this has upon the stats of players who play that tank; but the various ratings sites seemed to have problems accomodating WB8 as it was - making it even more computationally expensive is not a decision to be taken lightly. On the question of name: just keep it as WN8. The whole purpose of WN8 is that it would be iterated - if only in the expected damage tables. This proposal is a logical iteration of a rating that was intended to be iterated, so there's no need for a name change.
  10. attend Gamescom, they give it away every year (or at least: the last three that I've been to). If you can't get to Cologne for Gamescom, I'd imagine they would give it away at conventions closer to where you might live.
  11. honest question: why does someone keep playing - with 28k games, no less! - if they seriously believe the game to be rigged/ unfair? That's the point where you stop playing, right? But I guess, if you're spamming HE in a KV-5, then logic is not your strong point to begin with...
  12. I don't understand what it happening in these WoWP threads: whoever bandet is (I'm on the EU server), it seemed his definition of energy was pretty solid. At any rate, some links from Rocketbrainsurgeon, who's posted lots of good guides about energy fighting, Turn n Burn and Boom n Zoom fighting: Energy fighting explained: http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/energy-fighting-in-world-of-warplanes/ http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/energy-fighting-world-warplanes-video/ Turn n Burn, Boom n Zoom, and countering BnZ: http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/turn-burn-world-warplanes/ http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/boom-zoom-world-warplanes/ How to avoid being rammed: http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/ramming-world-warplanes/ hope some of this helps! http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/countering-boom-zoom-2/
  13. The argument for including WR in WN8 was always weak. It didn't come out of Eureqa, it came out of players here complaining that a rating without a WR component would encourage people to play for rating not for the win - and irony of ironies, now we have people complaining that those with high WR from platooning (or team battles, or the CW campaign, or whatever) are having their skill over-valued. I'd be all for WR being removed, precisely because it didn't show up in the Eureqa analysis; but if it's not removed there's a very strong argument for capping it - just like spots and defence points are capped, and for the same reason.
  14. realising that DBZ is really, really terrible is one of those growing experiences that everyone goes through... because it really, really is terrible. Even more than getting your own house keys, recognising that DBZ is proof of adulthood
  15. I used everything else on this list except F.lux, so I installed it and OMG... amazing transofrmation, eyestrain pain suddenly disappeared Even more remarkable: within a minute of installing it on my machine, my wife asked me to install it on hers: I'm usually required to keep my tinkering far away from her machine, but she made an immediate exception upon seeing F.lux in action. So cheers for the thread!
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